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ARGUS is a subsidiary of MET 2000. It is a private intelligence service with about 15,000 personnel operating worldwide. It supports MET’s military operations in that field. Every country or corporation that becomes a MET 2000 client can also request ARGUS agents for espionage/counter-espionage tasks. The federal government of Germany, which is a major MET shareholder and customer, uses ARGUS to supplement the BND, its foreign intelligence service. The BND appears to mostly remain as an institutional shell for ARGUS, which conduct most of the operations.

ARGUS' main competitor is Aegis Cognito, followed by Infolio and Esprit.

ARGUS is headquartered in Zentrum fur Auskunftverwaltung, Baumholder, Badisch-Pfalz (AGS).

The United Nations and the Allied German States are prominent clients of Argus.