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  • February 21 UCAS: Maria Mercurial plays her first concert in Underworld 93.[1]
  • March 6 CAS: The Sons of the Alamo policlub is established in Texas.[1]
  • March 15 CAS: A massive BTL crackdown is launched following the death of Senator James Wheeler’s daughter from BTL use.[1]
  • April 18 UCAS: Blut und Ehre policlub launches a string of chopper raids in the DeeCee sprawl.[1]
  • April 23 GREECE: A gorgon attacks the island of Skopelos.[1]
  • June 18 NORTH AMERICA: Cyberware allowed in professional football and basketball.[1]
  • June 19 UK: London Bridge is bombed.[1]
  • June 22 TÍR TAIRNGIRE: An assassination attempt is made against High Prince Lugh Surehand.[1]
  • July 11 UK: A Para-VITAS outbreak in Tynesprawl, England, kills 120,000. The outbreak is believed to be the work of unidentified eco-terrorist toxic shamans.[1]
  • July 19 SICHUAN: Sichuan annexes most of Guizhou and parts of Yunnan.[1]
  • August 4 THAILAND: The Pattani Islamic Republic gains independence.[1]
  • August 22 POLAND: Malopolska is declared a Free City[1]
  • September 10 AGS: Hedwig Gabler is elected Mayoress of Karlsruhe. She begins building an army to attack the Black Forest Troll Kingdom.[1]
  • September 26 SAUDI ARABIA: The Aleppo citadel madrassa graduates their first class of magicians and adepts.[1]
  • October 4 UCAS: Jim O'Toole becomes Capo of Chicago.[1]
  • November 15 UCAS: Most of the Everett Beacon Mall in the Seattle Metroplex is destroyed by a terrorist bomb. 180 are killed.[1]
  • November 23 UCAS: A second bomb goes off at Sea-Tac Mall in Seattle, killing five.[1]
  • November 26 CAS: Edna Wallace is elected president of the CAS.[1]
  • November 28 UCAS: Keiji Hiroshige takes over Yakuza operations in Chicago.[1]
  • Robert Khamdeng appears on the cover an issue ofTimes-Ares.