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  • Shadowrun Sixth Edition begins.
  • Between January and end of July, the ACMF cordon off six sections of Detroit sprawl, turning them into "no-go" zones. [1]
  • July 29th: Sticks sends a message to Glitch to tell him to monitor closely Detroit in the coming days [2].
  • July 30th: The Detroit Matrix is suddenly down, members of the Jackpoint use a weather satellite to monitor events in the city until the starship Reliance of Space Rescue Service destroys it.[3]
  • July 31th: Jackpoint set up a "war room" to share data on the current events of Detroit with others networks, such as Asgard, Nexus, Frozen Shadows, and Helix.[4]
  • August 1st Multiple Mr. Johnsons are recruiting shadowrunners to provide up-to-date information on situation in Detroit.[5]
  • August 1st Colonel Nathan “Rifleman” McCord sends a message to recruit shadowrunners and mercs to help prevent Detroit from being overrun by Insect spirits.[6]
  • August 9th: A special UCAS Task Force consisting of the UCAS Army III Corps is reported to be heading toward Detroit.[7]
  • August 10th:
    • Journalist Julia Pesina sneaks into Detroit and starts reporting from there.[8]
    • At approximately 00:13, the UCAS Army III Corps cease all communication and disappear completely somewhere in Pennsylvania.
  • September 11th: A huge battle at Ares Tower in Detroit concludes the battle of Detroit. Arthur Vogel, presumed dead until then, reappears and assume control of Ares Macrotechnology since Damien Knight is reported dead in the battle.[9]
  • September 12th: UCAS government decides to leave the BRA.[10]
  • October 6th: The Platinum Troll at Detroit is under attack.[11]
  • November 1st: Philadelphia is the first city (since Detroit) stuck by a blackout.[12]
  • November 2th: Baltimore, Bangor, Halifax, Newark, Providence and St. John are also struck by a blackout.[13]
  • November 6th: Bismarck, Lexington, and St. Louis are also struck by a blackout.[14]
  • November 7th: Knight Errant triggers the "ejection clause" of their contracts and, at midnight, unilaterally ceases any policing activities in the UCAS.[15]
  • November 14th: Seeing the chaos in the country as an opportunity, Québec invades the northern part of the UCAS. [16]
  • November 19th: A recording of a secret meeting between a S-K representative and the president of Québec, Louis Frenette, is leaked on the Jackpoint. [17]
  • November 25th: A temporary ceasefire between the UCAS and Québec is signed.[18]
  • December: Lone Star replaces Knight Errant in Seattle.[19]
  • December 5th: During the night, power and the Matrix is mysteriously restored in Toronto.
  • December 10th: The Sioux Nation invades the UCAS. [20]
  • December 21th: The Kentucky leaves the UCAS and joins the CAS. At the same time, Corinne Potter, in Seattle, secretly meets with the Sea Dragon.[21]
  • December 27th : The blackout in Detroit ends after a period of 51 days of chaos and violence. [22]
  • December 28th, 17:00 : Seattle Declares Independence from the UCAS. [23]