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The 298's (Easy Money Gang) is a Triad based in Hong Kong. It is one of the major Triads of Hong Kong and the youngest of the major Triads.


The 289's are a confederation of young modern gangs whose stronghold is in the Yau Tsim Mong district. It's leadership consists of the representatives of the biggest and most successful gangs, with the Shan Chu being a woman (Chai Chai Feng).[1] It's members value prestige over secrecy, making it unique among the Triads as being a flashy and bold syndicate.[2] The fastest and biggest way to get prestige in the Triad (and therefore rise in the ranks) is to pull scams that are easy and quick. Living large due to a single scam and being able to boast about it is what matters.[3]


Within the confederation are wizzer gangs which have not only spell casters but also adepts.[4] The members are tech savvy and the Triad aggressively recruits technomancers, even having a technomancer guild.[5] Like the other major Hong Kong Triads, it also actively recruits metahumans and foreigners into its ranks, which in Hong Kong consists of Vietnamese, Filipinos, and Indians.[6][7][8]


Due to the wizzer gangs which are part of the confederation it is a magic-heavy syndicate. They are also strong in the Matrix due to the technomancer guild (on top of their deckers). Being a tech-savvy syndicate it has heavily augmented members, who have so much bioware and cyberware that when they walk it looks like they are gliding (including cyberarm with dual cyberguns).[9]

Criminal ActivitesEdit

The Triad is into gambling, media piracy, counterfeit goods, and identity theft. Like the other major Triads of Hong Kong, it's also involved in the Golden Triangle drug trade. The 289's are also known for producing low-budget sims in which they are portrayed as urban street heroes, which are popular in Hong Kong. It is also infamous for the scams it's members pull.[10]


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