A Voz (The Voice) is an insurgent group in Amazonia.

In the Awakened nation of Amazonia, there are dozens of rebellious groups, filled with hatred toward the reptilian overlords who rule Amazonia and fighting to reclaim Brazil. The best organized of these groups as well as the largest is "A Voz".

"The Voice" was founded by ex-military veterans of the War of 2034 who went underground after the rapid defeat of the Brazilian army by the army of the Awakened, and went on to recruit and train generations of rebels in the four decades afterwards. It is an organization consisting of both human and metahumans. They operate in every city across the nation of Amazonia, sabotaging and assassinating. This group poses the greatest threat to Amazonia.

With it's recent defeat at the hands of Aztlan in the northern war as well as in the international stage diplomatically there are increasing numbers of Amazonians disenchanted with the government. It has led to increasing activity by the insurgents in Metropole, and increasing numbers of mercenaries and gang members joining "A Voz" whose brigades have violently, professionally, and brazenly hit government installations, convoys, and representatives. There are rumors that "A Voz" is getting ready for a nationwide insurgency.

Around 2080 the Department of Intelligence and Security of Amazonia exploded a A Voz hideout inside one of Centro's slums. Showing Hualpa is starting to take the threat of A Voz more seriously.

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