Agatamori Kihara is the former chairman of the board of Mitsuhama Computer Technologies. He is a resident of Zurich-Orbital and 112 years old as of 2072.

1961: Birth of Agatamori Kihara

2037: Agatamori Kihara, chairman of the board of Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, is shot in the chest during random gang violence. As a result of the resulting health problems, he resigns from the board.

It is rumored that Yakamura hatched a plot to have former MCT Chairman Agatamori Kihara assassinated. The Chairman retires and moves to Zurich Orbital some time thereafter.

"112 years old and counting, Kihara is a cranky old man. A former Mitsuhama CEO, he was forced out when he got a little too chippy with his Yakuza com-patriots. Now that he has survived his rival, Eiji Yakamura, Kihara doesn’t seem to have much left to live for. But he still keeps living, spending almost all of his time on the Matrix telling anyone he encounters how stupid they are." -- Corporate Guide c. 2072


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