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  • January 10 TÍR NA NÓG: President Liam O’Connor is elected as High Steward.[1] Tir na nOg has March 2042[2]
  • February 5 UCAS: Automation of coffin motels becomes standard.[1]
  • February 24 TSIMSHIAN: Tsimshian military forces wipe out the Haida National Front (HNF), imprisoning founder John George.[1]
  • March 7 JAPAN: Yamatetsu achieves AAA status and is awarded a seat on the Corporate Council. Simultaneously, a previously unknown investor named Ms. Buttercup acquires an eleven percent stake in the corporation.[1]
  • March 13 GLOBAL: The requirements for corporate extraterritoriality are established by the Business Recognition Accords.[1]
  • April 8 TÍR TAIRNGIRE: Ehran the Scribe throws his support behind Lester’s Gaia Hypothesis. This theory contends that if the biosphere is a living organism, its Awakening will cause “ripple effects” in minerals, soil, and landscapes.[1]
  • April 20 SALISH-SHIDHE: After formally becomes a great dragon, Masaru builds a lair on Vancouver Island.[1]
  • April 25 SICHUAN: Canton Confederation forces are driven back by Sichuanese combat mage Liang Hong's magic.[1]
  • May 31 SOUTHERN GERMAN LEAGUE: Metahumans rounded up and sent to camps when the Eugenics Project is activated.[1][3]
  • June 1 SOUTHERN GERMAN LEAGUE: Long dormant volcanoes in the Eifel region of the SGL erupt simultaneously.[1][3]
  • June 2 SOUTHERN GERMAN LEAGUE: The Eugenics Project is abandoned, but many metahumans still flee the region.[1][3]
  • June 7 UCAS: Ares Project Cydonia launches a probe to perform detailed scans of Mars.[1]
  • July 7 UCAS: A joint committee to consider physical adepts in sports is chartered by the pro sports commissioners.[1]
  • August 10 CZECH REPUBLIC: Non-metahuman sentient beings are granted to limited citizenship. [1]
  • September 9 UCAS: Starring the great dragon Dunkelzahn, the first episode of Wyrm Talk airs.[1]
  • October 21 CONSTANTINOPLE: After declaring independence from Turkey, Istanbul changes its name back to Constantinople.[1]
  • October 25 ITALY: Pope John XXV allows women into the Roman Catholic priesthood.[1]
  • November 8 DENMARK: Lobatchevski Vory takes control of Ship City.[1]
  • November 13 GLOBAL: The United Nations recognizes Sasquatch and hsing-sing as sentient species.[1]
  • December 8 UCAS: Veil agents intercept and destroy all data from the Cydonia Mars probes.[1]
  • The Eurowars officially end.
  • The Munich Amendments to the Geneva Convention are passed, integrating the Copenhagen Accords.
  • Zeta-ImpChem's practice of dumping neurotoxins in central Africa is exposed in the Polydopa scandal.
  • DocWagon opens its first franchises outside of Atlanta.
  • Liang Hong is appointed General of Sichuan.
  • Akira Watada, oyabun of the Watada-rengo, issues an ultimatum to the Korean oyabuns of Seattle. They must pledge their loyalty to the Watada-rengo or suffer the consequences. [4]
  • First biannual international Urban Brawl World Cup.


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