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  • February 4 USA: In Detroit, Michigan, Ares Macrotechnology CEO Nicholas Aurelius retires.[1]
  • February 22 USA: In Big Sur Coast, California, pesticides and chemical fertilizers used by agrobusinesses in the northern region pollute the area so badly it is no longer able to sustain life. Instead of offering to clean up the area, the agrobusinesses abandon it.[1]
  • March 11 PORTUGAL: A small IT corporation called Aegis Cognito makes a name for itself recovering and reconstructing data lost in the Crash. Aegis will eventually become one of the largest private intelligence contractors in the world.[1]
  • April 8 USA: In Chicago, Illinois, simsense gets an added boost in design and concept when Dan Truman of Truman Technologies founds a colony of writers, painters and other artistic experts to work on the chips. The area grows as other corporations follow Truman’s model to branch into simsense technology.[1]
  • April 30 USA: In the Seattle Metroplex, Campana & Carrindum Technical Industries accuses Aztechnology of engineering the Crash Virus and launches a series of assaults on Aztechnology facilities. Aztechnology defends itself and completely wipes out C&C. To prevent any such “misunderstandings” in the future, Seattle’s most powerful corporations form the United Corporate Council (UCC)[1]
  • May 16 FRANCE: Brittany, still plagued by the Mist, is designated an autonomous region. Under the charismatic leadership of High Druid Gwendal Le Pellec, the High Council of Brittany is established to rule the region.[1]
  • June 1 ASAMANDO: Thousands of ghouls gather in Northern Ghana along the Black Volta River. Under the leadership of Thema Laula the ghouls found their own nation, naming it Asamando after the Asante land of the dead.[1]
  • October 15 UCAS: President MacAlister and Canadian Prime Minister Harold Frazier sign a treaty, the Act of Union, to merge the remaining states of America with what is left of Canada to form the United Canadian and American States. This includes Canada’s major industrial center and even more importantly, her remaining natural resources.[1]
  • November 29 CARIBBEAN LEAGUE: A study of the infamous Bermuda Triangle by the University of Chicago Magical Studies Department finds no magical anomalies strong enough to affect large physical objects such as planes or ships. The only hint of magical activity is a low background count that gives astral space in the area a “fuzzy” appearance.[1]
  • Winter SALISH-SHIDHE COUNCIL: Aithne Oakforest, Sean Laverty, and Lugh Surehand start a swift rise to power in the southern region. Around the same time, the a soft spoken author known only as Ehran the Scribe appears in Portland.[1][2]
  • Awakened forces in Russia seize Siberia.
  • Brian O'Malley is shot and killed in his home by Yakuza assassins. A retaliatory hit the next day kills the Yakuza oyabun responsible, along with his lieutenants. Losses on both sides of the Mafia/Yakuza conflict result in a truce. Patrick Finnigan becomes don of his family and the capo of Seattle. [3]
  • Yakut proclaims independence from Russia.
  • The city of Sydney declares its independence from Australia.
  • The elven duchy of Pomorya is established in Germany.
  • The Defense Government in France officially charges the Druidic Revival of Britanny movement to monitor the Mist.
  • Nicholas Aurelius retires as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Ares Industries. He is replaced by his son Leonard.
  • Francis Daniels is killed during riots in Washington DC
  • The Super Bowl is canceled.
  • Concrete Dreams plays its first show at Club Penumbra in Seattle, UCAS
  • Germany's first commercial fusion power plant goes online in Garching near Munich.
  • India launches a tactical nuclear weapon against Kashmir, because of Pakistani support of insurgents. Pakistan responds with four of its own tactical nuclear weapons.Two explode on the launchpad.The other two successfully detonate in Kashmir. The UN and Corporate Court prevent the situation from escalating. A Corporate Court covert op task force removes the rest of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal[4]


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  • January 17: Russian armed forces invade Poland, starting the first EuroWar.[1]Germany Handbook dates it as May 19[2]
  • March 12: India begins rebuilding its infrastructure.[1]
  • April 3: Poland surrenders to Russia.[1]
  • April 7: Russian forces enter eastern Germany.[1]
  • April 17: A new constitution is submitted to the Provisional Congress for approval. Two thirds of the US and Canadian states ratify it over the next six months. US President Andrew McAlister becomes provisional President of the UCAS, Canadian Prime Minister Harold Frazier becomes provisional Vice President of the UCAS.[1]
  • May 23: Leopold Habsburg declares himself Emperor of Austria after his traditionalist faction ousts the government from power.[1]
  • July 6: Russian forces invade the Czech Republic. Austria is the first European power to offer aid to the defenders.[1]
  • September 9: Yakut declares independence from Russia.[1]
  • October 21: Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden establish the Scandinavian Union.[1]
  • November 3: Echo Mirage Team Two wipes out the last known concentration of the Crash Virus code. Of the original thirty-two Echo Mirage members, only seven survive. Four of them go into business with knowledge of cyberterminal design.[1]
  • November 30: Major David Gavilan disappears.[1]
  • December 16: In Spain, Father Julian Estrellas loses an arm and his mother is killed in a motor vehicle collision when the other driver goblinizes behind the wheel. He becomes vehemently anti-metahuman after the incident.[1]
  • December 25: Desk-sized second-generation cyberterminals are commercially-available.[1]
  • Frida Kohlman meets the radical Asatru priest Wednesday.
  • The Mafia Commissione strips James O'Malley of his position of capo of Milwaukee and forces him to retire for focusing on revenge against the Yakuza instead of his responsibilities.[3]
  • In Australia, BHP and Mount Isa Mines merge to create Tanamyre Resources.
  • The Australian Secret Intelligence Organization and the Federal Police merge to become Australian Intelligence and Security Enforcement.


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  • January: Nicholas Aurelius, founder of Ares, dies of a heart attack.
  • January 20: Andrew McAlister is re-inaugurated as President of the UCAS.
  • January 23: Swedish airspace monitors detect flights of aircraft they cannot conclusively identify flying across northern Europe. The phantom aircraft destroy key command and control centers for forces on both sides of the Euro War while unidentified commandos kill key military commanders and crash their Matrix networks. The United Kingdom denies any involvement in the affair in the wake of rumors that the aircraft were FA-38 Nightwraiths and the commandos were SAS.[1]
  • January 24: Russia and the European Alliance announce a cease-fire, effectively ending the EuroWar.[1][2]
  • January 24: Damien Knight acquires 22% of Ares Macrotechnology stock in approximately one minute of pre-programmed trading. He ousts Leonard Aurelius and makes himself CEO.[1]
  • March 15: Global Financial Services is renamed Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank and moved to the Zurich-Orbital Habitat (previously Freedom Station).[1]
  • June 7 UCAS: After the research project at Turner Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia is abandoned, homeless people move into the abandoned structure. As the numbers increase, those inside build their own micro-society by using simple rules such as “might makes right.”[1]
  • August 5 UCAS: In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Tulsa School Board refuses to admit a troll into school. To add insult to injury, the board then tries to fine the parents for violating the state’s compulsory education law. The Grumman family files a suit against the board but loses.[1]
  • September 4: The United Islamic Conference dissolves. Mullah Sayid Jazrir, a spiritual leader of al-Qaeda, forms the Alliance for Allah from terrorist groups and extreme right-wing governments.[1]
  • October 30: Grumman v. Tulsa School Board. The Grumman family argues that the school board unfairly expelled their son after his Goblinization, prevented him from returning when ordered to resume schooling, prevented the family from attending town hall meetings, fined the family for violating compulsory education laws, and destroyed public records of the family's complaints. The court finds in favor of the school board.
  • November 14: Ken Roper and Michael Eld, former members of Echo Mirage and founders of Matrix Systems, demonstrate their prototype cyberdeck in Boston, UCAS. A power outage ends the demonstration.[1]
  • The elven state of Pomorya is founded in northeast Germany.
  • The USDP-ESPP coalition wins the election in Germany.
  • Aztechnology surreptitiously murders Aztlan President Francisco Pavón for disobedience; is "called home by the Plumed Serpent", a polite euphemism. Shadowtalk in Aztlan reveals he was killed in a palace coup by his ORO handlers.


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  • February 7 CFS: California appeals to Japan for aid in defending its remaining territory. In response, two Japanese Imperial Marine light divisions are sent to take control of San Francisco. They arrive simultaneously by air at San Francisco’s International Airport and the Alameda Naval Air Station and declare martial law, claiming a need to “protect Japanese lives and corporate assets.”[1]
  • February 27 DENVER: Denver Data Haven, an underground computer clearing house for illegal and bootleg information, goes online. Located in the old USAF Academy in Colorado Springs, it becomes a force to be reckoned with inside the Matrix shadow community in the years that follow.[1]
  • March 2 TÍR TAIRNGIRE: The wall around Portland is completed.[1][2]
  • March 4 CFS: Northern California populace waged guerrilla warfare against the invading Tír Tairngire’s army, forcing it to retreat to Yreka. An unofficial stalemate is reached, with both nations claiming control over the lands between Yreka and Redding.[1][3]
  • May 18 GERMANY: Lofwyr moves the Saeder-Krupp headquarters to Essen, turning the city into the great dragon’s personal kingdom.[1]
  • June 12 CAS: DocWagon is founded in Atlanta, Georgia. It promises to provide faster and better emergency on-site medical care than any other private paramedical service.[1]
  • July 14 FRANCE: The Sixth Republic of France is founded after the military relinquishes control of the French government to Euro Wars hero Antoine d’Orléans.[1]
  • August 22 JAPAN: Emotive signal processing is enabled in commercial simsense via Fuchi Industrial Electronic's RealSense technology.[1]
  • Mullah Sayid Jazrir is assassinated in Istanbul, ending the second Eurowar.
  • Lofwyr announces his 63% ownership of Saeder-Krupp and votes himself chairman of the board, president, and CEO.
  • Wolves and bears are restored to the Scottish Wild Lands.
  • The first North American Urban Brawl championship, "Super Brawl," is held.
  • Tsimshian officially seceded from the Native American Nations. [4] [5]
  • Daniel "Howling Coyote" Coleman resigned as head for the Sovereign Tribal Council and withdrew from society. [4] [5]
  • GERMANY: Opel, Mercedes, and BMW offer automobiles equipped for operation by riggers for the first time at the International Automotive Show.[6]


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  • March 30—GERMANY: Due to what is believed to be a navigational error, the hydrogen-filled airship Lothar Späth flies into the path of a dragon over the Black Forest. The Lothar Späth explodes after the dragon retaliates with it's firey breath, killing all forty passengers and crew.[1]
  • April 12—GERMANY: The Anarchist Black Crescent organization, an anarchist paramedic service dedicated to aiding those the traditional medical services can’t, or more often won’t, help, is founded in Berlin by Louise Derrida and Ozgur al Houssari, a Turkish-Palestinian hobgoblin.[1]
  • April 20—CAS: Computer genius Steven Z. Ridgemont founds FTL Technologies. His persona code will be standard on Fuchi cyberdecks for years.[1]
  • May 21: The German states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg secede from the Federal Republic and declare themselves the South German League. Corporate pressure forces the federal government to accept the secession. Alfons Hunggarten of the right-wing Bavarian People's Party (BVP) becomes the SGL's first chancellor.[2] Sixth World Almanac says May 12[1]
  • June 10 UK: A London television station reveals that, for the past fifteen years, the Adams-Hoffmann Corporation was conducting genetic experiments on the poverty stricken populace on the Lambeth neighborhoods.[1]
    • Channel 7's show "Medicine Bag" exposes the Adams-Hoffman Corporation's "Project 42-20", which attempted gene-pool manipulation on the metahuman population of southern London in Great Britain, with a confirmed death toll of 720 and suspected toll close to 1,000.
  • June 25 UK: Dissatisfied with the government response to the Adams-Hoffmann scandal, the people of Lambeth begin to riot. The first riot ends on the Tower Bridge, when UK troops open fire on rioters, killing nineteen. The event gives birth to the terrorist organization, the Lambeth Martyrs.[1]
  • August 3 UK: The government uses the military to seal off Lambeth when they are unable to restore order in it, creating the Lambeth Containment Zone.[1]
  • September 1 TÍR NA NÓG: Ares Macrotechnology is expelled from the Tir na nOg because they allowed cybernetically-enhanced employees into the country, .[1]
  • September 9 UCAS: After a hostile takeover war, negotiation result in a merger of the Chrysler corporation and the Nissan corporation, creating the new corporation of Chrysler-Nissan.[1]
  • The Lambeth Martyrs attack three London subway stations, killing nearly a hundred people, and strikes Dulwich Village, killing 74 people, including a former Prime Minister.
  • Emperor Leopold of Austria disappears in the midst of a controversy on suicidal orders given by Austrian generals to Czech and Hungarian units during Eurowar II.
  • In Italy, the Venitia, Mezzogiorno and Sicily establish autonomous local governments.
  • France enacts the Loi Loureau (Loureau Act) to control the application of corporate extraterritoriality.
  • The Southern Conservative Party breaks away from the CAS Republican Party.
  • Great Chief Deborah Jim is named head of the Tsimshian government.
  • Fuchi takes over JRJ International, thus obtaining AAA rating.
  • The Harris-3M corporation goes out of business.
  • Yukiako Watanabe becomes Chairman of the Board of Renraku, replacing Inazo Aneki, who remains President and CEO.
  • Construction of arkobloks in Cuxhaven and Wilhelmshaven begins.
  • The Acoola-class submarine Gahanna Girl disappears in the Bermuda Triangle.
  • A blizzard hits Denver.
  • The first Super Bowl since 2030 is held.
  • Judy Hofsted becomes the first woman to win a professional baseball contract, signing with the Detroit Tigers.


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  • February 7: The Night of Rage. Disenfranchised metahumans around the world take to the streets in protest of their discrimination. Some protests turn violent.[1]
  • February 8: The events in Seattle spark racial violence worldwide. In New York, 836 die. In Australia, initial racial violence by people of Asian origin prompts wider violence against people of Asian origin. In Berlin, anarchists attack authorities. In Czechia, Muslims are targeted. In Poland, the National Republic of Poland is established under martial law with Russian support to quell the troubles.
  • February 10: Members of Alamos 20,000, using a combination of magic and explosives, destroy the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois, UCAS. The death toll reaches 26,000.[1][2]
  • March: Anarchists establish the Free State of Berlin.
  • March 17: Bloody Thursday in Boston, UCAS. The Knights of the Red Branch Irish terrorist organization plant a bomb in an elven restaurant, killing 24. The St. Patrick's Day parade degenerates into a race riot, killing or injuring hundreds.<.[1]
  • June 1: The Universal Matrix Specifications Conference sponsored by Fuchi takes place in Tokyo, Japan. More than 7,000 humans and metahumans meet for three months to determine the details of Matrix programming. The rules are called the Universal Matrix Specifications (UMS) and are adopted world-wide.[1]
  • July 5: In Charleston, CAS, a victim's ghost helps discover evidence leading to the arrest of a serial killer.[1]
  • August 6: The Pan-Europa terrorist group releases a para-viral agent on London, with destructive effects on wood and biofabrics. It damages the London domes beyond repair.[1][3]. While unproven, there is some claim that the para-viral agent came from France.[4]
  • August 13 AZANIA: An accord is reached by the nations of the Cape Republic, Zulu Nation, Oranje-Vrysraar, and the Trans-Swazi Federation, creating the Azanian Confederation.[1]
  • September 10: The CAS Senate hearings begin to investigate charges of racial prejudice against metahumans. The committee's shocking report verifies that conditions amount to slavery in most states. In response, the Native American Nations impose heavy trade sanctions on the CAS to speed up the passage of metahuman equality laws.[1]
  • September 16: Nadja Daviar becomes the interpreter of Great Dragon Dunkelzahn after they meet in Paris.[1]
  • November 15: Monarchists in Shaanxi province stage a coup and install Michelle Chou as queen.[1][5]
  • The Mather Group purchases the Cabrini Green housing projects from the city of Chicago and attempts to evict the residents. The ensuing violence kills thirty-two and causes millions of nuyen in damages. Mather becomes de facto landlord for the housing projects, using local gangs as "security" in exchange for a cut of their illegal profits.[6]
  • Lusiada corporation's consolidation is achieved.
  • The Danube Union is dissolved.
  • A massive chemical spill in the Teesside area of Great Britain results in more than 70,000 deaths.[7]
  • Wu Kuan-Lei, founder of Wuxing and one of the architects of Hong Kong's independence, dies of old age. He is succeeded at Wuxing by his son, Wu Lung-Wei.
  • The superheavyweight class (95 kilograms and up) is introduced into the World Boxing Association and the International Boxing Commission to accommodate augmented human and metahuman fighters.
  • A blizzard brings Las Vegas, Ute, to a standstill.


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