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  • Dr. Caitlin O'Connal of UCLA finishes her report on the collective "universal brotherhood" of metahumanity, but no scientific journal will publish it.[1]
  • The Thomas Jefferson International Airport opens in North Virginia, near Washington FDC
  • Spring: CZECH REPUBLIC: The University of Prague refocuses their magical training into on cross-traditional approaches, garnering worldwide recognition.[2]
  • April 7: The Athabaskan Council designates sasquatches as a sapient species, according them the same inalienable rights as metahumans. They are one of the first nations in the world to do so.[2]
  • July 18: The Islamic Unity Movement negotiates an end to the Iran-Iraq War.[2][3]
  • July 20: Noted mage Martin de Vries strikes off on a series of one-man vampire hunts.[2]
  • August 13: The Cape Republic, Zulu Nation, Oranje-Vrystaat, and the Trans-Swazi Federation unite into the Confederated Azanian Nations.[4]
  • September 10: Construction begins on the Renraku Arcology in Seattle.[2][5]
  • Fall: BTL abuse climbs to record heights in the Republic of Korea. Over the next ten years, it is slowly contained through the efforts of socially conscious groups like the Church of Unification.[2][6]
  • October 15: New evidence reveals the approval of the British government for the Adams-Hoffman experiments.[2]
  • November 6: Carl Preston is elected President of the UCAS. Joseph Alexander is elected President of the CAS.[2]
  • Southern Conservatives gain control of the CAS Senate.
  • December 12: New Horizons corporation comes under investigation for its Superkids project, overseen by New Horizons CEO Paul Louberge, when one of them commits suicide. The program is shut down when discoveries of extensive genetic manipulation, in conjunction with physical and mental abuse, are discovered.[2]
  • December 14: CAS President-Elect Alexander selects several metahumans for key Cabinet positions, which persuades the NAN to lift some sanctions.[2]
  • December 25: A magical explosion destroys part of a casino on the former site of a Connecticut Indian reservation, killing eighteen people and wounding dozens. A group calling itself Warpath claims responsibility.[2]
  • The Democratic Reform Party breaks away from the Southern Democratic Party to protest the CAS's lack of action during the Night of Rage.
  • Military forces establish the Mazury-Białowieski Containment Area in Poland.
  • AresSpace buys out Qantas Airlines.
  • Al "Thumper" Grater plays his last professional baseball game with the Seattle Mariners. After being beaned in the head by a pitch, he hits a home run off the next pitch, then collapses as he reaches the third base.


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