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  • January 1: Proteus AG is chartered in Germany.[1]
  • January 3 AGS: Proteus AG officially begins the construction of their headquarters in Helgoland.[1]
  • January 20 UCAS: Alan Adams is inaugurated President of the UCAS.[1]
  • February 17 CAS: Major Aztechnology shareholder Thomas Roxborough undergoes experimental gene therapy that leaves him unable to survive outside a specially designed vat.[1]
  • February 18 UCAS: The “street mercenary” style gains popularity among fashion leaders.[1]
  • March 4 UCAS: Leonard Aurelius ousts Damien Knight as chairman of the Ares board.[1]
  • March 26 AMAZONIA: The great feathered serpent Arleesh awakens.[1]
  • April 11 UK: Eco-terrorist organization Deep Green kills thirty-one aristocratic hunters in Dartmoor.[1]
  • May 14 UCAS: Maria Mercurial’s second album, Puta, is released.[1]
  • May 28 AZTLAN: Border control is turned over to Aztechnology Corporate Security.[1]
  • June 12 UTE: Metahumans calling themselves the Wasatch Awakened petition for tribal status in the Ute Nation.[1]
  • June 17 CAS: Aztlan establishes an embassy in Dallas.[1]
  • July 13 AMAZONIA: Amazonia annexes Venezuela and half of Columbia.[1]
  • July 29 RUSSIA: Arkady Krolenko becomes General Secretary of the Russian Republic.[1]
  • August 20 UCAS: Concrete Dreams guitarist Warren Cartwright hosts an acoustic jam session at Club Penumbra in Seattle. Maria Mercurial sits in.[1]
  • September 2 CFS: The recording of rock star Axe Slayer being killed by his exploding codpiece sells hundreds of thousands of copies on its first day of release.[1]
  • September 18 JAPAN: Renraku develops the first semi-autonomous knowbots.[1]
  • October 4 ASIA: Saeder-Krupp led consortium completes the New Silk Road railway between St. Petersburg and Qingdao.[1]
  • November 2 CAS: Texas lifts trade sanctions on Aztlan.[1]
  • December 10 SWEDEN: A team of mages from AGS and the Czech Republic are awarded the first Nobel Prize for Magic.[1]
  • December 13 ÍR NA NÓG: The Establishment Act establishes the Church of Ireland as the official church.[1]
  • A bomb in the Shiawase Atomics offices in San Francisco kills 249 persons attending its inauguration, including Ryoi Shiawase.
  • Amazonia annexes Venezuela and enters Colombia. Aztlan troops stop them, dividing Colombia between the two countries.
  • The Malaysian People Front (yeah, splitters!) overthrows the communist government of Malaysia.
  • Terrorist group Deep Green kills 31 noblemen on a hunt in Dartmoor forest in Great Britain.
  • A misfiring ABM system of North Jersey, New Jersey, takes down an Euroflot suborbital flight on approach to John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport, New York.
  • Leonard Aurelius is elected chairman of the board of Ares Macrotechnology, replacing Damien Knight.
  • The government of Tir na nOg establishes the Church of Ireland and bans the Catholic Church from the country.
  • The "Racial Revenge" trial of the accused murderer of CAS Secretary of State Douglas Bennett and his elven mistress in 2048 takes place in Atlanta. After a number of problems, a mistrial is declared by the end of the year.
  • The Sons of Saurons policlub organizes an attack against Humanis policlub headquarters in Seattle, UCAS. 38 people are killed and hundreds wounded.
  • "Eric's Ten-Minute War" between the Yakuza and Mafia kills 20 people, as part of a bloody year in Seattle, UCAS.
  • Richard, President and CEO of Fuchi, and Samantha Villiers divorce after 16 years of marriage.
  • Actress Meg Owen re-appears in a summer stock theater company on Prince Edward Island before disappearing for good.
  • Maria Mercurial releases her second album, "Puta".
  • Lorenzo "Lock-on" Hayes, left fielder for the Manhattan Yankees, tops the baseball records of Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and Sauharu Oh with 847 career home runs and 4,195 hits.
  • Saab wins the Euro-Rally for the fifth consecutive time with the Dynamit 776TI.
  • Renraku Computer Systems develops the first Semi-Autonomous Knowbots.
  • The first Nobel Prize for magic is awarded to a group of mages from Germany and Czechia.[2]
  • The Talis Cat is first classified as separate from mundane cats.
  • The Great Dragon Arleesh is first spotted.