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This list contains all present and former AAA Corporations.

The Corporate Court rates AAA the largest and most important corporations. Also called Prime Megacorporations, AAA rated corporations enjoy the same extraterritorial privileges that AA megacorporations have. They are also given at least a representative on the Corporate Court for their importance. Because of this, AAA rating is only discussed prior to the election of a Court's representative. If a Prime Megacorporation is a subsidiary of another corporation, this corporation receive AAA rating for practical reasons, and until the AAA subsidiary is sold, unless the parent company can justify sufficient size and an importance on its own (this is also true for AA or A rating). Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaftsbank is also maintained by the issue of a share to every Prime Megacorporation. The founding members of the Corporate Court have permanent AAA rating and must always retain at least one representative on the court. They are immune to domestic law, responsible only to themselves, regulated only by the Corporate Court. In order for a Corp to obtain AAA status, the corp must be diversified enough in several industries to become a Prime Megacorp.


To date, only two Prime Megacorporations have ever been demoted from AAA status: Fuchi Industrial Electronics in 2059, and Cross Applied Technologies, whose court seat was given to Horizon some time after 2066 (It is believed to be 2066, since corporate court justices are elected to six and a half year terms, and Cross's corporate court justice was elected in 2060).

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