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  • February 23 AZTLAN: Guatemala is accepted into the Aztlaner republic as a member state.[1]
  • April 1: The Universal Brotherhood opens its Seattle headquarters, the Octagon.[1][2]
  • May 8: The Federal Republic of Germany is replaced by the Allied German States.[1][3]
  • May 15 EARTH ORBIT: The Corporate Court promotes Wuxing to extraterritorial status.[1]
  • May 24 SWITZERLAND: The new United Nations HQ in Geneva completed, and is inaugurated with the signing of the new UN Charter.[1]
  • June 2 UCAS: The last stage of Manhattan’s earthquake reconstruction is completed.[1]
  • June 6 AZTLAN: Belize is accepted into the Aztlaner republic as a member state.[1]
  • June 19 CFS: An offshore reactor near Los Angeles explodes, creating a radioactive tidal wave called the Green Tide that devastates communities from Ventura to Oceanside.[1]
  • June 22 HAWAI’I: King Kamehameha V takes the throne of Hawai’i.[1]
  • July 12 UCAS: Physical Adepts allowed into professional sports.[1]
  • July 13 CAS: President Joseph Alexander dies in office, of an undisclosed cause. Vice President Timothy Newstrom assumes the presidency.[1]
  • August 7 CONSTANTINOPLE: Constantinople struck by a major earthquake.[1]
  • September 12 AZTLAN: Honduras is accepted into the Aztlaner republic as a member state.[1]
  • October 1 UCAS:Charles Gates, CEO of Microdeck Corporation in Seattle, disappears.[1]
  • October 13 AMC: The elven Manitou tribe is established in the Algonkian Council. The nation is renamed the Algonkian-Manitou Council (AMC).[1]
  • October 21 TÍR TAIRNGIRE: Crowds from all across the country flock to an all-simsense theme park that opens near Portland. [1]
  • November 3 AUSTRALIA: The Tanamyre Corporation begins transforming the World Square building in Sydney into an arcology.[1]
  • December 31 CFS: Paul Grigg, shaman husband of the Universal Brotherhood’s founder and the person suspected of bringing the first insect spirit across the planes, commits suicide.[1]
  • Mafia Don Patrick Finnigan struggles to hold the line against yakuza encroachment in the Seattle metroplex, leading the Commissione to call Don James O'Malley out of enforced retirement to resume control of Seattle operations. O'Malley, his wife, and his 15-year-old daughter Rowena move to Seattle.[4]
  • Seoulpa Rings start making a name for themselves in the Seattle underworld as their operations expand, and they begin to encroach on the markets of the other syndicates.[4]
  • Aztechnology senior executive Reynaldo Texmachach is murdered by his bodyguard/secretary/mistress during a trip to Seattle to deal with problems with subsidiary Perfekto Polymers. She escapes into the Barrens and assumes the street name Maria Mercurial to feed her BTL addiction. [5]


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