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Aden is the only known Great Dragon sirrush, a rare variant of the Eastern Dragon, and is most well known for single-handedly razing Tehran, Iran, to the ground in 2020. It is assumed that he is male, but it is not known for certain. He is described as having sand-colored scales with bronze highlights, with longer limbs and head and a shorter tail than most eastern dragons. He has not been identified in any metahuman form. He is currently lairing in Mount Ararat, Kurdistan, where he first Awakened on July 21, 2012.

Aden is known for working behind the scenes in his domain, the Middle East. Although reviled by Muslims after he razed Tehran in response to the Ayatollah's jihad against the Awakened, he currently is establishing his power base among the Islamic Unity Movement, turning it away from the influence of Saeder-Krupp and Lofwyr while at the same time fragmenting it, as well as influencing the New Islamic Jihad. He holds influence over the Kurds, Armenians, Lebanese dissidents, and Kharijis.

Relationships with Other Dragons[]

Aden is a solitary dragon. He does not have many allies, nor does he have many enemies among his kin. His main rival is Lofwyr, whose incursions in the Middle East are seen by Aden as a threat to his domain. He actively works against Lofwyr's efforts in the Middle East.

He was given this bequest in Dunkelzahn's Will":

"To Aden, I leave the Shroud of Shadows. May its shade cool the heat of your desert home as well as the tempers that flare around it."



  • Dunkelzahn: The Mass-Media Dragon

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