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Insignia of the 405 Hellhounds, from o87427754Seattle 2072 p 181

The 405 Hellhounds is a go-gang based primarily in the Bellevue District of the Seattle sprawl known as ultra-violent couriers through their territory.


The 405 Hellhounds are a venerable go-gang/thrill gang dominant around Intercity Route 405 in the Bellevue District of the Seattle metroplex at least since 2050[1]. Composed primarily of humans, the 405's use flame motifs on their bikes, wear red and orange [2] and, by 2060, wore the symbol of a snarling hound's head surrounded in flames[3]. They were typically augmented with balance augmenters, bone lacing and muscle replacement, carried chains and a Remington Roomsweeper and road a Harley Davidson "Scorpion" Combat Bike [4].

405 Hellhound

The 405 Hellhounds have always been focused primarily on bringing the ultra-violence to their territory, seeing other criminal operations as a means to make the nuyen needed to pay the repair bills and keep them in ammo. By 2060, the 405 Hellhounds were involved in smuggling illegal goods from one end of Bellevue to another, presumably between Snohomish and Renton. During this time, their main hideout was located in the May Creek area of Bellevue [5]. By 2078, thriller gangs were causing so much trouble that corps were hiring APCs to shuttle employees through the city. The 405s by this time have also taken to protecting bunraku girls moving from sex party to sex party and have even purchased a small stable of girls for use at their own flophouses [6].

As part of their initiation, it is believed that a potential Hellhound must win a race to earn their kutte [7]. They are also known to require taking down a vehicle on Intercity 405 before you can get inked with the flaming hound head, something that happens with such frequency that KE increases its security presence on I-405 to protect civilians [8].

The main rivals of the 405 Hellhounds are the Leather Devils, the other large go-gang in Bellevue. They've been periodically in conflict for decades, making the intersection of Intercity 405 and Intercity 90 near Factoria their usual battleground[9]. In 2060, they were also clashing with the Blood Mountain Boys near Cedar Park in Renton where Rt 169 meets Intercity 405 [10]. The 405s are also known to periodically clash with the soldiers of Fort Lewis, well outside their usual stomping grounds [11]. In 2072, the Ancients would sometimes go out for target practice against the 405s for sport after a new delivery of guns. [12].


  • 2053: The 405 Hellhounds were one of the Seattle gangs targeted by a group known as Elven Fire in an attempt to frame the Ancients and start a gang war against them. Eventually, Shadowrunners uncovered that Elven Fire was an operation of an agent of Tir Tairngire and their plot uncovered before martial law was instituted in the city by then-governor Shultz [13].
  • 2057: The 405 Hellhounds are hired by Isao Yamazaki, a Seattle Yakuza lieutenant, to trail a group of shadowrunners transporting the stolen egg of the Great Eastern Dragon, Masatu, so that the Yakuza could steal the egg and sell it back to Masatu [14].
  • 2072:
    • Joint Task Force Seattle commander Brigadier General John E. Darcy keeps his troops combat ready by having them regularly patrol Intercity 405, often clashing with the 405s [15].
    • The 405 Hellhounds are named by Lone Star as one of the gangs who might have murdered Libby Chalmers, first director of the Seattle Office of the Empowerment Coalition (an accusation generally considered a cover-up for her assassination) [16].
  • 2074: A group of twelve 405s randomly attacked a group of shadowrunners as they attempted to move through their territory smuggling Aztechnology disposable missile launchers into Tir Tairngire [17].
  • 2078: On December 28, a corporate musician named Sharmila Khan was found murdered in Mumbai with ten knives in her back and the 405 Hellhounds insigna spray-painted on a security gate near her. This was a part of a string of murders world-wide that resembled art on the mysterious 10 of Swords card in the Sixth World Tarot [18].
  • 2080:
    • The 405 Hellhounds are one of several major gangs involved in talks at the neutral zone the dragon Urubia created at her Funhouse in Redmond [19].
    • On May 18th, Action News Report claimed that the 405 Hellhounds caused a vehicle to crash while trying to rob its inhabitant, killing all inside. This is generally believed to have been a cover up for an assassination attempt on the independent news hound, Late Breaking. Late Breaking claims to be alive and well and looking for revenge on the corps that tried to kill her [20].

Named 405 Hellhounds[]

  • Ash: Ash is a member of the 405 Hellhounds in 2075. He may have a glass jaw, but Painkiller knocked him out flat with one punch.[21]
  • Cutter: Cutter is a member of the 405 Hellhounds in 2075. He's known for waiting in combat to show his fellow 405s how well he can take a hit before dishing it out and enjoys blowing up devil rats with wireless fragmentation grenades[22].
  • Eddie Tango: Eddie was leader of the 405 Hellhounds as of 2060. He had two pet hell hounds that obey his every command and act as watchdogs at the 405's hideout in May Creek. From time to time, Eddie was known to take his hellhounds out for runs in South Bellevue [23]. By 2070, reference was made to a "former" leader who owned hellhounds, so presumably Eddie is either deceased or retired by this time [24]. There is some reason to believe that leaders of the 405s have since kept hellhounds as both mascot and enforcement [25].
  • Painkiller: Painkiller is a Hellhound in 2075 known to throw a pretty solid punch.[26]


4th Edition[]

  • Core Rule Books: In both Core Rulebooks for 4th edition, 405 Hellhounds were given as an example of Specialization for the Seattle Street Gangs Street Knowledge Skill [27][28].
  • o29448791Corporate Intrigue: In the Project Imago mission, an attack by the 405 Hellhounds is suggested if the run is going too smoothly [29].
  • o33437256Elven Blood: In Elven Blood, the 405 Hellhounds are featured in a scene where twelve members of the go-gang randomly attack the runners. This is the first time we see stats for members of the 405s in any published work.[30].

5th Edition[]

  • o35238545Shadowrun Fifth Edition Core Rulebook: The 405 Hellhounds are given as an example of a Specialization of the Seattle Street Gangs Street Knowledge skill. [31]. They're also used repeatedly in rules examples, particularly about combat [32].


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