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  • January 2 AZTLAN: The war with Yucatán rebels continues to escalate.[1]
  • January 6 UCAS: 2XS, a BTL far more potent than a standard BTL, hits the black market.[1]
  • March 14 QUÉBEC: Cross Applied Technologies achieves A status.[1]
  • May 3 UCAS: Insurance costs force University of Seattle to remove fire elemental summoning from its practical exam.[1]
  • May 18 UCAS: A group of militant homeless take up residence in the struts of the Manhattan Bridge.[1]
  • June 24 GREECE: The first footage of gorgons using their petrification power is captured.[1]
  • June 30: The first of the North Sea arkoblocks is finished.
  • July 2 JAPAN: International Olympic Committee awards the 2056 Olympics to Tokyo. Japanese officials announce that metahumans will not be allowed to participate.[1]
  • July 19 UCAS: UCAS Data Systems pulls funding from Dr. Ronald Halberstam after they discover he is trying to isolate children’s’ brains from their bodies to raise them completely in the Matrix.[1][2]
  • July 21 AMC: The body of Derek Highsun is found behind his barn.[1]
  • September 13 UCAS: The street mercenary style loses favor among fashion moguls.[1]
  • September 23 TÍR TAIRNGIRE: Willamette Compustat is contracted to handle all government data backups.[1]
  • October 4 SPAIN: Sol Media Group gains a foothold in the Aztlan media market.[1]
  • November 5 UCAS: Alan Adams is re-elected president.[1]
  • November 5 CAS: Edna Wallace is re-elected president.[1]
  • November 11 UCAS: Arthur Vogel founds the One World Association to address environmental issues.[1]
  • December 5 GLOBAL: Bioware is released to the public market, gaining instant popularity.[1]
  • December 13 JAPAN: The Chiba Virtual Stock Exchange crashes in the midst of a Fuchi takeover attempt by the Yamana family.[1]
  • Bioware hits the public market
  • Seattle-Tir Tairngire trade agreement, by which Seattle becomes Tír Tairngire's major port.[3]
  • Juan Samuel Pererya registers his mercenary contractors as the Seventy-Seventh Rangers, or "El Cuadrilla."[4]


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