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  • January 1 GLOBAL: Funded by military intelligence agencies, prototype cyberterminals are developed by leading computer manufacturers like Sony Cybersystems, Fuchi Industrial Electronics, and RCA-Unisys. [1]
  • January 20: Andrew MacAlister is inaugurated President of the United States.
  • February 8 GLOBAL: The Crash Virus of 2029, a virus program of unknown origin and unprecedented power, attacks computer systems worldwide, crashing systems, wiping software, and even burning out hardware. Within a few months, the virus collapses the entire world data network; “the Crash,” as it is later christened, topple governments, destroy corporations, and bring the world economy to the brink of collapse.[1]
  • February 8 USA: Echo Mirage, a top secret task force, is mobilized to combat the virus. Despite their training and the use of experimental cyberterminals, the linear thinking team of military hackers causes them to be routed by the chaotic power of the Crash Virus.[1]
  • February 8 SPAIN: Angry mobs of poverty-stricken citizens in Asturia use the chaos following the Crash as an opportunity to protest their plight, plundering rich enclaves in the region and forcing the wealthy residents to flee. The state of Euskal Herria uses the resulting unrest as an opportunity to secede. The state of Galicia, meanwhile, uses the threat of secession to extract liberal concessions from the government.[1]
  • February 8 SWITZERLAND: A Crash Virus-caused computer failure causes a Genom Corporation facility to accidentally release an experimental mutagen into Basle, killing thousands of people.[1]
  • February 8 EARTH ORBIT: The Crash Virus permanently disables Harris-3M’s Halo, Angel Station, and Nerva stations, while more than half of the other stations suffer fatal system failures. In the majority all of these cases, all onboard are killed.[1]
  • February 12 UK, IRELAND: In response to the Crash Virus, The United Kingdom and Ireland close their borders, ceasing all traffic in and out of the islands.[1]
  • March 1 USA: After studying data from the first failed attempt at combating the Crash Virus, the directors of Echo Mirage use a presidential emergency order to recruit a new team of erratic but brilliant data processing mavericks from industry and academia.[1]
  • April 9 USA: Despite major security measures, the computer virus infects the national air traffic-control network and causes twenty-seven plane crashes within two hours, killing thousands. Among the dead is Keruba International CEO Kerpan Ubavie; his death severely destabilizes Keruba.[1]
  • April 12 JAPAN: After securing a massive loan from Global Financial Services, corporate raider Inazo Aneki buys out the panicked Keruba International shareholders and forms Renraku Holdings . In the following years Aneki begins building Renraku into a powerful corporate player from it's corporate headquarters in Chiba, Japan. [1]
  • May 1 AZTLAN: A major earthquake hits Tenochtitlan; more than five thousand are confirmed dead with several thousand more missing. Much of the older architecture in the city—including the Metropolitan Cathedral—is destroyed. [1]
  • June 27 FRANCE: Seeking a return to political power, the French nobility stir up rumors that the government is using the Crash to cover-up the plundering of the national coffers by government officials. Angry citizens take to the streets all across the country.[1]
  • July 10 USA: In the Seattle Metroplex, the Redmond district collapses in the aftermath of the Crash Virus due to its dependence on the computer industry. Rapidly escalating crime causes local law enforcement to set up barriers around the district. The district never recovers and is eventually known as the Redmond Barrens.[1]
  • July 14 FRANCE: In a military coup led by Gen. Lepoivere, the Fifth Republic falls amid social chaos and economic disaster.[1]
  • July 30 ITALY: The Crash Virus destroys the Mafia’s worldwide financial network. With their assets gone—and still under attack by the more aggressive and ruthless Vory—the Mafia is forced to return to its roots in other more basic criminal enterprises, delving back into neighborhood protection, drug dealing, and smuggling.[1]
  • August 10 EUROPE: Powerless in the face of the Crash with its member states collapsing around it, the European Union is officially dissolved.[1]
  • August 20 SWITZERLAND: Switzerland’s banks recover relatively quickly from the Crash Virus thanks to paranoid financial protocols set in place before the Crash—.[1]
  • August 30 USA: The new Echo Mirage team enters the worldwide data network to battle the Crash Virus armed with improved cyberterminals. Eighteen minutes after entry, four members are dead from lethal biofeedback. Their sacrifice isn’t wasted as scientists analyze the data taken from their cyberterminals and learn how to combat the biofeedback generated by the Crash Virus. Also, it is noted with horror by corporate observers that no computer security protocol in existence can slow down a cyberterminal user. Funds flow into corporate research programs searching for ways to prevent intrusion by hackers using cyberterminals.[1]
  • November 10 SALISH-SHIDHE COUNCIL: The Salish-Shidhe Council opens its borders to all metahumans, not just Native Americans. First generation UGE elves from a variety of tribes move to the Mount Rainier area and form a new tribe called the Sinsearach. Dwarves, orks, and trolls move to the area as well, but in smaller numbers.[1][2]
  • November 28 USA: The new Echo Mirage team slowly learns techniques that allow them to isolate and contain the virus. Equipped with the new combat programs and beefed-up, slimmed-down cyberterminals, they begin a two-year process of purging the Crash Virus from global computer systems.[1]
  • The Native American Nations open their borders to all metahumans.[2]
  • Iceland becomes a protectorate of Trans-polar Aleut Nation.