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  • January 1: The United Nations declares 2061 the "Year of the Comet." Corporations rush to design and launch probes (and sabotage each others' progress) to reach and study Halley's Comet.[1]
  • January 2: Voice of Ogoun Justin Rochefort is assassinated en route to Washington to collect his reward from Dunkelzahn's Will. Marcus Cross is appointed interim Voice.
  • February: A car bomb explodes outside the Aztechnology building in Calgary, trapping over two thousand people in the rubble. Civil Chief Bobby Bear and War Chief Carl Hillborn are among the dead. Aztechnology blames "elven eco-terrorists" and new War Chief Adam Doxtator orders a crackdown on eco-activists.
  • March 19: A power outage strikes Seattle. It takes forty-eight hours before service is initially restored and brownouts plague the metroplex for weeks afterward.
  • March 21: The Corporate Court founds the Grid Overwatch Division as a cross-jurisdictional Matrix law enforcement division.[1]
  • April 5 CFS: General Salto begins crackdown on teaching of Or'zet within the Protectorate.[1]
  • May 7: Tibetan monks transport Inazo Aneki to the Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone to transfer him back to Renraku Computer Systems custody. Shadowrunners working for Overwatch abduct Aneki and eventually bring him into the Renraku Arcology to confront and shut down Deus.
  • May 11: Deus forms the Network by downloading its code into the minds of around a thousand metahumans. Unknown to Deus, the AI Maegara was transferred to the Network as well. [2] [1]
  • May 13: Renraku Computer Systems announces that they have resolved the Renraku Arcology crisis, although hostile drones still control most of the arcology. Sherman Huang, Cham La Won, and Vanessa Cliber are credited with leading the resolution.[1]
  • May 29: Damien Knight apologizes for Ares Macrotechnology's "accidental" destruction of Saeder-Krupp's Duccio probe.
  • June: Renraku Computer Systems announces the death of its CEO, Inazo Aneki.
  • June 11: Shibata Construction and Engineering's Kepler probe is severely damaged before launch at Aztechnology's Spindle space station.
  • June 18: The Cataclyst terrorist cell highjacks the semiballistic craft carrying the Shiawase Corporation's Brahe probe, which explodes during its ascent, destroying the probe and killing all on board.
  • June 20: At dawn, Stonehenge restores itself to its original condition. The ley line beneath draws strength from the power site.[1]
  • July 12: A meteor strikes Ares Macrotechnology's Gigas probe, severely damaging it and knocking it off course.
  • July 21: King Berthold I of the Black Forest Troll Kingdom disappears. Chancellor Hugo von Hasslach is appointed regent.[1]
  • July 28: Halley's Comet reaches perihelion.
  • August: Megaera starts competing with Deus for control of the Network by influencing some of its nodes.[2][1]
  • August 11: Novatech's Whipple probe performs an erroneous attitude burn, taking it off course.
  • August 14: New Orleans police still have no suspects in a brutal multiple homicide of eleven adults and two children.
  • August 15: The Aleph Society declares that it can restore the magical abilities of burned-out Awakened.[1]
  • ca. August 20: Over twenty citizens of Vladivostok, believed to be members of the outlawed Bridging the Void cult, go missing.
  • August 30: Yamatetsu loses contact with its Gagarin probe moments before it makes contact with Halley's Comet.
  • September 1: Portland authorities discover six freshly severed metahuman tongues drilled into signposts around a small city park. Police cordon off the area.
  • September 4: Badr al Din Ibn Eisa, leader of the Islamic Unity Movement, is assassinated in front of the Ka'bah in Mecca.[1]
  • September 5: At 0400, Dunkelzahn's Rift begins to pulse. Halley's Comet becomes visible to the naked eye. The Church of the Undying Light establishes an outreach center in the Puyallup Barrens. A one-kilometer area of astral space around Wuxing's Skytower on Aberdeen Island, Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone, becomes visible to normal senses.[1]
  • September 6: The first case of SURGE is reported in the media. Sixth World Almanac says September 5[1]
  • September 9: Five days after his death, Badr al Din Ibn Eisa walks out of his mausoleum and makes a brief statement where he declares a New Islamic Jihad.
  • September 10: SURGE cases become widespread.
  • September 12 GLOBAL: Fueled by SURGE fears, riots and civil unrest surge around the world. Only a small number of cities and nations are untouched.[1]
  • September 12: Nationale Aktion releases an airborne strain of VITAS-1 into the Olympiapark Stadium in Munich, killing nearly ten thousand homeless metahumans and aid workers.[1]
  • September 13: At 0300, Governor Lindstrom of Seattle declares a state of emergency as violence erupts against changelings in the metroplex.
  • September 15: One of the Ork Rights Committee's leaders, pacifist Rohit Talwar, is killed defending a changeling from a human street gang. At 1500, Dunkelzahn's Rift begins to pulse again and three unknown spirits are observed escaping the rift.
  • September 23: Lone Star announces that they have evidence linking six mass murders around the world to the Bridging the Void cult.
  • September 23 INDIA:Hundreds of Indian saddhus bathing in the Ganges River are transformed.[1]
  • October 2: A Humanis Policlub demonstration near Dunkelzahn's Rift turns into a riot. Spirits summoned by the security force refuse to assist, instead hovering around the rift until the riot is pacified.
  • October 13: More of the unidentified spirits break out of Dunkelzahn's Rift, rushing through the gathered crowd and killing eleven civilians in the ensuing riot. The rift cordon is extended by fifty meters.
  • October 17: Novatech announces the start of construction on the Olympia lunar base.[1]
  • October 27: A series of earthquakes strikes along the Pacific Ring of Fire. At approximately 0537 GMT, the Unzen Volcano erupts, burying Shimabara under volcanic ash, mud, and lava. The Emperor and his family are among the thousands of casualties. The Imperial government declares a state of emergency and issues orders for Imperial Marines abroad to return home to assist in the recovery efforts.[1]
  • October 29 JAPAN: The Imperial Diet orders the withdrawal of Imperial Marines from San Fransicso post the eruption of the Ring of Fire.[1]
  • October 31/November 1: More spirit activity is observed around Dunkelzahn's Rift, coinciding with Halloween festivities. At 0022 November 1, a wujen mage delivers a warning to the Rift security force from his ancestor spirits: the "dead" are returning.
  • November: This month's issue of Neoscientist includes an article indicating that SURGE is not restricted to metahumanity. The Hudson Bay Incident: KSAF captures trideo of Aztechnology Corporate Security and the Algonkian-Manitou Council military attacking a drydocked houseboat on Hudson Bay. A dozen prominent Manitou leaders and five well-known anti-Aztechnology activists are among the dead.
  • November: Ronin re-establishes his independent identity in the Network and starts working to restore awareness and free thought to other nodes. [2]
  • November 4: Colonel Keiji Saito refuses to return to the Home Islands. He and two divisions of AWOL Japanese Imperial Marines occupy San Francisco and Saito declares himself Protectorate General.[1]
  • November 10: The Auvergne volcanoes in France erupt on the astral plane. Thirteen individuals die from damage to their astral forms as magma floods the astral space, but there is no effect on the material plane.[1]
  • November 22: Protectorate General Keiji Saito's occupation force has captured McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento, Beale AFB in Marysville, and Travis AFB in Fairfield by this time.
  • November 27: A Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research team identifies a recently-discovered vein of metal in Azania as orichalcum. The news sparks an orichalcum rush among the megacorporations.[3][1]
  • December 2: An 8.5 earthquake rocks Los Angeles. Over ten thousand people die in the collapse of buildings and the ensuing fires and violence.[3][1]
  • December 8: The Pueblo Corporate Council enters Los Angeles in response to requests for aid.[3][1]
  • December 17: Spirits of unknown origin erupt from the central stupa at the Borobodur temple complex in Java. The Javanese military and Astral Space Preservation Society work together to catalog and recapture as many spirits as they can.[1]
  • December 24: A massive draconic astral form tears itself from Dunkelzahn's Rift, dragging countless spirits with it into the material world. It consumes the astral projection of an Army mage before flying west.[3][1]
    • The astral dragon that exited Dunkelzahn's Rift is seen in Denver, having regained its physical body. It destroys the Aztlan teocalli and damages the Aztechnology Building. It briefly engages the CAS border security before breaking off.[3]
  • December 25: The UCAS Department of Health and Metahuman Services establishes definitive proof of the existence of shedim.
  • December 28: The dragon now dubbed "Ghostwalker" by the the media returns to Denver and burns out a residential building in the UCAS sector, killing six including Glennis Shand, leader of the Unity policlub. Ghostwalker targets other high-profile buildings, including the Council Hall in the Aztlan sector.



  • January: The CAS offers a bounty for magicians who reanimate corpses.[1]
  • January: Aztlan moves military troops into their sector in Denver, in direct violation of the Treaty of Denver. The other sectors also reinforce their borders with troops.[1]
  • January: Overwatch learns of the Network while observing Renraku Arcology survivors. [2]
  • January 3: The sole survivor of the Japanese imperial family, the child Yasuhito, is revealed to the world and is made Emperor two days later. [1][3]
  • January 5: Yasuhito becomes Emperor of Japan; beginning the Gen-Yu era.
  • January 27: The Council of Denver meets with Ghostwalker, giving him control of the city. The Aztlan sector is given to the CAS and Aztlan personnel are ordered to leave it the city.[1][3]
  • February 1: The Japanese Emperor rescinds the Yomi Island decree, and the Huk openly declare revolution in the Philippines.[1][3]
  • February 5: Aztlan/Aztechnology military forces start a slash and burn of the Yucatan.[1]
  • The Year of the Comet.
    • March: Halley's Comet becomes visible to the naked eye.[1]
    • March-April: Ares lands a probe on the second pass of Halley's Comet, which sends back telemetry, establishing Ares as the winner of the Probe Race.
  • March 15: An earthquake, tidal waves, and storms batter the Yucatan, halting the Aztlan offensive. In the weeks that follow, nature and toxic spirits wage warfare against both sides and each other.[1][3]
  • April: While investigating their own personnel for Deus infilration, Shiawase's Marketing Information and Forecasting Department (MIFD) and Renraku agents learn about the Network. [2]
  • April 1: Halley's Comet disappears from view. All known natural orichalcum deposits run dry, and no new deposits are located. Reports of new SURGE cases decrease to a trickle.[3]Year of the Comet says April[1]
  • May: After the passing of Halley's Comet, the magical nature of Tír na nÓg is permanently altered. The Veil works erratically, mana ebbs and flares occur near cairns and monoliths, and astral constructs fade in and out of the material world on a regular if unpredictable basis.[3]
  • May: Pax begins to feel the onset of Fading. [2]
  • May 2–5: Armed combat erupts on the Salish-Shidhe/Tsimshian border resulting in thousands dead from an apparent biological weapon. Ceasefire agreed to on the 5th, but would be broken by SSC militias in July.
  • July: The Republic of Québec begins a trial period allowing English to be used in business transactions.[4]
  • July: Shadowland's first post exposing the existence of the Network.[2]
  • June: Lofwyr and Aithne Oakforest retire from the Tír Tairngire Council of Princes.
  • July: The Great Dragon Hestaby, who had guarded northern California Free State from Tír Tairngire, joins the Tir High Council of Princes, replacing departing Lofwyr.[5]
  • July 19 AUVERGNE: An astral volcanic eruption spills over into the mundane world as a physical eruption.[3]
  • August: Shiawase and Renraku cooperate in purging their ranks of Deus infiltrators to secure their corporations against insurgency.[2]
  • October 31 UK: Lyonesse emerges from the English Channel at the termination point of the Stalker and Stonehedge Great Ley lines. No seismic activity is recorded during the event.[3]
  • December: Transys-Neuronet captures a Network node for study.[2]
  • In Hong Kong, an underground war starts between the Red Dragon Association and Yellow Lotus triads.
  • Zeta-ImpChem purchases nanotechnology firm MicroFlek and retains its founder, Jørgen Masterson, for its R&D department.
  • A conflict over one of the Four Coins of Luck takes place in Vancouver.[6]


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  • January 4: Nineteen Mitsuhama Thaumaturgical Research lab personnel are killed in an explosion while studying a Martian meteorite.
  • January 15 CFS: Noted ork rocker CrimeTime releases Djoto, the first album primarily in Or’zet, and overnight the orxploitation musical genre is born.[1]
  • February: The Sovereign Tribal Council opens talks between the Tsimshian and Salish-Shidhe governments to resolve disputes that the STC feared may be a prelude to war.
  • Febuary: Deus starts a complete purge of disloyal nodes by killing or crippling them to prevent them from further obstructing the compilation process.[2]
  • February 7: Ares forces defeat an assault by California Protectorate Gen. Keiji Saito at Chico-Oroville.
  • April: Severely weakened, Megaera contacts Mirage for assistance in repairing crippled nodes.[2]
  • May 1 EUROPE: NEEC is officially inaugurated.[1]
  • May 5 SPAIN: King Felipe VI dies. In a national scandal, it is revealed that Alfonso de Alba, an ogre, is the true firstborn son of the deceased king. The heir-apparent’s, Prince Juan Carlos, claim is superceded by Alfonso, and the nation is divided as the church comes out against a metahuman as king.[1]
  • May 9: Ork magician Dylan Risius is charged with 12 counts of murder as the "Flatline Killer."
  • May 15 TÍR TAIRNGIRE: The long-postponed Rite of Progression is halted by the Rinelle ke’Tesrae rebel group; millions gather to boycott the tests and show support for the anti-government faction.[1]
  • June: Policlub Nationale Aktion claims responsibility for a bomb that killed ork tennis champion Kurt Schneider, French Foreign Affairs Minister Pascal Marat, and eight others.
  • June: Mirage's repairs free Ronin's independent nodes entirely from the Network. Megaera reaches an agreement with the freed nodes to work towards building a metahuman/AI merge.[2]
  • June 4 UCAS: In spite of Renraku’s 2061 announcement, the UCAS military officially designates the Renraku Arcology liberated, when they take control of the arcology.[1]
  • June 5: An alleged Thor shot by Ares strikes near the recently completed Rømø Arkoblock owned by Proteus.
  • June 23: Cavalier Arms Ltd. founder Patrick Goodman is found dead in his home. Lone Star arrests Kane Heavy Industries CEO Alexander Kane for his murder.
  • July-August: The Polish Liberation Army routs a combined Russian and nationalist counteroffensive.
  • July 1: Shamans and the Atlantean Foundation protest corporate banishment of spirits at Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • July 9: Northwest Financial files a UCAS federal lawsuit against Novatech for defaulting on a billion-nuyen corporate loan, raising fears that the megacorp may be teetering on the edge of failure.
  • July 12: During Submersion at her tribe's Dissonance well, Pax has a powerful vision of a immense serpent rising from the depths of cyberspace. It grew and filled the Matrix until it wrapped around the world, poisoning the world with Dissonance and corrupting the very fabric of cyberspace. Inspired, Pax begins developing a new virus.[1][2]
  • July 22: Spanish Prince Juan Carlos relinquishes his claim to the throne, allowing the illegitimate troll son of the nation's former king to be crowned.
  • August: Damien Knight loses a chess match to 16-year-old Christine Anderson at the Ares Goodwill Tournament.
  • August 15 PCC: High-level media and industry officials establish the Horizon Group, and former sim-star Gary Cline is appointed CEO.[1]
  • August 19: DocWagon COO Michael Davenport is allegedly shot, then killed while the vehicle transporting him was destroyed. Shadow rumors suggest Davenport faked his death to found Rose Croix.
  • August 29: The commander of Joint Task Force: Seattle, Maj. Gen. Angela Colloton, announces the transfer of control over the Renraku Arcology to the Seattle Metroplex Guard.
  • September 11: Suborbital flight RDA 319 crashes, killing all 144 passengers aboard. Among the dead are NEEC representative Rudolph McDonald and Erika wireless Matrix engineer Karl Mannstein.
  • September 16: The first publicized (and for many, known) manned mission to Mars, the Valentina Tereshkova, transmits live footage from the Martian surface.[1]
  • September 24: Several days of riots begin in Manila.
  • October: A terrorist bombing strikes a playoff baseball game, killing five people and leading to the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series by default.
  • October 8: Talks between the Tsimshian and Salish-Sidhe fall apart.
  • October 23: The National Supreme Soviet announces that General Secretary Arkady Korolenko will take an indeterminite leave of absence to recover from illness.
  • November: Pax is increasing pressured by her Fading. Additionally, Overwatch, GOD, and various intelligence agencies begin pursuing her after her former master, Deus, frames Ex Pacis for the abduction of Shiawase heir and future Japenese empress, Hitomi Shiawase.[2]
  • November 8: An explosion at Novatech's Epoxitech factory in East St. Louis kills nine and injures 25.
  • December: Having finally tracked down a Winternight cell, Pax proposes an alliance with them. The Surtr prototype is stolen from Zeta-ImpChem and Winternight begins producing it in Scandinavia. Winternight begins carrying out strikes against Overwatch enclaves and the Network on behalf of Ex Pacis, using deniable assets when possible to inhibit identification.[2]Sixth World Almanac says December 19[1]
  • President Aurélie de Paladines leads the French state into the NEEC.
  • The Hong Kong triad war ends with the Red Dragon Association victorious and the Yellow Lotus destroyed.
  • Riots erupt over council politics in Tir Tairngire, leading to violence against dissidents by suppressive forces led by Jenna Ni'Fairra.
  • James Telestrian III is elected to the Council of Princes.


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  • January 8: The Sioux Nation Office of Military Intelligence intercepts a thaumaturgially-enhanced nuclear weapon outside of Butte. Research links it to Winternight.[1]
  • January 11: Dr. Dieter von Kammelburg, former Director of Research at the Metagenics Research Consortium, is killed in a hit-and-run. Dr. von Kammelburg is believed to have been the Nazi, one of Alamos 20,000's Central Executive.
  • February 5: GreenWar operatives highjack a container of nuclear waste, killing all security officers on its train.
  • March 14: Admiral Ryochi Kuroda is appointed governor of the Philippines. He orders the execution of all Filipino dissidents.[1]
  • March 17: Novatech announces that 20% of their stock will be sold in an IPO on November 2.[1]
  • April 1: The East Coast Stock Exchange begins upgrading its infrastructure in anticipation of heavy traffic for the Novatech IPO.[1] [2]
  • April 18: Operation Jormungand: Pax successfully tests the Jormungand worm and readies it for distribution.[1]
  • June: Winternight's allies in Hindu Kali cults help Ex Pacis place otaku in Kolkata Integrated Talent & Technologies, where they scout potential sites for Jormungand code eggs. Puck informs Pax of Deus's plans for the Novatech IPO.[2]
  • June 5: Aztlan signs a peace treaty with the Yucatan rebels, but a bomb kills Aztechnology CEO Juan Atzcapotzalco at the ceremony. Aztlan accuses Dzitbalchén of masterminding the attack and eventually captures, executes, and publicly dissects him.[1]
  • August-November: Operation Firnbul: Winternight violently seizes a number of mana nexi around the world to use for a ritual spell that accelerates the coming of an unseasonably harsh winter.[1] [2]
  • August 4: The Network kidnaps and subverts Max Burnwell, CEO of Matrix Systems of Boston.[3]
  • September 16: Winternight burns out a decommissioned nuclear physics lab in Gansu to cover their theft of electronics and detonators for nuclear weapons.
  • September 25: An infiltration of the Escher-Burkli PLTG is caught. The invaders release an unknown pyretic agent, incinerating all participants. All information is classified and the Corporate Court Crisis Coordination Committee is called into session.[3]
  • September 27: Zeta-ImpChem identifies the unknown weapon used in the EB PLTG incident as Surtr, which Winternight stole from them in December. Z-IC offers a countermeasure for Surtr to the Corporate Court in exchange for complete secrecy regarding their role in its creation.[1][3]
  • October 3: Testing of a foreign code segment found in the EB PLTG activates it, killing all online analysts and irretrievably corrupting the test data.[3]
  • October 9-24: Intelligence agencies and shadowrunner teams attack Winternight cells for the next sixteen days.[1][3]
  • October 24: The BTL recording of Bloodyguts's murder is uploaded to half a dozen pirate media hosts. Mitsuhama Computer Technologies announces their withdrawal from the Tsimshian Nation. Haida nationalists prepare to take the country.[1][3]
  • October 30: Toronto police discover the body of Winston Griffith III.[3]
  • October 31: The Network finishes compiling Deus's code and uploads him into the Matrix. The surviving 1,342 Network nodes fall into a coma.[1][3]
  • Pax gives Puck a Jormungand code egg with instructions to upload it to the East Coast Stock Exchange without Deus's knowledge.
  • November 1: The Corporate Court systematically dismantles as much of Winternight's infrastructure as they can. The cult is believed destroyed and the CC forces stand down.[1]
    • 9:00 PM: Thursday detonates the nuclear weapon at Valhalla. The extraction team and their charges are beyond the blast radius. Wednesday commits magical suicide and Friday is placed under ultra-heavy security.[3]
  • November 2: Matrix Crash 2.0.[1]
    • 8:30 AM: Trading begins at the East Coast Stock Exchange. Novatech's IPO is the primary focus of attention.[4]
    • 9:16 AM: Deus takes over the ECSE. He proceeds to force open SANs to other supercomputing hosts to contribute to his upgrade.[4]
    • 9:24 AM: Otaku spies in the ESCE create a Resonance Well inside the Host, allowing Megaera and Mirage to engage Deus.[4]
    • 9:31 AM: Jormungand activates. Friday confesses Winternight's plan to her captors. Puck places his Jormungand egg into the ESCE Host.[4]
    • 9:42 AM: Zurich-Orbital cuts all telecommunications except for direct uplinks. Z-O sysops Clotho and Atropos upload all Z-O data on Winternight's weapons to the Denver Nexus. [4]
    • 9:44 AM: Operation Mjolnir: Six of Winternight's fifteen EMP bombs and three of their five conventional nuclear weapons detonate; corporate, national, and independent agents manage to stop the rest of the weapons or mitigate their effects.
    • 9:51 AM: Dissonance corrupts major data hubs around the world. International data traffic begins crashing. An illusion is cast over Boston of a wolf devouring the sun. [4]
    • 10:05 AM: CATCo corporate jet 5938-H loses power and crashes en route to San Francisco. All passengers and crew, including CATCo CEO Lucien Cross, are killed.
  • November 3: The New Revolution stages a coup across the UCAS. New Revolution agents kidnap President of the UCAS Kyle Haeffner, who is killed during a rescue attempt. Nadja Daviar survives an assassination attempt. Daviar declares martial law and the majority of New Revolution activity is defeated within twenty-four hours.[1]
  • November 7: Ibn Eisa blames the Arabian Caliph for the Crash and the New Islamic Jihad begins a riot.
  • November 23: The Arabian Caliph surrenders to Ibn Eisa's New Islamic Jihad to end the violence.
    • A new Polish government is sworn in.
  • November 26: Ibn Eisa is revealed to be a shedim.[1][5]
  • December 1: The Haida National Front overthrows the government of the Tsimshian Nation, publicly executing Great Chief Deborah Jim. Sioux-led STC forces intervene. Tsimshian is made a protectorate of the Salish-Shidhe Council. The Council of Princes of Tír Tairngire announces it will abdicate in favor of an elected government.[1]
  • December 3: Order is restored in Arabia.
  • In the wake of the Matrix Crash 2.0, a big underworld war between the Vory and the Mafia in France[6].


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  • January 6: First generation commlinks — palm-sized cyberterminals — are commercially released.[1]
  • February 18: Metaphysicists discover that a modified electrical current run through an orichalcum-laced filament creates dual-natured light.[1]
  • May 3: The French government sets the Brocéliande Forest as a self-governing territory under control of the Korrigan, a coalition of sapient non-metahumans including pixies and spirits.[1]
  • June 15: The Mita-gumi and the Watada-gumi yakuza go to war.[1]
  • July 5: Glitterworld, an immersive interactive sim park, opens its doors in Korea.[1]
  • July 8: A super-typhoon hits Hong Kong. The storm inflicts less damage to life and property than previous storms, which is attributed to the city's new wireless Matrix systems.[1]
  • September 8: Gaeatronics's Geothermal Power Plant Network of five power plants comes online eight months behind schedule. The power plants are hailed as the next generation in environmentally-sound engineering and generate enough power to meet the needs of the Native American Nations. The Sioux Nation, Salish-Shidhe Council, and Pueblo Corporate Council begin to decommission corporate-run energy plants in their nations, prompting the corporations to protest.[1]
  • October 31: The Lord Protector’s Office violently suppresses student riots at Cambridge, resulting in eighty-one deaths, hundreds of injuries and arrests, and a dozen disappearances. The riots are attributed to the Pendragon, who subsequently vanishes.[1]
  • Seattle and the Salish-Shidhe Council are selected as joint hosts for the 2076 Olympic Summer Games.[2]
  • Luc de Berry passed away and the leadership of the French Catholic Church is transfered, per his wishes, to Amaury de Lubersac [3].


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  • February 8: Crippled from the Matrix Crash 2.0, the Ute Nation is absorbed into the Pueblo Corporate Council.[1]
  • April 28: Yamatetsu rebrands itself as Evo.[1]
  • July 15: Orxploitation experiences a surge in popularity.[1]
  • October 13: Precedent is set for the use of forensic thaumaturgy when a deceased woman's ghost leads investigators to her body. Evidence is gathered that leads to a murder conviction for her boyfriend.[1]
  • November 4: Manadyne purchases Mangadyne, rescuing it from bankruptcy. Manadyne receives AA certification from the Corporate Court.[1]
  • Suicide bombers target KSAF offices around the world. The studio in Seattle is destroyed along with its records, most of its top staff, and the entire city block.


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  • January 24 KENYA: During 100-year anniversary of the African Cup of Nations, riots erupt when the team from Asamando attempts to gain admittance to the games. The entire team and their coaches are killed in the violence.[1]
  • January 31 SIOUX: Struggling Wind River Corporation goes up for sale. After agreeing to donate ten percent of the agricultural yield to NAN food banks, the Horizon Group beats out Aztechnology, Shiawase, and the PCC. Later in the year, the corp opens the five long-delayed underground agricultural hydroponic farms; each one covering over 20,000 square kilometers, with multiple underground levels. The farms make Horizon the largest corporate agricultural producer in North America.[1]
  • March 4: The reactor of the ESUS arcology in Faulquemont, SOX, suffers a meltdown.
  • March 15 KINGDOMS OF NIGERIA: The Yoruba government strikes a deal with Global Sandstorm for military support, ending the Seven Kings war. The oil pipeline becomes fully operational, bringing huge profits to Global Sandstorm and participating Nigerian Kingdoms. Piracy and corporate infighting rise to an all-time high.[1]
  • May 18 HONG KONG: An astral shallow appears for a short time on the Splendid Dragon Path overlaying the astral image of an actual dragon on the skyway. A shrine is built where the dragon’s head appeared.[1]
  • July 2 THE MATRIX: Virtual marriages are approved as legal by the Corporate Court and in multiple nations around the globe, including UCAS.[1]
  • September 9 HONG KONG: The anti-corporate group 9x9 makes its first appearance in a terrorist strike against corporate holdings in Hong Kong.[1]
  • October 31 EGYPT: While being excavated by the Apep Consortium, archeological sites in Egypt come under assault by a group of Beetle magicians calling themselves the Hem’netjer, forcing multiple sites to be shut down until they can be secured. When excavation continues, Egyptian officials announce that new tunnels have been discovered, and unknown artifacts removed.[1]
  • November 6 Gen. Angela Colloton, famous for her command of the Renraku Arcology situation and for defending against the 2064 coup, is elected President of the UCAS.[1]
  • November 6 CAS: Aaron Franklin is re-elected president.[1]
  • The pro-democracy, anti-corporate underground group 9x9 appears in Hong Kong for the first time.
  • Gen. Keiji Saito is removed from California.



  • January 21: Gen. Angela Colloton is inaugurated as the President of the UCAS.
  • March 8 PCC: Two major earthquakes from the San Andreas and San Pedro Shelf fault lines rock the West Coast. Centered in Los Angeles, they cause widespread destruction never seen before in California. Parts of Southern California and the Central Valley fall below sea level, and after being hit with a tsunami, Los Angeles and other coastal cities are cut off from the mainland, effectively becoming islands. The quakes are powerful enough that people in Africa report seeing well water moving. Mount Rainier, near Seattle, erupts; in the following years, it repeatedly showers Seattle with ash falls. Later it is discovered that the topography of the area has significantly changed, with a vast network of astral constructs in the form of underground tunnels and lagoon-sized sinkholes appearing. This unnatural phenomenon is named the Deep Lacuna and stretches from CalFree north of Los Angeles south into Aztlan. Between the earthquakes, flooding, and appearance of the Deep Lacuna, much of LA is a disaster zone; the entire NAN pitches in for rescue and recovery operations.[1]
  • March 8 UCAS: Manadyne CEO Dr. Carolyn Winters disappears in Boston. Despite massive efforts, no trace of her is ever found.[1]
  • April 15 GLOBAL: Symbionts reach the mass market.[1]
  • May 2 ANGOLA: Angolan troops occupy two contested diamond fields in the former area of Namibia. a militarized conflict zone results when, in response, Universal Omnitech sends mercenary troops in. [1]
  • May 5 UK: Princess Caroline is coroneted as Queen five days after King George VIII passes away.
  • July 1 TÍR TAIRNGIRE: Saeder-Krupp reveals the first large buildings produced solely by nanotechnology in Portland. The office complex is considered a major breakthrough in nanite-built structures. S-K announces plans to construct their first ever Seattle offices using the same technology.[1]
  • November 15 UCAS: MIT&T publishes “The Virtuakinetic Phenomenon,” regarding an individual, Patient “V”, who is apparently able to manipulate the Matrix by thought alone. "V" disappears shortly afterwards, the apparent victim of an unwilling extraction.[1]
  • December 24 CONGO: The Kinshasa-Brazzaville sprawl is taken over by Kobíkela, an organization of tribal shaman and Awakened sapient non-metahumans. They inform Corporate interests that it is now the capital of the Congo Tribal Lands and all residents are now under their jurisdiction.[1]
  • Riots rock Munich as news spreads about a doctor at Martinsried University Hospital performing involuntary sterilizations on metahuman women.


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