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  • April 7 ATHABASKAN COUNCIL: The council designates sasquatches as a sapient species, according them the same inalienable rights as metahumans. They are one of the first nations in the world to do so.[1]
  • Spring CZECH REPUBLIC: The University of Prague refocuses their magical training into on cross-traditional approaches, garnering worldwide recognition.[1]
  • May: Chancellor Alfons Hunggarten attempted to break the monopoly of foreign corporations. The South German League collapses after corporations withdraw their support. A constitutional council is established to reorganize Germany.[2]
    • May 10: All South German datagrids ceased to function for the next three days.[2]
    • May 14: South German economy stood on the brink of collapse and the Association of German Unions called for a general strike.[2]
    • May 15: Several dragons flew in formation over the cities of Munich and Stuttgart, which many residents took as a bad omen.[2]
    • May 16: Foreign governments froze any assets of the South German Federation held in their banks.[2]
    • May 17: The security force MET2000 dissolved its contract with the South German government, depriving it of an army.[2]
    • May 18: Chancellor Alfons Hunggarten is forced to resign.[2]
  • July 18 MIDDLE EAST: War breaks out between Iran and Iraq, which quickly embroils much of the Middle East. Badr al—Din Ibn Eisa resolves the conflict in conjunction with his Islamic Unity Movement.[1]
  • July 20 EUROPE: Noted mage Martin de Vris strikes off on a series of one-man vampire hunts.[1]
  • September 10 UCAS: Construction begins on the Renraku Arcology in the Seattle Metroplex.[1]
  • Fall KOREA: BTL abuse climbs to record heights. Over the next ten years it is slowly contained through the efforts of socially conscious groups like the Church of Unifi cation.[1]
  • October 15 UK: Evidence emerges that suggests that the Conservative government encouraged the Adams-Hoffmann Project 42-20, leading to the Conservative’s downfall in the following year.[1]
  • November 6 UCAS: Carl Preston is elected President of the UCAS.[1]
  • November 6 CAS: Joseph Alexander is elected President of the CAS.[1]
  • December 12 UCAS: New Horizons corporation comes under investigation for its Superkids project, overseen by New Horizons CEO Paul Louberge, when one of them commits suicide. The program is shut down when discoveries of extensive genetic manipulation, in conjunction with physical and mental abuse are discovered.[1]
  • December 14 CAS: Several metahumans are tapped for key cabinet posts by President Elect Alexander, which persuades the NAN to lift some of its sanctions.[1]
  • December 25 UCAS: In Connecticut, a casino on the former site of an Indian reservation is hit with a magical explosion that destroys part of the building, killing eighteen people and wounding dozens. A group calling itself Warpath claims responsibility.[1]
  • Hanzo Shotozumi is appointed the oyabun of the 87th Prefecture in Seattle. He re-institutes and enforces traditional yakuza ways and values, and begins an aggressive campaign to expand yakuza operations in the Pacific Northwest. [3]
  • War between Taiwan and the Canton Confederation leads to streams of refugees pouring into Hong Kong.
  • The Olympic Games are held for the first time since 2032. Multinational teams backed by corporate interests are allowed to compete.



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