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The 58th Battle Brigade is a mercenary unit based in Hong Kong.


The 58th Battle Brigade is a resilient light infantry force of 2-3 companies (160-450 men) whom have become expert pillagers and scavengers, and whose method of waging war is shoot first, shoot often, and shoot them in the back if possible. It's led by General Zhang Chin (human male adept) and Colonel Zhang Mao (human male adept). The average soldier in the unit does not have any augmentation, but the officers do have augmentation. It operates primarily in Southeast Asia, though it also has been deployed across the Pacific Rim.[1]

Mercenary History[]

The 58th Battle Brigade was established in 2054 by several officers and enlisted personnel who had resigned from Combat, Inc due to contract disputes. Their CO, Major Zhang Shin who was a superb tactician but lacked political skills and therefore had not been promoted agreed to join them. At which point other disenfranchised soldiers in Combat, Inc resigned and joined the new outfit.

During the next decade they completed several contracts throughout the Pacific Rim and Southeast Asia, becoming jungle warfare experts who relied more on the skills they had than on enhancements or technology. As their reputation grew, so did their contracts which allowed them to invest in better vehicles, minor augmentation for the troops, a couple reconnaissance drones, and combat magicians. By 2060, Combat, Inc was in danger of being supplanted in the region by the 58th.

In 2064, General Zhang Shin died and was replaced by his XO, David Chang. That year they negotiated a contract with Vietnam for the elimination of unknown paramilitary forces operating in one of their provinces. In the beginning they routed the enemy combatants and pursued them. Colonel Zhang Chin disobeyed the generals orders and continued the attack, despite the fact that reconnaissance had not been done in that area. They ran into a trap, where they were swarmed by insect spirits. By the time the battle was over and they had evacuated those they could, the brigade was decimated with 85% dead and the general likewise KIA. Due to a poorly written contract, the Vietnamese government financially wiped them out.[2]

Red Dragons' Private Army[]

In the disastrous aftermath, many of the survivors left the unit. Others stayed and tried to keep the unit intact. In 2070, General Zhang Chin soon met a woman named Lin, who was a member of the Red Dragon Triad and fell under her influence. With him under the control of the Red Dragons, the rest of the 58th Battle Brigade followed.

The first thing in 2071 that the Red Dragons used the 58th Battle Brigade for was to help in the pacification of the walled city of Kowloon, after the devastating battle between the Smoke Circle Society and Black Chrysanthemum Triad during the Tempo-Drug War. Ever since they have acted as Lin's private enforcers in both Kowloon and throughout the Pacific, using their abilities in service to the Red Dragon Triad.[3] Most recently in 2076, the 58th Battle Brigade (reinforced by the 10,000 Daggers) was used in the Battle of Manhattan against Prometheus Engineering leading to its eventual takeover by the Red Dragons' new ally, Wuxing, Inc.[4][5] They are also been lent to Wuxing to provide security on their ships.[6]


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