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  • The Song-O-Mat scandal. After Zir Zemo's use of the Song-O-Mat software is discovered, the Japanacorp Uzora is revealed to have manufactured numerous musical groups with the same software.[1]
  • Falsely-labeled music produced by Software Produced Automatic Music (SPAM) is found during law enforcement crackdowns on pirated music.[2]
  • The dwarf singer Pantu'u files suit against Truman Distribution Networks over the unauthorized recording and sale of his sound.[3]
  • Frumious, the sasquatch singer for Shield Wall, disappears after their live performance at Underworld 93 in Seattle, UCAS.[4]
  • April 30: Mary-Beth Tyre is kidnapped just after her sixth birthday.
  • Fall: UCAS Data Systems releases Dr. Ronald Halberstam following the failure of his Matrix Born program.

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