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  • January 21: President of the UCAS Alan Adams dies the day after his second inauguration. Thomas Steele is sworn in as the 5th President of the UCAS. James Booth is selected to be the new VP.
  • March 12: Proteus AG completes the Okinawa arcology.
  • April 24: The Essence-Integrity Theory is published, describing the link between cybertechnology enhancements and the loss of magical potency.
  • May 20: The truth behind the "Elven Fire" gang attacks is exposed.[1]
  • May 28: The Great Dragon Hestaby awakens and stops Tír Tairngire's attack on Shasta Dam. She claims Mount Shasta as her domain.[2][3]
  • June 28: Cross Applied Technologies attains extraterritoriality.
  • July 16: Researchers at the University of Michigan publish theorems describing spell anchoring.
  • August 13: Proteus AG completes the Osaka arcology.
  • August 23: Racially-targeted violence in the Byrne Projects leads to an attack on Crusader Security's Chicago office. [4]
  • August 24: The Moolah Temple in St. Louis, home to a Universal Brotherhood soup kitchen, burns down. An explosion levels a portion of the University of Seattle's science building.[5]
  • August 25: Hurricane Ethelbert devastates New York City and Washington, FDC. Jonathon Teague, former executive VP of Highstar Incorporated, is found dead in a Redmond apartment, apparently a suicide.[6]
  • November 9-16: Yamatetsu violates a concord of the Corporate Court in searching for forbidden lost technology and almost triggers a global corporate war.[7]
  • November 11: The Illinois state legislature passes Special Order 162 (The Cabrini Refugee Act), turning over ownership of the officially-abandoned Cabrini Green housing projects to a coalition of ghouls.
  • December 4: Humanis Policlub attacks Cabrini Green, killing at least one hundred.
  • December 6: With the Treaty of Karlsruhe, the governments of France and the AGS hand control of the Saar-Lorraine-Luxembourg Special Administrative Zone over to a corporate Administrative Council.
  • The musician Dark Angel and his wife/manager Icelady disappear and their house burns to the ground after they announce their album Earthdawn: The Scourge.[8]


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