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  • January 24 KENYA: During 100-year anniversary of the African Cup of Nations, riots erupt when the team from Asamando attempts to gain admittance to the games. The entire team and their coaches are killed in the violence.[1]
  • January 31 SIOUX: Struggling Wind River Corporation goes up for sale. After agreeing to donate ten percent of the agricultural yield to NAN food banks, the Horizon Group beats out Aztechnology, Shiawase, and the PCC. Later in the year, the corp opens the five long-delayed underground agricultural hydroponic farms; each one covering over 20,000 square kilometers, with multiple underground levels. The farms make Horizon the largest corporate agricultural producer in North America.[1]
  • March 4: The reactor of the ESUS arcology in Faulquemont, SOX, suffers a meltdown.
  • March 15 KINGDOMS OF NIGERIA: The Yoruba government strikes a deal with Global Sandstorm for military support, ending the Seven Kings war. The oil pipeline becomes fully operational, bringing huge profits to Global Sandstorm and participating Nigerian Kingdoms. Piracy and corporate infighting rise to an all-time high.[1]
  • May 18 HONG KONG: An astral shallow appears for a short time on the Splendid Dragon Path overlaying the astral image of an actual dragon on the skyway. A shrine is built where the dragon’s head appeared.[1]
  • July 2 THE MATRIX: Virtual marriages are approved as legal by the Corporate Court and in multiple nations around the globe, including UCAS.[1]
  • September 9 HONG KONG: The anti-corporate group 9x9 makes its first appearance in a terrorist strike against corporate holdings in Hong Kong.[1]
  • October 31 EGYPT: While being excavated by the Apep Consortium, archeological sites in Egypt come under assault by a group of Beetle magicians calling themselves the Hem’netjer, forcing multiple sites to be shut down until they can be secured. When excavation continues, Egyptian officials announce that new tunnels have been discovered, and unknown artifacts removed.[1]
  • November 6 Gen. Angela Colloton, famous for her command of the Renraku Arcology situation and for defending against the 2064 coup, is elected President of the UCAS.[1]
  • November 6 CAS: Aaron Franklin is re-elected president.[1]
  • The pro-democracy, anti-corporate underground group 9x9 appears in Hong Kong for the first time.
  • Gen. Keiji Saito is removed from California.