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  • January 20: Carl Preston is inaugurated as the third President of the UCAS.[1]
  • March 7: Aztlan declares the Roman Catholic Church a revolutionary organization and bans its practice.[1]
  • March 18: Global Oil merges with UCAS Steel, retaining the Global Oil name.[1]
  • April: Mullins Chadwick wins the Pulitzer Prize for Monkeytribe: Survival Manual for Erect Bipeds.
  • April 23: John George forms the Haida National Front in Tsimshian to campaign for civil rights for the second-class Haida and Kwakiutl tribes.[1]
  • May 16: The British Green Party beats the Conservationists in parliamentary General Election.[1]
  • June 5 CFS: Lockheed completes conversion of residential East L.A. into a sprawling factory district.[1]
  • June 7: New York City voids its contract with Warren Security after Knight Errant proves they butchered squatters in Warren-owned buildings.[1]
  • June 10 CAS: DocWagon becomes Atlanta’s de facto official on-site health care provider.[1]
  • July 11 UCAS: All professional athletic leagues are required to admit metahumans.[1]
  • July 25: The Nationalist Conflict. The Canton Confederation and Taiwan go to war over Fujian and Zhejang.[1]
  • August 21 AGS: The Duchy of Pomorya completes revitalization of Baltic Sea using magically enhanced biobacteria.[1][2]
  • September 5: The Corporate Court forces France to modify the Loureau Act, which controls extraterritoriality within the nation.[1]
  • September 10 SAUDI ARABIA: The conservative Sunni movement Jamil Islamiya establishes the first madrassa dedicated to teaching magic in Medina.[1]
  • September 21 FRANCE: Yohann de Kervelec takes over the French Diviners and Mediums Guild and begins reshaping it into a formidable arcane organization.[1]
  • September 23: The great dragon Sirrurg destroys EuroAir Flight 329 over the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 230 people on board.[1]
  • October 16: The UCAS FDA approves antibacterial monoclonal antibody treatment for patient treatment.[1]
  • November 25: The First Copenhagen Accords are signed to prohibit biological warfare.[1]
  • December 22: Liam O'Connor marries Lady Brane Deigh and appoints her to the Tír na nÓg Council of Stewards.[1]
  • The first policlubs appear in Europe.
  • A hurricane strikes Denver.
  • Sakehisa Tajika is named Chairman of the Board of Ares Macrotechnology.
  • Leopards and Siberian tigers become numerous enough to be removed from the Threatened Species List.
  • Yamatetsu makes its bid for AAA prime megacorporate status, sparking light corporate war.
  • Seven Tsimshian Airways planes crash in heavy storms in Tsimshian. The Tsimshian government enacts laws that ground all air travel between December 1 and February 14 every year and allow the Kitimat weather office to ground air travel on one hour's notice.[3]
  • Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uighurstan and Tajikistan unite under the Commonwealth of Turkestan.[4]