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2070[edit | edit source]

  • The start of o90760406Shadowrun Fourth Edition.
  • April 11: UK: The great dragon Rhonabwy signs a contract with Evo’s MetaMatrix branch to produce a daily music review blog called Soothing the Savage Beast.[1]
  • June 30: The Hong Kong Incident. 342 patients and 58 medical staff at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone, including Dr. Thomas Shalbermat, are killed during a violent escape. Mitsuhama Computer Technologies releases a public statement describing the escapees as violent and unpredictable "technomancers."[2] Date is June 28 in Sixth World Almanac.[1]
  • July 5 SWITZERLAND: The United Nations holds an emergency session to discuss the technomancer threat.[1]
  • August 19: Sojourner an AI makes headline news by hijacking the space station Tlaloc (beginning of the so-called Tlatoc Crisis) [3] Date is August 18 in Sixth World Almanac [1]
  • August 20: Greek authorities confirm that several artifacts, including the Phaistos Disc, were recently stolen from a museum in Herakleion.[4]
  • August 25: Pulsar, another AI supported by Horizon releases its "manifesto" and offers to negotiate with Sojourner.
  • August 26: Proteus AG concludes that an anomalous intrusion into the Okinawa arkoblock's Matrix on this day was caused by a virtuakinetically-active pod of dolphins (techno-critter) attempting to rescue a trapped member from an underwater flue.
  • September 18: DENVER: Public outcry is immense in response to a recording is released by reporter Jane McCrory which shows gruesome images of inhumane corporate experimentation on technomancers. These experiments including children, most of whom were kidnapped from their families. [1]
  • November 2: UCAS: Kenneth Brackhaven wins the Seattle gubernatorial election after Josephine Dzhugashvili withdraws. [1][7][8]
  • November 10: PCC: Horizon releases Persona 2.0, an exclusive multimedia personal blogging, communication, and social rating system in Los Angeles. [1]
  • December: The AI Bai Li officially converts to Buddhism. [9]
  • December 1: UCAS: The technomancer registration bill is passed into law. [1]
  • December 1: EGYPT: Alexandria and Cairo become havens for technomancers and hackers after the Coptic Pope issues a proclamation offering sanctuary to any who are “People of the Book.” Underground railroads are formed across Asia and Europe to bring them into Egypt. [1]
  • December 5: JAPAN: The Diet passes a bill requiring mandatory testing of children for technomancer abilities. Empress Hitomi establishes a government school for young and latent technomancers. [1]
  • December 25: SOX: French military units launch a multi-prong attack against corporate facilities in the SOX area. [1]
  • The Laodicea Order - an religious order of technomancers - is founded by the German Catholic Church. [10]
  • Famed anarchist terrorist Duruti Leon stages a massive campaign of terrorist attacks and assassinations against the citizens of Munich, targeting the rich, corrupted, and beautiful people and corporate execs of the city. After learning that he was being manipulated by NeoNET media subsidiary Neue Bavaria Simsense Studios, he starts a poison gas attack against NeoNET's tent at Oktoberfest and kills himself.[11]
  • The world has recovered somewhat from the Crash 2.0 of 2064. The new Wireless Matrix has replaced the old cyberspace. New corporate superpowers have arisen while others vanished.
  • Rowena O'Malley, Dona of the Finnigan Family, kills Maurice "the Butcher" Bigio and becomes the first capa of the Seattle Mafia.[12]
  • Seattle governor's election: The three main candidates are Julius Strouthers, Josephine Dzhugashvili and Kenneth Brackhaven. [13][14]
  • The Emergence: Technomancers show up all around the world, and a new witch hunt is started by the media, corporations and the bureaucrats.[15]


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2071[edit | edit source]


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2072[edit | edit source]

  • January 1: Pueblo Corporate Council conditional shares owned by former Ute Nation citizens mature and become residential shares. A large voting block immediately puts forward a motion to reinstate Aztechnology's business license in the PCC.[1]
  • February 5: The 2072 Winter Olympics begin in Denver. Aztlan's athletes are barred from competing or even entering the city by ZKF forces.[1]
  • February 28: Roger Soaring-Owl resigns from his position as VP of Knight Errant.[2]
  • March 15: The Seattle government does not renew Lone Star's contract, citing its poor handling of the tempo crisis. The city negotiates a new contract with Knight Errant.[1]
  • May 9: Ares Macrotechnology unveils new nanotechnology designed for space travel applications.[1]
  • May 10: The United Nations Security Council overturns the Sapient Non-Metahuman Rights Accord, prompting vehement protests from Awakened nations.[1]
  • June 1: The Pueblo Corporate Council board of directors defers the Aztechnology vote at the shareholders'[1] meeting, drawing widespread protests and calls from Ute territory for a vote of no confidence.
  • November 8: Angela Colloton is reelected President of the UCAS. Ramsay McMalkin wins the CAS presidential election.[1]
  • November 10: The Corporate Court publicly announces that construction is underway on a space elevator, scheduled for activation by 2074 with a space-side habitat ready for general occupation by 2076. The Court receives a petition to decommission the Mt. Kilimanjaro mass driver upon completion of the space elevator.[1]
  • November 13: Aztlan declares war on Amazonia after capturing a black ops team inside one of their secret weapons development facilities.[3]
  • December 3: FastJack contracts a team led by Riser to get him into the network of a NeoNET facility outside Albuquerque, PCC. While FastJack is investigating the facility's purpose, something infects both him and Riser; they begin to exhibit symptoms of dissociative identity disorder, which FastJack also notices in Plan 9. The infection identifies itself to FastJack as the "Self-Educating Autonomous Reasoning Combat Hacking" program.[4]
  • December 28: Mercenaries bomb the Nicaragua Canal, closing it to shipping. Aztechnology claims that it will have the damaged repaired and the canal reopened in two weeks, but they fail to meet the deadline.[5]


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2073[edit | edit source]


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2074[edit | edit source]

  • Sioux Nation sends in a Wildcats team together with 24 more troops to stop the Shedim infesting Flatwillow, an abandoned town previously occupied by a group of gangers. By the time the assault ends, Flatwillow is burning and the Wildcats manage to push the Shedim back into a nearby mine, only for them to escape soon after and eventually take over the town (still occupied to this day)
  • January: Knight Errant releases a report identifying the "Mealtime Killer" as Teresa Castillo from Galveston, Texas, who claimed responsibility for 23 deaths over 7 months.[1]
  • January 15: Marcus Killinger kills (again) in Washington, FDC. A Troll joins him as a second 'We are Free' killer.[2]
  • February 13: Last known sighting of Shapeshifter and Toxic Shaman 'Artaxias' in the Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone.[3]
  • March: At Zebulon's behest, Ghostwalker outlaws spirit summoning in Denver.
  • March 3 - 9: Yamatetsu Nautical Technologies suffers 5 aircraft falling apart while mid-flight throughout the week.
  • April: On the 1-year anniversary of the 'Mealtime Killer's' first reported victim, copycat killings take place in 5 continents.[4]
  • April 20: The CAS Marine Corps issues an arrest warrant for Colonel Pura Severn, a suspected Insect Shaman. Severn and 12 fellow soldiers (suspected to be invested with insect spirits) flee before Military Police can arrest her.[5]
  • June 4 - 8: Amazonian aircraft experience a 5-day streak of spontaneous structural failures while mid-flight.
  • June 22: Minuteman Security officer Tyler Lane, in charge of investigating Marcus Killinger, becomes a suspect in another 'We are Free' killing and disappears.[2]
  • July 1: The Second Treaty of Denver expires.[6]
  • July 18: 'We are Free' killing take place in multiple cities all on the same day.[2]
  • July 28: Buildings constructed by Central Industrial in Bogotá spontaneously collapse.
  • August: Shadowrunner teams have destroyed ~24 dragon eggs by this time.
    • Contact with Gagarin Base on Mars is restored after 130 days of radio silence.
  • August 8: Evo Marine Brack Onijigo leads a unit to board the ENF - Akula Krov and then opens fire on two other ships from the same group during a training exercise in the South Pacific. All 3 ships are damaged beyond repair (a clandestine Thor shot sinks the Akula Krov at 2130 hours) and 219 crewmen are lost at sea. From messages to his wife, Onijigo exhibits lack of awareness regarding his activities.[7]
  • August 11: During a Desert Wars battle between the Ares Delta Dogs and the Mojave Rattlers, the latter's Cavalier Arms equipment spontaneously fails.[8]
  • August 18: Hurricane Donald and Sirrurg both land in Borinquen (Puerto Rico) and destroy the NatVat facility, as well as devastating most of the island.[9]
  • August 20: Aztlan's corn crop withers and dies. Within two days, areas that hadn't been rained on by Hurricane Donald also see their corn die, and the infection spreads both north and south. It is referred to as: "Atlacoya blight". Inside of a week, Aztlan see much of it's agricultural strength evaporate.[10]
  • September 1: Ghostwalker has Perianwyr arrested for "illegal bondage of sapient beings" (spirit summoning) and "treason."[11]
  • September 5: Nicholas Aurelius throws himself from his Gulfstream while en route to Detroit. The shadows believe that he did so in response to pursuing wasp spirits.[12]
  • September 7: The Weekday Eclipse club in downtown Denver is firebombed the day before a scheduled benefit concert for Perianwyr. The Zone Defense Force investigators blame faulty wiring.[13]
  • September 11: A group of seven Evo sailors, possibly under the effects of CFD, hijack an EVO navy ship and are executed by Thor shot.
  • September 12: The DA Murders: Seattle Five members of the Seattle District Attorneys Office, along with at least ten of their family members, are assassinated in their homes. The deaths include District Attorney David Beatty and his wife. ADA Dana Oaks is also initially listed as a sixth member of the DA's office among the dead. Less publicized but part of the same event is the Assassinations of Helen Shaard and the entire Project Freedom staff.[14]
  • September 19: Shadowrunner teams employed by Alamais burn swathes of the Mount Shasta forest and kill any shamans and Northern Crescent gypsies they encounter. Hestaby ends the carnage within minutes of her intervention. Lone Star investigators discover forensic evidence of the use of Surtr.[15]
  • September 20: Numerous member of the Godz go-gang, including leaders Rex Paquette and Apollo, are found dead and mutilated along I-70 in the PCC sector of Denver. The Fronts go-gang absorbs the Aurora Angels hacker gang, becoming the largest go-gang in the city sector.[16]
  • October: Roland's Sword and the Sons of Siegfried claim responsibility for sabotaging Heavy Metal, Iraq Oil, and Saurer-Rieter, all subsidiaries of Saeder-Krupp.
  • October 2: The Zombies thrill gang attacks Zone Defense Force vehicles and checkpoints. The attacks leave significant collateral damage and civilian casualties. The gang has powerful technological and magical support to keep the ZDF from tracking them down during the terror spree.[17]
  • October 3: Operation: Marauder: The Aztlan government, following a plan to engage and destroy the Great Dragon Sirrurg, located his base of operation near Roswell after months of searching by Ground Task Force One. The Great Dragon was not present at the time so an alternate plan moved forward, destroying the lair in an attempt to draw Sirrurg into a trap.
    • 1350 Zulu: Operation: Marauder: Aztlan Special Forces assault Sirrurg's "mini-hoard" outside Roswell.
    • 1406: Ground Task Force-One engages with a heavy security presence including dracoforms, drakes, spirits, and at least two adult dragons. After all resistance is pacified and the dead and wounded are removed, GTF-1 demolishes the structure.
    • apx. 1500: Aztechnology's subverted spy satellites locate Sirrurg racing up the Pacific coast toward GTF-1's location. Air Task Force-Two is scrambled to intercept with ATF-3 reinforcing and ATF-1 on standby. Sirrurg rips through the ATF-2's first wave, although the drones manage to score several direct hits. The AZT forces are believed to have deployed a top-secret weapon codenamed Blue-227, tailored specifically to fight Sirrurg. A shot from the Chupacabra's railgun hits Sirrurg's left shoulder, forcing him down approximately thirty miles north of Acapulco. Overwhelming ground forces move into engage Sirrurg.
    • Sirrurg attempts a magical ritual to end the battle. The ritual releases a half-kilometer-wide energy discharge that blinds everyone looking directly at it and then collapses, killing everyone caught inside. Sirrurg falls to the ground but before Aztlan forces can approach him, a storm rises, briefly obscuring the site before blowing out and revealing that Sirrurg's body has vanished.
    • The Aztlan military begins Operation: Huntress. The Battle of Bogotá begins as Aztlan surrounds and invades Bogotá.
  • October 7: A dual-natured bomb rips open the Wonderland club in Denver; Lucinda Gray Arrow and the free spirit Alyss are among the dead. Alamos 20,000 takes credit for the attack.
  • October 10: The Dragon's Lair, Ghostwalker's private node in the Denver Data Haven, is cracked. Ghostwalker sends the Zone Defense Force to the Data Haven's physical location and arrests everyone still on site. Nexus second-in-command Silvery K surrenders herself into ZDF custody.
  • October 13: The Aztlan military effectively cuts off Bogotá from the outside world. Rules of engagement are to shoot on sight any craft trying to leave or enter the city. In Denver, the Zombies, Aurora Angels, and the Kirlov Vory massacre the Yamato Yakuza clan.
  • October 15: The Aztlan military establishes a fifty-kilometer no-fly zone around Bogotá. Amazonia and other countries protest Aztlan's siege of the city before the United Nations. Anti-dragon forces attack a Transys Neuronet lab in Edinburgh where Celedyr is working. The Great Dragon shifts into his draconic form to protect his co-workers, causing significant collateral damage; the Order of Saint George claims responsibility for the attack. Denver's GridGuide network falls to a complex, evolving computer virus, introduced to the system by agents working for Puck and the Jester's Army.
  • October 17: Agents hired by Alamais assassinate Ludmilla Reanka in North Cara'Sir.
  • October 18-28: The Amazonian military attempts to lift the siege of Bogotá with assistance from MET2000, Black Star, and Combat, Inc. The offensive turns into a brutal citywide melee.
  • October 19: In her last message to JackPoint, Black Mamba warns the shadow community that exposure to Blue-227 can cause "blood fury" in metahumanity.[18] Mamba is believed killed in action. Denver erupts in civil war; Ghostwalker responds by declaring martial law, curfews, and severing the city from the international Matrix.
  • October 26: Shadowrunners steal nearly one thousand counterfeit commlinks from Knight Errant's 14th Precinct evidence lockers in Seattle.
  • October 28: At 1634 local, a United Nations Peacekeeping Force arrives in Cali, Aztlan, with orders to render aid as needed and end hostilities by force if necessary. All hostilities mysteriously cease upon the UNPF's arrival. The Great Dragon Hualpa offers terms of cease-fire to Aztlan, which are accepted.[19]
  • October 29: Aztlan President Enrico Silva and Hualpa sign the cease-fire agreement in Geneva. A new border between Aztlan and Amazonia is established and the no-fly zone over Bogotá is lifted. All sanctions against Aztlan are lifted.[19]
  • October 31: Ghostwalker and Harlequin duel in Denver before Zebulon interrupts and convinces Ghostwalker to stand down. Aztechnology occupies all of Denver south of 6th Avenue during the blizzard.[20]
  • November: Proposition 23 passes.
  • November 1: In a NewsTalk interview, Hestaby defends her actions in Dubai and against the terrorists that burned Mount Shasta, accusing Alamais of backing them, and implies that Sirrurg is still alive.[21]
  • November 2: Magical energy accumulates around Mount Shasta. Discussions for a third Treaty of Denver begin between the UCAS, CAS, Sioux Nation, Pueblo Corporate Council, and Aztechnology. Shadowrunners free Perianwyr from imprisonment.
  • November 3: The magical accumulation around Mount Shasta is released at 0139 hours. At the same time, a massive explosion occurs at Alamais's compound in GeMiTo. Two lesser dragons are killed while Alamais and two others are wounded. Four hours later, Alamais responds by wreaking havoc within GeMiTo, killing almost three thousand metahumans in five hours.
  • November 5-6: Lofwyr attacks Alamais's GeMiTo compound with overwhelming force that consists of over a thousand metahuman mercenaries and shadowrunners, armored fighting vehicles, air support, twenty adult dragons, and the Great Dragons Lung and Arleesh. Metahuman shadowrunners score the killing blow on Alamais at approximately 1006 on November 6.
  • November 8: The Great Dragons leave their lairs for a formal assembly. This marks the effective end of the Great Dragon Civil War. The Assembly sentences Sirrurg to imprisonment.[22] In Asamando, United Nations inspectors are killed by feral ghouls while investigating conditions at the nation's prisons.[23]
  • November 16: Queen Thema Laula of Asamando collapses shortly before a scheduled national address, having suffered a major heart attack.[1]
  • November 25: Queen Thema Laula of Asamando dies. Her daughter Rani Laula is crowned, symbolically devours her mother's heart, and declares a forty-four day period of mourning.[1]
  • December 1: Danielle de la Mar announces new Matrix grids and protocols, maintained by the Corporate Court members, that promise Matrix access worldwide.
  • December 7: Martin de Vries is publicly outed as a vampire at a book signing in Houston, Texas, when half a dozen vampires attempt to kill him.
  • December 16: Three Tsimshian council candidates and two incumbents begin showing signs of early-onset dementia.
  • December 20: The Great Dragon Assembly moves that Hestaby be stripped of her hoard and lair and to be ostracized from their culture.[22]
  • December 22-24: Forces hired by the Great Dragons march into Mount Shasta to repossess Hestaby's holdings. The Shasta Shamans are almost wiped out, the Shasta Lodge is destroyed, two hundred Northern Crescent gypsies are killed, and nearly twenty thousand hectares of forest is destroyed. The Great Dragons' forces take three days to catalog and transport Hestaby's hoard.[24]
  • December 24: A federal grand jury indicts Edmund Jeffries on a laundry list of felony charges.[25]


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2075[edit | edit source]


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2076[edit | edit source]

  • April: The Stolen Souls post hits Jackpoint, revealing more details about Cognitive Fragmentation Disorder to the shadows. [1]
  • June 4: An iridescent dragon escapes a MIT&T research facility, attacks the Boston NeoNET towers, and is subsequently repelled by the Great Dragon Celedyr. The creature crashes into Fenway Park's Green Monster, flies north to Salem while spreading an iridescent rain cloud, then disappears. [2]
  • June 5: Boston is quarantined by a collaborative effort between the AAA Prime Megacorporations. The local Matrix node is shut down, effectively cutting the city off from the rest of the world, while defenses both technological and magical are implemented to prevent anyone from getting in or out of Boston.
    • Officially, the quarantine is erected to stop a viral encephalitis outbreak. Unofficially, the iridescent dragon infected a large number of people with a dangerous, experimental CFD strain. [2]


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2077[edit | edit source]

  • The Monads announce themselves to the Corporate Court and outline plans for Project Exodus, scheduled for completion in 2080.
  • UCAS Congressman Thomas Lincoln is assassinated as part of the Black Lodge's internal cleanup.[1]
  • February - November (unspecified date): Samantha Villiers dies of (allegedly) natural causes while running NeoNET's Seattle office. Rumors in the shadows claim it may have been a hit.
  • February 7: The Corporate Court announces the Megacorporate Revision, scheduled to take place over the next few years with the intention to (re)assess the status of all AA and A corporations. The Revision triggers a lot of unrest (and runs) as the scrutinized corporations become targets for AAA takeover as well as attempt to keep their respective statuses by merging with / striking against competitors.
  • March 15: The Megacorporate Revision begins. The Corporate Court starts auditing a number of AA and A corporations to confirm or change their statuses.[2]
  • May: - With an audit of its military equipement finished, the Moroccan government initiated a massive upgrade program for the RMAF, led by Army General Salamah Berrada, the program is expected to last until 2082[3]
  • July - August: Seattle's ACHE overheats over the summer, causing 634 deaths. Unbeknownst to all but a few, the cause was not a design flaw in the building, but rather a drastic maintenance budget cut authorized by Downtown Mayor Nikola Taul, who will try to keep the scandal under lid so as to run for Governor the year after.[4]


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2078[edit | edit source]


2079[edit | edit source]

  • Early 2079: [1] Seattle holds it's first Special Election outside of the normal election cycle to fill the empty gubernatorial seat for the Seattle Metroplex.[2] Out of a field of eight candidates Nikola Taul (Democrat) and Corinne Potter (Technocrat) receive the most votes, neither has a majority so a runoff election is scheduled.[3]
  • January: State of Georgia vs. L. O. Pane, The Confederation of American States brought its first Monad test case to court. The defendant, a Monad known as L. O. Pain, (presumably charged with "First Degree Unsolicited Cerebral Revision" [4]) was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter by the Georgia Superior Court, in effect criminalizing CFD.[5]
  • February 10: The great dragon Ghostwalker claims sole jurisdiction over Denver and announces that the governments and all citizens of the CAS, PCC, Sioux Nation and the UCAS have 1 month to leave Denver. The reason given is that the various governments involved had failed to properly administer the Front Range Free Zone and protect its citizenry, along with accusing them all to be complicit in a plot to kill him.[6] Anyone remaining in Denver after the deadline would become a citizen of the FRFZ and have to swear fealty to Ghostwalker. [7]
  • Late February and early March: A series of astral rifts or “Rips in Reality” appear all over the Denver area allowing travel to and from an unknown metaplane. An assortment of entities move out of the rifts and a few unlucky individuals fall through or are sucked into them. After mid-March the rifts become less frequent and then stop all together. Long time Denver residents claim that such rifts have occurred before in the past but have never been as prevalent as the current event. Most reports are over the twelve years between 2062 and 2074 with 2067 being the most active year.[8]
  • March 10: Ghostwalker’s deadline for all foreign governments and citizens to freely leave the FRFZ is reached. Per orders, the ZDF locks down the city.[9]
    • a Matrix blackout is initiated, isolating the Denver Grid from the public and megacorporate grids. Some information still manages to get in and out through the Denver Nexus.
    • Airports are closed and all of Denver’s major entrances and exits are blockaded. Those still inside the borders but trying to leave are sent back and inbound traffic is turned away.
    • One passenger jet liner, Shin-Delta Flight 401, ignores the order to turn away and is shot down for entering restricted airspace.
    • UCAS and CAS forces had previously assembled along the border in a standoff with the Zone Defense Force. The UCAS task force commander ordered all forces to attack. (CAS forces however held fast). Sixteen UCAS and a four ZDF aircraft were lost in the brief aerial skirmish. Ghostwalker himself then made a battlefield appearance, casting a spell described as “a massive wall of white hot fire” between the FRFZ and UCAS forces, Ghostwalker then made the following proclamation: “This is once again my domain, whole and complete. Everything and everyone within it belongs to me. Those who wanted to leave had their chance. Consider this my final warning: do not attempt to return, for if you do, you will only find death. For now, leave with your lives while you still have them.” CAS and UCAS forces then disengaged and withdrew from the FRFZ territory.
  • Mid 2079 [10] Corinne Potter (Technocrat) defeats Nikola Taul (Democrat) in the Special Election Runoff and is elected to the governorship of the Seattle Metroplex.[11]
  • July: Big Tech, a Troll and Ork Matrix corporation based in Sweetwater (Atlanta), lands a contract with Ares Macrotechnology that most people expected to stay internal.[12]
  • September 29: (UCAS vs NeoNET) The Corporate Court states that Richard Villiers is not 'directly' responsible for the events leading up to Boston's 2076 quarantine and subsequent destruction. Rather, it was an oversight by NeoNET as a whole, making Villiers 'grossly negligent' as CEO. The case's decision directly lead to NeoNET's dismantling.[13]
  • Early December Ares Macrotechnology begins an upgrade program of all military and paramilitary assets starting with a two-month rotation of new equipment into various Ares’ military units followed by a six-month training-and-shakedown tour. After which, all units will be redeployed to their previous duty stations.[14]
  • December 10: Explosions destroy several floors of the Ares Macrotechnology HQ building in downtown Detroit during an emergency board meeting called by Arthur Vogel. An initial death toll of fifty seven is reported, however some are listed as “missing” pending confirmation. Among those listed as missing are several members of the Ares board of directors, most prominently Mr. Vogel himself. Former CEO Damien Knight takes full and complete control of the corporation, under emergency powers, until new board members can be selected.[15]


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