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  • March 30—GERMANY: Due to what is believed to be a navigational error, the hydrogen-filled airship Lothar Späth flies into the path of a dragon over the Black Forest. The Lothar Späth explodes after the dragon retaliates with it's firey breath, killing all forty passengers and crew.[1]
  • April 12—GERMANY: The Anarchist Black Crescent organization, an anarchist paramedic service dedicated to aiding those the traditional medical services can’t, or more often won’t, help, is founded in Berlin by Louise Derrida and Ozgur al Houssari, a Turkish-Palestinian hobgoblin.[1]
  • April 20—CAS: Computer genius Steven Z. Ridgemont founds FTL Technologies. His persona code will be standard on Fuchi cyberdecks for years.[1]
  • May 21: The German states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg secede from the Federal Republic and declare themselves the South German League. Corporate pressure forces the federal government to accept the secession. Alfons Hunggarten of the right-wing Bavarian People's Party (BVP) becomes the SGL's first chancellor.[2] Sixth World Almanac says May 12[1]
  • June 10 UK: A London television station reveals that, for the past fifteen years, the Adams-Hoffmann Corporation was conducting genetic experiments on the poverty stricken populace on the Lambeth neighborhoods.[1]
    • Channel 7's show "Medicine Bag" exposes the Adams-Hoffman Corporation's "Project 42-20", which attempted gene-pool manipulation on the metahuman population of southern London in Great Britain, with a confirmed death toll of 720 and suspected toll close to 1,000.
  • June 25 UK: Dissatisfied with the government response to the Adams-Hoffmann scandal, the people of Lambeth begin to riot. The first riot ends on the Tower Bridge, when UK troops open fire on rioters, killing nineteen. The event gives birth to the terrorist organization, the Lambeth Martyrs.[1]
  • August 3 UK: The government uses the military to seal off Lambeth when they are unable to restore order in it, creating the Lambeth Containment Zone.[1]
  • September 1 TÍR NA NÓG: Ares Macrotechnology is expelled from the Tir na nOg because they allowed cybernetically-enhanced employees into the country, .[1]
  • September 9 UCAS: After a hostile takeover war, negotiation result in a merger of the Chrysler corporation and the Nissan corporation, creating the new corporation of Chrysler-Nissan.[1]
  • The Lambeth Martyrs attack three London subway stations, killing nearly a hundred people, and strikes Dulwich Village, killing 74 people, including a former Prime Minister.
  • Emperor Leopold of Austria disappears in the midst of a controversy on suicidal orders given by Austrian generals to Czech and Hungarian units during Eurowar II.
  • In Italy, the Venitia, Mezzogiorno and Sicily establish autonomous local governments.
  • France enacts the Loi Loureau (Loureau Act) to control the application of corporate extraterritoriality.
  • The Southern Conservative Party breaks away from the CAS Republican Party.
  • Great Chief Deborah Jim is named head of the Tsimshian government.
  • Fuchi takes over JRJ International, thus obtaining AAA rating.
  • The Harris-3M corporation goes out of business.
  • Yukiako Watanabe becomes Chairman of the Board of Renraku, replacing Inazo Aneki, who remains President and CEO.
  • Construction of arkobloks in Cuxhaven and Wilhelmshaven begins.
  • The Acoola-class submarine Gahanna Girl disappears in the Bermuda Triangle.
  • A blizzard hits Denver.
  • The first Super Bowl since 2030 is held.
  • Judy Hofsted becomes the first woman to win a professional baseball contract, signing with the Detroit Tigers.


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