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  • January 4: Nineteen Mitsuhama Thaumaturgical Research lab personnel are killed in an explosion while studying a Martian meteorite.
  • January 15 CFS: Noted ork rocker CrimeTime releases Djoto, the first album primarily in Or’zet, and overnight the orxploitation musical genre is born.[1]
  • February: The Sovereign Tribal Council opens talks between the Tsimshian and Salish-Shidhe governments to resolve disputes that the STC feared may be a prelude to war.
  • Febuary: Deus starts a complete purge of disloyal nodes by killing or crippling them to prevent them from further obstructing the compilation process.[2]
  • February 7: Ares forces defeat an assault by California Protectorate Gen. Keiji Saito at Chico-Oroville.
  • April: Severely weakened, Megaera contacts Mirage for assistance in repairing crippled nodes.[2]
  • May 1 EUROPE: NEEC is officially inaugurated.[1]
  • May 5 SPAIN: King Felipe VI dies. In a national scandal, it is revealed that Alfonso de Alba, an ogre, is the true firstborn son of the deceased king. The heir-apparent’s, Prince Juan Carlos, claim is superceded by Alfonso, and the nation is divided as the church comes out against a metahuman as king.[1]
  • May 9: Ork magician Dylan Risius is charged with 12 counts of murder as the "Flatline Killer."
  • May 15 TÍR TAIRNGIRE: The long-postponed Rite of Progression is halted by the Rinelle ke’Tesrae rebel group; millions gather to boycott the tests and show support for the anti-government faction.[1]
  • June: Policlub Nationale Aktion claims responsibility for a bomb that killed ork tennis champion Kurt Schneider, French Foreign Affairs Minister Pascal Marat, and eight others.
  • June: Mirage's repairs free Ronin's independent nodes entirely from the Network. Megaera reaches an agreement with the freed nodes to work towards building a metahuman/AI merge.[2]
  • June 4 UCAS: In spite of Renraku’s 2061 announcement, the UCAS military officially designates the Renraku Arcology liberated, when they take control of the arcology.[1]
  • June 5: An alleged Thor shot by Ares strikes near the recently completed Rømø Arkoblock owned by Proteus.
  • June 23: Cavalier Arms Ltd. founder Patrick Goodman is found dead in his home. Lone Star arrests Kane Heavy Industries CEO Alexander Kane for his murder.
  • July-August: The Polish Liberation Army routs a combined Russian and nationalist counteroffensive.
  • July 1: Shamans and the Atlantean Foundation protest corporate banishment of spirits at Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • July 9: Northwest Financial files a UCAS federal lawsuit against Novatech for defaulting on a billion-nuyen corporate loan, raising fears that the megacorp may be teetering on the edge of failure.
  • July 12: During Submersion at her tribe's Dissonance well, Pax has a powerful vision of a immense serpent rising from the depths of cyberspace. It grew and filled the Matrix until it wrapped around the world, poisoning the world with Dissonance and corrupting the very fabric of cyberspace. Inspired, Pax begins developing a new virus.[1][2]
  • July 22: Spanish Prince Juan Carlos relinquishes his claim to the throne, allowing the illegitimate troll son of the nation's former king to be crowned.
  • August: Damien Knight loses a chess match to 16-year-old Christine Anderson at the Ares Goodwill Tournament.
  • August 15 PCC: High-level media and industry officials establish the Horizon Group, and former sim-star Gary Cline is appointed CEO.[1]
  • August 19: DocWagon COO Michael Davenport is allegedly shot, then killed while the vehicle transporting him was destroyed. Shadow rumors suggest Davenport faked his death to found Rose Croix.
  • August 29: The commander of Joint Task Force: Seattle, Maj. Gen. Angela Colloton, announces the transfer of control over the Renraku Arcology to the Seattle Metroplex Guard.
  • September 11: Suborbital flight RDA 319 crashes, killing all 144 passengers aboard. Among the dead are NEEC representative Rudolph McDonald and Erika wireless Matrix engineer Karl Mannstein.
  • September 16: The first publicized (and for many, known) manned mission to Mars, the Valentina Tereshkova, transmits live footage from the Martian surface.[1]
  • September 24: Several days of riots begin in Manila.
  • October: A terrorist bombing strikes a playoff baseball game, killing five people and leading to the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series by default.
  • October 8: Talks between the Tsimshian and Salish-Sidhe fall apart.
  • October 23: The National Supreme Soviet announces that General Secretary Arkady Korolenko will take an indeterminite leave of absence to recover from illness.
  • November: Pax is increasing pressured by her Fading. Additionally, Overwatch, GOD, and various intelligence agencies begin pursuing her after her former master, Deus, frames Ex Pacis for the abduction of Shiawase heir and future Japenese empress, Hitomi Shiawase.[2]
  • November 8: An explosion at Novatech's Epoxitech factory in East St. Louis kills nine and injures 25.
  • December: Having finally tracked down a Winternight cell, Pax proposes an alliance with them. The Surtr prototype is stolen from Zeta-ImpChem and Winternight begins producing it in Scandinavia. Winternight begins carrying out strikes against Overwatch enclaves and the Network on behalf of Ex Pacis, using deniable assets when possible to inhibit identification.[2]Sixth World Almanac says December 19[1]
  • President Aurélie de Paladines leads the French state into the NEEC.
  • The Hong Kong triad war ends with the Red Dragon Association victorious and the Yellow Lotus destroyed.
  • Riots erupt over council politics in Tir Tairngire, leading to violence against dissidents by suppressive forces led by Jenna Ni'Fairra.
  • James Telestrian III is elected to the Council of Princes.


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