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  • Early 2079: [1] Seattle holds it's first Special Election outside of the normal election cycle to fill the empty gubernatorial seat for the Seattle Metroplex.[2] Out of a field of eight candidates Nikola Taul (Democrat) and Corinne Potter (Technocrat) receive the most votes, neither has a majority so a runoff election is scheduled.[3]
  • January: State of Georgia vs. L. O. Pane, The Confederation of American States brought its first Monad test case to court. The defendant, a Monad known as L. O. Pain, (presumably charged with "First Degree Unsolicited Cerebral Revision" [4]) was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter by the Georgia Superior Court, in effect criminalizing CFD.[5]
  • February 10: The great dragon Ghostwalker claims sole jurisdiction over Denver and announces that the governments and all citizens of the CAS, PCC, Sioux Nation and the UCAS have 1 month to leave Denver. The reason given is that the various governments involved had failed to properly administer the Front Range Free Zone and protect its citizenry, along with accusing them all to be complicit in a plot to kill him.[6] Anyone remaining in Denver after the deadline would become a citizen of the FRFZ and have to swear fealty to Ghostwalker. [7]
  • Late February and early March: A series of astral rifts or “Rips in Reality” appear all over the Denver area allowing travel to and from an unknown metaplane. An assortment of entities move out of the rifts and a few unlucky individuals fall through or are sucked into them. After mid-March the rifts become less frequent and then stop all together. Long time Denver residents claim that such rifts have occurred before in the past but have never been as prevalent as the current event. Most reports are over the twelve years between 2062 and 2074 with 2067 being the most active year.[8]
  • March 10: Ghostwalker’s deadline for all foreign governments and citizens to freely leave the FRFZ is reached. Per orders, the ZDF locks down the city.[9]
    • a Matrix blackout is initiated, isolating the Denver Grid from the public and megacorporate grids. Some information still manages to get in and out through the Denver Nexus.
    • Airports are closed and all of Denver’s major entrances and exits are blockaded. Those still inside the borders but trying to leave are sent back and inbound traffic is turned away.
    • One passenger jet liner, Shin-Delta Flight 401, ignores the order to turn away and is shot down for entering restricted airspace.
    • UCAS and CAS forces had previously assembled along the border in a standoff with the Zone Defense Force. The UCAS task force commander ordered all forces to attack. (CAS forces however held fast). Sixteen UCAS and a four ZDF aircraft were lost in the brief aerial skirmish. Ghostwalker himself then made a battlefield appearance, casting a spell described as “a massive wall of white hot fire” between the FRFZ and UCAS forces, Ghostwalker then made the following proclamation: “This is once again my domain, whole and complete. Everything and everyone within it belongs to me. Those who wanted to leave had their chance. Consider this my final warning: do not attempt to return, for if you do, you will only find death. For now, leave with your lives while you still have them.” CAS and UCAS forces then disengaged and withdrew from the FRFZ territory.
  • Mid 2079 [10] Corinne Potter (Technocrat) defeats Nikola Taul (Democrat) in the Special Election Runoff and is elected to the governorship of the Seattle Metroplex.[11]
  • July: Big Tech, a Troll and Ork Matrix corporation based in Sweetwater (Atlanta), lands a contract with Ares Macrotechnology that most people expected to stay internal.[12]
  • September 29: (UCAS vs NeoNET) The Corporate Court states that Richard Villiers is not 'directly' responsible for the events leading up to Boston's 2076 quarantine and subsequent destruction. Rather, it was an oversight by NeoNET as a whole, making Villiers 'grossly negligent' as CEO. The case's decision directly lead to NeoNET's dismantling.[13]
  • Early December Ares Macrotechnology begins an upgrade program of all military and paramilitary assets starting with a two-month rotation of new equipment into various Ares’ military units followed by a six-month training-and-shakedown tour. After which, all units will be redeployed to their previous duty stations.[14]
  • December 10: Explosions destroy several floors of the Ares Macrotechnology HQ building in downtown Detroit during an emergency board meeting called by Arthur Vogel. An initial death toll of fifty seven is reported, however some are listed as “missing” pending confirmation. Among those listed as missing are several members of the Ares board of directors, most prominently Mr. Vogel himself. Former CEO Damien Knight takes full and complete control of the corporation, under emergency powers, until new board members can be selected.[15]


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