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  • January: The Mayan Cutter returns to terrorize Seattle. The new Cutter is eventually revealed to be ex-UCAS Army Ranger Shawn Walker.
  • January 18: The Great Dragon Sirrurg lays waste to the Aztlan city of Cali. He and his entourage rampage for three hours, slaughtering five thousand soldiers at the local military base. The attack ends at 12:58 PM when he casts a magical spell over Cali's business district, killing nearly ten thousand civilians with magically-induced genetic and physical defects. Amazonian forces move in before Aztlan can do so and occupy the city.[1]
  • March: Sirrurg attacks Managua, killing hundreds.[2]
  • March 13: An Ares Macrotechnology commuter train derails in Manhattan, killing two hundred forty-six passengers.
  • Late March: Knight Errant investigators find links between Shawn Walker and Knight Errant Vice-President George Mathers.
  • May 8: Neo-anarchists allegedly hack into an Ares Macrotechnology spy satellite and release classified images of the Aztlan-Amazonia war onto the Matrix.
  • April: The "Mealtime Killer" claims her first victim.
  • June 25: The government of Morocco cancels its contracts with Ares Macrotechnology and signs a three-year deal with Saeder-Krupp.
  • July: The nature of HMHVV begins to change. The Infected start noticing increased sensitivity to sunlight and spontaneous cyberware rejections.
  • July 18: The Great Dragon Ghostwalker performs a ritual that closes Dunkelzahn's Rift in Washington, FDC. Over six hundred civilians are killed, nearly two thousand more injured, and almost three hundred fifty are missing, believed pulled into the rift (SINless victims are not included in the official body count).
  • July 21: Draco Foundation lawyers move to have Nadja Daviar's SIN reinstated. She returns to the public eye after almost nine years in hiding.
  • July 23: The Great Dragon Hestaby speaks before the United Nations General Assembly. She condemns Sirrurg's rampage, citing Aztlan's 2064 execution of Dzitbalchén as the source of his rage, and urges the UN War Crimes Tribunal to take action. Elliot Eyes-of-Wyrm, founder of the Shasta Shamans and one of Hestaby's closest friends, is assassinated immediately after her speech concludes.[3]
  • Shortly after Hestaby's speech to the UN, Alamais establishes a stronghold near GeMiTo, a feral city. Intent on advancing his beliefs of Dragon superiority, the Great Dragon attracts a number of adult dragons to follow him, turning the area into their feeding grounds--every day a dozen or so dragons preyed upon the inhabitants of the sprawl, consuming upwards of 300 metahumans a day. By the time it is all over, ninety thousand metahumans are killed and eaten, prompting Lofwyr to intervene during the Great Dragon Civil War. [4]
  • Shadowrunners steal the Sextant of the Worlds from Aztechnology's Pyramid Arcane Supplies in Bogotá and transport it through the rainforest to Caracas.
  • July 29: Cardinal Eduardo Ortega-Nunez is assassinated during a press conference announcing that the Catholic Church has recaptured the Sextant of the Worlds; Picador and Black Mamba are among the teams hired by other parties to recover the Sextant.
  • July 30: Hestaby retaliates against Saeder-Krupp and its subsidiaries; attacking Dubai -- summoning spirits and using powerful magics to carve up Saeder-Krupp's Middle East division headquarters. There are no fatalities during her attack on the forty-seven story high rise, despite turning it into rubble.[3]
  • August 10: The United Nations indicts Sirrurg for war crimes.[3]
  • August 25: Urban Brawl star Ryu Hansen dies of anaphylactic shock. Rumors persist that he was killed in an extraction attempt two weeks previously and the coroner's report is a coverup.
  • November 5: Edmund Jeffries, press secretary to Seattle Governor Kenneth Brackhaven, steals over $50 million from the city workers' retirement fund and disappears.
  • December 20: A Seers Guild press conference scheduled for this day is cancelled.
  • The Pendants of Avalon are stolen from a Society of Hawks gala at Belvedere Castle, Central Park, Manhattan, New York City.


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