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  • Dr. Caitlin O'Connal of UCLA finishes her report on the collective "universal brotherhood" of metahumanity, but no scientific journal will publish it.[1]
  • The Thomas Jefferson International Airport opens in North Virginia, near Washington FDC
  • Spring: CZECH REPUBLIC: The University of Prague refocuses their magical training into on cross-traditional approaches, garnering worldwide recognition.[2]
  • April 7: The Athabaskan Council designates sasquatches as a sapient species, according them the same inalienable rights as metahumans. They are one of the first nations in the world to do so.[2]
  • July 18: The Islamic Unity Movement negotiates an end to the Iran-Iraq War.[2][3]
  • July 20: Noted mage Martin de Vries strikes off on a series of one-man vampire hunts.[2]
  • August 13: The Cape Republic, Zulu Nation, Oranje-Vrystaat, and the Trans-Swazi Federation unite into the Confederated Azanian Nations.[4]
  • September 10: Construction begins on the Renraku Arcology in Seattle.[2][5]
  • Fall: BTL abuse climbs to record heights in the Republic of Korea. Over the next ten years, it is slowly contained through the efforts of socially conscious groups like the Church of Unification.[2][6]
  • October 15: New evidence reveals the approval of the British government for the Adams-Hoffman experiments.[2]
  • November 6: Carl Preston is elected President of the UCAS. Joseph Alexander is elected President of the CAS.[2]
  • Southern Conservatives gain control of the CAS Senate.
  • December 12: New Horizons corporation comes under investigation for its Superkids project, overseen by New Horizons CEO Paul Louberge, when one of them commits suicide. The program is shut down when discoveries of extensive genetic manipulation, in conjunction with physical and mental abuse, are discovered.[2]
  • December 14: CAS President-Elect Alexander selects several metahumans for key Cabinet positions, which persuades the NAN to lift some sanctions.[2]
  • December 25: A magical explosion destroys part of a casino on the former site of a Connecticut Indian reservation, killing eighteen people and wounding dozens. A group calling itself Warpath claims responsibility.[2]
  • The Democratic Reform Party breaks away from the Southern Democratic Party to protest the CAS's lack of action during the Night of Rage.
  • Military forces establish the Mazury-Białowieski Containment Area in Poland.
  • AresSpace buys out Qantas Airlines.
  • Al "Thumper" Grater plays his last professional baseball game with the Seattle Mariners. After being beaned in the head by a pitch, he hits a home run off the next pitch, then collapses as he reaches the third base.


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  • January 20: Carl Preston is inaugurated as the third President of the UCAS.[1]
  • March 7: Aztlan declares the Roman Catholic Church a revolutionary organization and bans its practice.[1]
  • March 18: Global Oil merges with UCAS Steel, retaining the Global Oil name.[1]
  • April: Mullins Chadwick wins the Pulitzer Prize for Monkeytribe: Survival Manual for Erect Bipeds.
  • April 23: John George forms the Haida National Front in Tsimshian to campaign for civil rights for the second-class Haida and Kwakiutl tribes.[1]
  • May 16: The British Green Party beats the Conservationists in parliamentary General Election.[1]
  • June 5 CFS: Lockheed completes conversion of residential East L.A. into a sprawling factory district.[1]
  • June 7: New York City voids its contract with Warren Security after Knight Errant proves they butchered squatters in Warren-owned buildings.[1]
  • June 10 CAS: DocWagon becomes Atlanta’s de facto official on-site health care provider.[1]
  • July 11 UCAS: All professional athletic leagues are required to admit metahumans.[1]
  • July 25: The Nationalist Conflict. The Canton Confederation and Taiwan go to war over Fujian and Zhejang.[1]
  • August 21 AGS: The Duchy of Pomorya completes revitalization of Baltic Sea using magically enhanced biobacteria.[1][2]
  • September 5: The Corporate Court forces France to modify the Loureau Act, which controls extraterritoriality within the nation.[1]
  • September 10 SAUDI ARABIA: The conservative Sunni movement Jamil Islamiya establishes the first madrassa dedicated to teaching magic in Medina.[1]
  • September 21 FRANCE: Yohann de Kervelec takes over the French Diviners and Mediums Guild and begins reshaping it into a formidable arcane organization.[1]
  • September 23: The great dragon Sirrurg destroys EuroAir Flight 329 over the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 230 people on board.[1]
  • October 16: The UCAS FDA approves antibacterial monoclonal antibody treatment for patient treatment.[1]
  • November 25: The First Copenhagen Accords are signed to prohibit biological warfare.[1]
  • December 22: Liam O'Connor marries Lady Brane Deigh and appoints her to the Tír na nÓg Council of Stewards.[1]
  • The first policlubs appear in Europe.
  • A hurricane strikes Denver.
  • Sakehisa Tajika is named Chairman of the Board of Ares Macrotechnology.
  • Leopards and Siberian tigers become numerous enough to be removed from the Threatened Species List.
  • Yamatetsu makes its bid for AAA prime megacorporate status, sparking light corporate war.
  • Seven Tsimshian Airways planes crash in heavy storms in Tsimshian. The Tsimshian government enacts laws that ground all air travel between December 1 and February 14 every year and allow the Kitimat weather office to ground air travel on one hour's notice.[3]
  • Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uighurstan and Tajikistan unite under the Commonwealth of Turkestan.[4]



  • January 10 TÍR NA NÓG: President Liam O’Connor is elected as High Steward.[1] Tir na nOg has March 2042[2]
  • February 5 UCAS: Automation of coffin motels becomes standard.[1]
  • February 24 TSIMSHIAN: Tsimshian military forces wipe out the Haida National Front (HNF), imprisoning founder John George.[1]
  • March 7 JAPAN: Yamatetsu achieves AAA status and is awarded a seat on the Corporate Council. Simultaneously, a previously unknown investor named Ms. Buttercup acquires an eleven percent stake in the corporation.[1]
  • March 13 GLOBAL: The requirements for corporate extraterritoriality are established by the Business Recognition Accords.[1]
  • April 8 TÍR TAIRNGIRE: Ehran the Scribe throws his support behind Lester’s Gaia Hypothesis. This theory contends that if the biosphere is a living organism, its Awakening will cause “ripple effects” in minerals, soil, and landscapes.[1]
  • April 20 SALISH-SHIDHE: After formally becomes a great dragon, Masaru builds a lair on Vancouver Island.[1]
  • April 25 SICHUAN: Canton Confederation forces are driven back by Sichuanese combat mage Liang Hong's magic.[1]
  • May 31 SOUTHERN GERMAN LEAGUE: Metahumans rounded up and sent to camps when the Eugenics Project is activated.[1][3]
  • June 1 SOUTHERN GERMAN LEAGUE: Long dormant volcanoes in the Eifel region of the SGL erupt simultaneously.[1][3]
  • June 2 SOUTHERN GERMAN LEAGUE: The Eugenics Project is abandoned, but many metahumans still flee the region.[1][3]
  • June 7 UCAS: Ares Project Cydonia launches a probe to perform detailed scans of Mars.[1]
  • July 7 UCAS: A joint committee to consider physical adepts in sports is chartered by the pro sports commissioners.[1]
  • August 10 CZECH REPUBLIC: Non-metahuman sentient beings are granted to limited citizenship. [1]
  • September 9 UCAS: Starring the great dragon Dunkelzahn, the first episode of Wyrm Talk airs.[1]
  • October 21 CONSTANTINOPLE: After declaring independence from Turkey, Istanbul changes its name back to Constantinople.[1]
  • October 25 ITALY: Pope John XXV allows women into the Roman Catholic priesthood.[1]
  • November 8 DENMARK: Lobatchevski Vory takes control of Ship City.[1]
  • November 13 GLOBAL: The United Nations recognizes Sasquatch and hsing-sing as sentient species.[1]
  • December 8 UCAS: Veil agents intercept and destroy all data from the Cydonia Mars probes.[1]
  • The Eurowars officially end.
  • The Munich Amendments to the Geneva Convention are passed, integrating the Copenhagen Accords.
  • Zeta-ImpChem's practice of dumping neurotoxins in central Africa is exposed in the Polydopa scandal.
  • DocWagon opens its first franchises outside of Atlanta.
  • Liang Hong is appointed General of Sichuan.
  • Akira Watada, oyabun of the Watada-rengo, issues an ultimatum to the Korean oyabuns of Seattle. They must pledge their loyalty to the Watada-rengo or suffer the consequences. [4]
  • First biannual international Urban Brawl World Cup.


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  • April 7 ATHABASKAN COUNCIL: The council designates sasquatches as a sapient species, according them the same inalienable rights as metahumans. They are one of the first nations in the world to do so.[1]
  • Spring CZECH REPUBLIC: The University of Prague refocuses their magical training into on cross-traditional approaches, garnering worldwide recognition.[1]
  • May: Chancellor Alfons Hunggarten attempted to break the monopoly of foreign corporations. The South German League collapses after corporations withdraw their support. A constitutional council is established to reorganize Germany.[2]
    • May 10: All South German datagrids ceased to function for the next three days.[2]
    • May 14: South German economy stood on the brink of collapse and the Association of German Unions called for a general strike.[2]
    • May 15: Several dragons flew in formation over the cities of Munich and Stuttgart, which many residents took as a bad omen.[2]
    • May 16: Foreign governments froze any assets of the South German Federation held in their banks.[2]
    • May 17: The security force MET2000 dissolved its contract with the South German government, depriving it of an army.[2]
    • May 18: Chancellor Alfons Hunggarten is forced to resign.[2]
  • July 18 MIDDLE EAST: War breaks out between Iran and Iraq, which quickly embroils much of the Middle East. Badr al—Din Ibn Eisa resolves the conflict in conjunction with his Islamic Unity Movement.[1]
  • July 20 EUROPE: Noted mage Martin de Vris strikes off on a series of one-man vampire hunts.[1]
  • September 10 UCAS: Construction begins on the Renraku Arcology in the Seattle Metroplex.[1]
  • Fall KOREA: BTL abuse climbs to record heights. Over the next ten years it is slowly contained through the efforts of socially conscious groups like the Church of Unifi cation.[1]
  • October 15 UK: Evidence emerges that suggests that the Conservative government encouraged the Adams-Hoffmann Project 42-20, leading to the Conservative’s downfall in the following year.[1]
  • November 6 UCAS: Carl Preston is elected President of the UCAS.[1]
  • November 6 CAS: Joseph Alexander is elected President of the CAS.[1]
  • December 12 UCAS: New Horizons corporation comes under investigation for its Superkids project, overseen by New Horizons CEO Paul Louberge, when one of them commits suicide. The program is shut down when discoveries of extensive genetic manipulation, in conjunction with physical and mental abuse are discovered.[1]
  • December 14 CAS: Several metahumans are tapped for key cabinet posts by President Elect Alexander, which persuades the NAN to lift some of its sanctions.[1]
  • December 25 UCAS: In Connecticut, a casino on the former site of an Indian reservation is hit with a magical explosion that destroys part of the building, killing eighteen people and wounding dozens. A group calling itself Warpath claims responsibility.[1]
  • Hanzo Shotozumi is appointed the oyabun of the 87th Prefecture in Seattle. He re-institutes and enforces traditional yakuza ways and values, and begins an aggressive campaign to expand yakuza operations in the Pacific Northwest. [3]
  • War between Taiwan and the Canton Confederation leads to streams of refugees pouring into Hong Kong.
  • The Olympic Games are held for the first time since 2032. Multinational teams backed by corporate interests are allowed to compete.



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  • February 23 AZTLAN: Guatemala is accepted into the Aztlaner republic as a member state.[1]
  • April 1: The Universal Brotherhood opens its Seattle headquarters, the Octagon.[1][2]
  • May 8: The Federal Republic of Germany is replaced by the Allied German States.[1][3]
  • May 15 EARTH ORBIT: The Corporate Court promotes Wuxing to extraterritorial status.[1]
  • May 24 SWITZERLAND: The new United Nations HQ in Geneva completed, and is inaugurated with the signing of the new UN Charter.[1]
  • June 2 UCAS: The last stage of Manhattan’s earthquake reconstruction is completed.[1]
  • June 6 AZTLAN: Belize is accepted into the Aztlaner republic as a member state.[1]
  • June 19 CFS: An offshore reactor near Los Angeles explodes, creating a radioactive tidal wave called the Green Tide that devastates communities from Ventura to Oceanside.[1]
  • June 22 HAWAI’I: King Kamehameha V takes the throne of Hawai’i.[1]
  • July 12 UCAS: Physical Adepts allowed into professional sports.[1]
  • July 13 CAS: President Joseph Alexander dies in office, of an undisclosed cause. Vice President Timothy Newstrom assumes the presidency.[1]
  • August 7 CONSTANTINOPLE: Constantinople struck by a major earthquake.[1]
  • September 12 AZTLAN: Honduras is accepted into the Aztlaner republic as a member state.[1]
  • October 1 UCAS:Charles Gates, CEO of Microdeck Corporation in Seattle, disappears.[1]
  • October 13 AMC: The elven Manitou tribe is established in the Algonkian Council. The nation is renamed the Algonkian-Manitou Council (AMC).[1]
  • October 21 TÍR TAIRNGIRE: Crowds from all across the country flock to an all-simsense theme park that opens near Portland. [1]
  • November 3 AUSTRALIA: The Tanamyre Corporation begins transforming the World Square building in Sydney into an arcology.[1]
  • December 31 CFS: Paul Grigg, shaman husband of the Universal Brotherhood’s founder and the person suspected of bringing the first insect spirit across the planes, commits suicide.[1]
  • Mafia Don Patrick Finnigan struggles to hold the line against yakuza encroachment in the Seattle metroplex, leading the Commissione to call Don James O'Malley out of enforced retirement to resume control of Seattle operations. O'Malley, his wife, and his 15-year-old daughter Rowena move to Seattle.[4]
  • Seoulpa Rings start making a name for themselves in the Seattle underworld as their operations expand, and they begin to encroach on the markets of the other syndicates.[4]
  • Aztechnology senior executive Reynaldo Texmachach is murdered by his bodyguard/secretary/mistress during a trip to Seattle to deal with problems with subsidiary Perfekto Polymers. She escapes into the Barrens and assumes the street name Maria Mercurial to feed her BTL addiction. [5]


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  • January 15 EGYPT: The Desert WarsTM are broadcast live, pulling in record-breaking ratings.[1]
  • January 23 AZTLAN: Earthquakes in southern Aztlan kill 14,000 and trigger a landslide that closes the Panama Canal to all but the smallest ships.[1]
  • January 30 ITALY: Don Lucio Feretti reorganizes the Mafia and creates the Alta Commissione.[1]
  • February 2 TÍR TAIRNGIRE: The professional baseball team Portland Lords is accepted into the MLB.[1]
  • February 12 AZTLAN: The Panama Canal Zone is turned over to Aztlan.[1]
  • April 18 SPAIN: Rapidly growing forests consume Asturias.[1]
  • April 24 CARIBBEAN LEAGUE: Dominican Republic’s government collapses. Pirate interests begin fighting over the country.[1]
  • May 16 UCAS: The simsense program Free Fall, starring Holly Brighton, breaks sim sales records and pushes simsense technology into the mass market.[1]
  • May 19 AGS: Dr. Robert Kortmann elected president.[1]
  • June 2 ISRAEL: Massive mana warp forces the abandonment of Jerusalem.[1]
  • June 4 UCAS: Ares celebrates the 150th anniversary of the automobile in Detroit.[1]
  • July 8: UCAS: The first International Urban Brawl World Cup takes place in Flint, Michigan.[1]
  • July 23 ISRAEL: The UN establishes an Ecumenical Council to rule Jerusalem.[1]
  • July 29 UCAS: Seattle band Shield Wall releases their first album.[1]
  • August 2: AUSTRIA: The Bruckner-Langer HMHVV strain, which turns humans into nosferatu, is isolated in Austria.[1]
  • August 14: HMHVV I's effects on dwarves is recorded, turning them into goblins.[1]
  • August 23 MIDDLE EAST: The UN gains administrative control of the Suez Canal.[1]
  • September 10: CFS: A team of rogue deckers, known as Magestone, erases the results of California's gubernatorial election, allegedly aided by a Los Angeles street gang. The so-called Lost Election prompts the government to declare war on the "criminal element" in Los Angeles, sending army and corporate mercenary troops to raze El Infierno. After fighting a losing battle, California's central government declares Los Angeles a Free City.[1][2]
  • October 5 UK: Researchers discover an awakened freshwater serpent living in Loch Ness.[1]
  • October 31 UCAS: Seattle rocker Jetblack bursts onto the music scene. His “angst-rock” style rockets him to megastar status.[1]
  • November 16: Humanis Policlub is founded in Texas.[1]
  • December 21: AZTLAN: El Salvador and Nicaragua are both accepted into Aztlan as member states.[1]



  • February 21 UCAS: Maria Mercurial plays her first concert in Underworld 93.[1]
  • March 6 CAS: The Sons of the Alamo policlub is established in Texas.[1]
  • March 15 CAS: A massive BTL crackdown is launched following the death of Senator James Wheeler’s daughter from BTL use.[1]
  • April 18 UCAS: Blut und Ehre policlub launches a string of chopper raids in the DeeCee sprawl.[1]
  • April 23 GREECE: A gorgon attacks the island of Skopelos.[1]
  • June 18 NORTH AMERICA: Cyberware allowed in professional football and basketball.[1]
  • June 19 UK: London Bridge is bombed.[1]
  • June 22 TÍR TAIRNGIRE: An assassination attempt is made against High Prince Lugh Surehand.[1]
  • July 11 UK: A Para-VITAS outbreak in Tynesprawl, England, kills 120,000. The outbreak is believed to be the work of unidentified eco-terrorist toxic shamans.[1]
  • July 19 SICHUAN: Sichuan annexes most of Guizhou and parts of Yunnan.[1]
  • August 4 THAILAND: The Pattani Islamic Republic gains independence.[1]
  • August 22 POLAND: Malopolska is declared a Free City[1]
  • September 10 AGS: Hedwig Gabler is elected Mayoress of Karlsruhe. She begins building an army to attack the Black Forest Troll Kingdom.[1]
  • September 26 SAUDI ARABIA: The Aleppo citadel madrassa graduates their first class of magicians and adepts.[1]
  • October 4 UCAS: Jim O'Toole becomes Capo of Chicago.[1]
  • November 15 UCAS: Most of the Everett Beacon Mall in the Seattle Metroplex is destroyed by a terrorist bomb. 180 are killed.[1]
  • November 23 UCAS: A second bomb goes off at Sea-Tac Mall in Seattle, killing five.[1]
  • November 26 CAS: Edna Wallace is elected president of the CAS.[1]
  • November 28 UCAS: Keiji Hiroshige takes over Yakuza operations in Chicago.[1]
  • Robert Khamdeng appears on the cover an issue ofTimes-Ares.




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  • January 1: Proteus AG is chartered in Germany.[1]
  • January 3 AGS: Proteus AG officially begins the construction of their headquarters in Helgoland.[1]
  • January 20 UCAS: Alan Adams is inaugurated President of the UCAS.[1]
  • February 17 CAS: Major Aztechnology shareholder Thomas Roxborough undergoes experimental gene therapy that leaves him unable to survive outside a specially designed vat.[1]
  • February 18 UCAS: The “street mercenary” style gains popularity among fashion leaders.[1]
  • March 4 UCAS: Leonard Aurelius ousts Damien Knight as chairman of the Ares board.[1]
  • March 26 AMAZONIA: The great feathered serpent Arleesh awakens.[1]
  • April 11 UK: Eco-terrorist organization Deep Green kills thirty-one aristocratic hunters in Dartmoor.[1]
  • May 14 UCAS: Maria Mercurial’s second album, Puta, is released.[1]
  • May 28 AZTLAN: Border control is turned over to Aztechnology Corporate Security.[1]
  • June 12 UTE: Metahumans calling themselves the Wasatch Awakened petition for tribal status in the Ute Nation.[1]
  • June 17 CAS: Aztlan establishes an embassy in Dallas.[1]
  • July 13 AMAZONIA: Amazonia annexes Venezuela and half of Columbia.[1]
  • July 29 RUSSIA: Arkady Krolenko becomes General Secretary of the Russian Republic.[1]
  • August 20 UCAS: Concrete Dreams guitarist Warren Cartwright hosts an acoustic jam session at Club Penumbra in Seattle. Maria Mercurial sits in.[1]
  • September 2 CFS: The recording of rock star Axe Slayer being killed by his exploding codpiece sells hundreds of thousands of copies on its first day of release.[1]
  • September 18 JAPAN: Renraku develops the first semi-autonomous knowbots.[1]
  • October 4 ASIA: Saeder-Krupp led consortium completes the New Silk Road railway between St. Petersburg and Qingdao.[1]
  • November 2 CAS: Texas lifts trade sanctions on Aztlan.[1]
  • December 10 SWEDEN: A team of mages from AGS and the Czech Republic are awarded the first Nobel Prize for Magic.[1]
  • December 13 ÍR NA NÓG: The Establishment Act establishes the Church of Ireland as the official church.[1]
  • A bomb in the Shiawase Atomics offices in San Francisco kills 249 persons attending its inauguration, including Ryoi Shiawase.
  • Amazonia annexes Venezuela and enters Colombia. Aztlan troops stop them, dividing Colombia between the two countries.
  • The Malaysian People Front (yeah, splitters!) overthrows the communist government of Malaysia.
  • Terrorist group Deep Green kills 31 noblemen on a hunt in Dartmoor forest in Great Britain.
  • A misfiring ABM system of North Jersey, New Jersey, takes down an Euroflot suborbital flight on approach to John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport, New York.
  • Leonard Aurelius is elected chairman of the board of Ares Macrotechnology, replacing Damien Knight.
  • The government of Tir na nOg establishes the Church of Ireland and bans the Catholic Church from the country.
  • The "Racial Revenge" trial of the accused murderer of CAS Secretary of State Douglas Bennett and his elven mistress in 2048 takes place in Atlanta. After a number of problems, a mistrial is declared by the end of the year.
  • The Sons of Saurons policlub organizes an attack against Humanis policlub headquarters in Seattle, UCAS. 38 people are killed and hundreds wounded.
  • "Eric's Ten-Minute War" between the Yakuza and Mafia kills 20 people, as part of a bloody year in Seattle, UCAS.
  • Richard, President and CEO of Fuchi, and Samantha Villiers divorce after 16 years of marriage.
  • Actress Meg Owen re-appears in a summer stock theater company on Prince Edward Island before disappearing for good.
  • Maria Mercurial releases her second album, "Puta".
  • Lorenzo "Lock-on" Hayes, left fielder for the Manhattan Yankees, tops the baseball records of Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and Sauharu Oh with 847 career home runs and 4,195 hits.
  • Saab wins the Euro-Rally for the fifth consecutive time with the Dynamit 776TI.
  • Renraku Computer Systems develops the first Semi-Autonomous Knowbots.
  • The first Nobel Prize for magic is awarded to a group of mages from Germany and Czechia.[2]
  • The Talis Cat is first classified as separate from mundane cats.
  • The Great Dragon Arleesh is first spotted.