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  • February 7 CFS: California appeals to Japan for aid in defending its remaining territory. In response, two Japanese Imperial Marine light divisions are sent to take control of San Francisco. They arrive simultaneously by air at San Francisco’s International Airport and the Alameda Naval Air Station and declare martial law, claiming a need to “protect Japanese lives and corporate assets.”[1]
  • February 27 DENVER: Denver Data Haven, an underground computer clearing house for illegal and bootleg information, goes online. Located in the old USAF Academy in Colorado Springs, it becomes a force to be reckoned with inside the Matrix shadow community in the years that follow.[1]
  • March 2 TÍR TAIRNGIRE: The wall around Portland is completed.[1][2]
  • March 4 CFS: Northern California populace waged guerrilla warfare against the invading Tír Tairngire’s army, forcing it to retreat to Yreka. An unofficial stalemate is reached, with both nations claiming control over the lands between Yreka and Redding.[1][3]
  • May 18 GERMANY: Lofwyr moves the Saeder-Krupp headquarters to Essen, turning the city into the great dragon’s personal kingdom.[1]
  • June 12 CAS: DocWagon is founded in Atlanta, Georgia. It promises to provide faster and better emergency on-site medical care than any other private paramedical service.[1]
  • July 14 FRANCE: The Sixth Republic of France is founded after the military relinquishes control of the French government to Euro Wars hero Antoine d’Orléans.[1]
  • August 22 JAPAN: Emotive signal processing is enabled in commercial simsense via Fuchi Industrial Electronic's RealSense technology.[1]
  • Mullah Sayid Jazrir is assassinated in Istanbul, ending the second Eurowar.
  • Lofwyr announces his 63% ownership of Saeder-Krupp and votes himself chairman of the board, president, and CEO.
  • Wolves and bears are restored to the Scottish Wild Lands.
  • The first North American Urban Brawl championship, "Super Brawl," is held.
  • Tsimshian officially seceded from the Native American Nations. [4] [5]
  • Daniel "Howling Coyote" Coleman resigned as head for the Sovereign Tribal Council and withdrew from society. [4] [5]
  • GERMANY: Opel, Mercedes, and BMW offer automobiles equipped for operation by riggers for the first time at the International Automotive Show.[6]


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