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  • Shadowrun First Edition begins.[1]
    • Today our world is radically different from what our great-grandfathers knew. Where once super power nations dominated the globe, threatening all with sudden nuclear annihilation, the superpowers have have now broken up into many smaller, autonomous nations, and corporations have taken over their once-immense power. Our science and technology, too, set us apart, with current levels making previous advances look like a child's experiments with a science kit. Magic has emerged again on Earth and we live in an Awakened world.
    • "In 2050 Magic is a commodity money can't buy" -- Never Deal with a Dragon, by Robert N. Charrette.
  • January 3 CFS: Sales of the blockbuster sim Free Fall hit fifty million.[2]
  • January 14: MegaMedia Inc. announces the retirement of Amanda "Euphoria" Lockhart. Their representative does not connect the announcement to Euphoria's recent abduction, rumored to be a failed kidnapping attempt by a deranged fan.[3]
  • January 15
    • Strice Foods announces the end to distribution of its popular food additive Amber Gel, denying connections to Euphoria's missed promotional dates.[3]
    • One week after the destruction of a Werner-Voss corporate shuttle and the deaths of all one hundred seventy-five passengers and crew, the Revenants policlub claims responsibility for the attack.[4]
  • February 17 UCAS: Faux armored clothing gains popularity among the fashion elite.[2]
  • March 19: The Campeche Massacre. Aztechnology Corporate Security opens fire on unarmed protestors in Campeche, killing hundreds.[2]
  • April 7 AGS: Corruption scandals lead to massive government reform.[2]
  • May 6: A kraken sinks a Vancouver-bound ferry, killing all on board.[2]
  • May 22: Aztlan seizes a portion of Venezuela from Amazonia.[2]
  • May 30: Thousands of metahumans march on Atlanta, calling for increased awareness of metahuman rights.[2]
  • August 10: Keyboard-sized seventh-generation cyberdecks enter the market.[2]
  • August 28: The Algonkian-Manitou Council contracts Aztechnology to assist in recovering from their agricultural collapse.[2]
  • September 13: Closed-circuit simsense technology is commercially available, allowing a single rigger to monitor an entire building.[2]
  • September 22: Aztlan annexes independent Columbia.[2]
  • September 26 AZTLAN: Morituri te salutant debuted as a game show focused on gladiatorial-style death matches. It scores the highest ratings for a trid debut in the history of Aztlaner broadcasting.[2]
  • October 4: Corsica secedes from France.[2]
  • November 9: Buttercup reveals that she is a free spirit.[2]
  • November 24: Proteus AG wins the contract to construct arkoblocks off the shore of the Japanese Imperial State.[2]
  • December 14: The Trans-polar Aleut Nation leaves the Native American Nations.[2]
  • Dr. Randall Grant dies, apparently in a freak accident. Alamos 20,000 is strongly suspected of perpetrating his assassination to stop him from revealing their connections to Dr. Armand Duplessis.[5]
  • Harold Jonathan Mason, one of the founders of MOOSE (the Metahuman Order of Occultists, Sorcerers, and Enchanters), dies at the age of 48.[6]
  • Shadowrun (SNES): Jake Armitage defeats Drake and the malevolent AI in Aneki Corporation.
  • Kyle Teller achieved some measure of fame in the magical community in 2050 by solving the sensational case of Wilhemina Keene: "Keene had been a registered nurse and adept mage performing ritual sacrifices with newborn babies stolen from hospitals throughout New England. She killed twelve before the FBI finally caught up with her on the verge of murdering her thirteenth, the final element in whatever bizarre ritual she'd been performing."[7]
  • Tadamako Shibanokuji regains control of Yamatetsu from Hideo Yoshida. As part of his new vision for the corporation, he begins integrating metahumans into the management structure.[8]


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