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  • January 21: Gen. Angela Colloton is inaugurated as the President of the UCAS.
  • March 8 PCC: Two major earthquakes from the San Andreas and San Pedro Shelf fault lines rock the West Coast. Centered in Los Angeles, they cause widespread destruction never seen before in California. Parts of Southern California and the Central Valley fall below sea level, and after being hit with a tsunami, Los Angeles and other coastal cities are cut off from the mainland, effectively becoming islands. The quakes are powerful enough that people in Africa report seeing well water moving. Mount Rainier, near Seattle, erupts; in the following years, it repeatedly showers Seattle with ash falls. Later it is discovered that the topography of the area has significantly changed, with a vast network of astral constructs in the form of underground tunnels and lagoon-sized sinkholes appearing. This unnatural phenomenon is named the Deep Lacuna and stretches from CalFree north of Los Angeles south into Aztlan. Between the earthquakes, flooding, and appearance of the Deep Lacuna, much of LA is a disaster zone; the entire NAN pitches in for rescue and recovery operations.[1]
  • March 8 UCAS: Manadyne CEO Dr. Carolyn Winters disappears in Boston. Despite massive efforts, no trace of her is ever found.[1]
  • April 15 GLOBAL: Symbionts reach the mass market.[1]
  • May 2 ANGOLA: Angolan troops occupy two contested diamond fields in the former area of Namibia. a militarized conflict zone results when, in response, Universal Omnitech sends mercenary troops in. [1]
  • May 5 UK: Princess Caroline is coroneted as Queen five days after King George VIII passes away.
  • July 1 TÍR TAIRNGIRE: Saeder-Krupp reveals the first large buildings produced solely by nanotechnology in Portland. The office complex is considered a major breakthrough in nanite-built structures. S-K announces plans to construct their first ever Seattle offices using the same technology.[1]
  • November 15 UCAS: MIT&T publishes “The Virtuakinetic Phenomenon,” regarding an individual, Patient “V”, who is apparently able to manipulate the Matrix by thought alone. "V" disappears shortly afterwards, the apparent victim of an unwilling extraction.[1]
  • December 24 CONGO: The Kinshasa-Brazzaville sprawl is taken over by Kobíkela, an organization of tribal shaman and Awakened sapient non-metahumans. They inform Corporate interests that it is now the capital of the Congo Tribal Lands and all residents are now under their jurisdiction.[1]
  • Riots rock Munich as news spreads about a doctor at Martinsried University Hospital performing involuntary sterilizations on metahuman women.


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