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Aina Dupree is a mysterious elven woman with dark skin and white hair of indeterminate age. The vice chairperson of the Draco Foundation, she, until her death, handled the foundation's business when Nadja Daviar wasn't around. Due to the busy schedule led by Ms. Daviar, Aina would run the foundation on a day-to-day basis.

Aina Dupree was born in the Fourth World. She is also Anna Sluage, who became the Countess of Arran by purchasing the defunct earldom sometime around the turn of the 21st century. She lived in a small house on the estate since then, isolated from the immortal elven community. Due to her eccentricities and her secluded past, she appeared to be a magnet for rumors ranging from the strange to downright silly. She was friendly with Lofwyr, Ehran and Harlequin at the very least; Aithne Oakforest and the Blood Queen herself had a long standing power feud with her. Another rumor in art circles is that Rembrandt painted her portrait. She was given her final position at the Draco Foundation by one of Dunkelzahn's bequests in his will. She is survived by a son by the horror Ysrthgrathe, named Thais, who was reportedly able to remain during the 5th world, and had some degree of power due to his nature as a half metahuman, half horror. Ysrthgrathe fed well on Aina's suffering, but was proprietary, often destroying those who would cause her distress.

In July 2073 Aina Dupree disappeared during an incident at the Watergate Rift Bunker in Washington, FDC. Though presumed dead, rumors persist she lives.

In 2080, Lord Gwen picked Aina to be his successor to lead the Unseelie Court. He hired a team of runners to extract her from the metaplane known as Fauth-Doshgoi where she was trapped.