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Akimi is a hire-able Shadowrunner in Shadowrun (SNES).


Akimi is the premier mage in the game. She knows every spell in the game, and all are at fairly good levels. Her most attractive quality, however, is her high MP total. It allows her the freedom to cast spells regularly, which can be very useful in most situations. There is a significant drop-off in abilities after her magic, as Akimi has a poor offense and defensive. She also has an outrageously high price tag. While she will stay with you longer than any other Shadowrunner, she is available so close to the end of the game that this isn't particularly useful.

Given when Akimi becomes available, about the only situation you could use her in would be the Aneki Building. In that case, she would be most useful casting the Invisibility spell on Jake and herself, allowing you to save Jake's MP for healing after trips into the Matrix. Having Akimi with you will almost ensure you can complete the building in one trip without running out of MP. Even in this scenario, however, Akimi is far from essential. By the end of the game, Jake's spells will probably all be more powerful than Akimi's anyway. Since she doesn't contribute much offensively, her only real benefit is saving Jake a some MP. This is hardly critical, as you can leave and rest at anytime. Akimi's price tag is also outrageous, and you probably won't have that type of nuyen surplus if you've upgraded all of Jake's weaponry and cyberware. Still, if you do have the money and wouldn't mind saving some time, you might want to hire Akimi for the convenience factor. Her usefulness is quite limited aside from this.


Akimi in action

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Location Wastelands Club
Attack Power 3
Accuracy 0
Defense Rate 0
Firing Rate 0.63 shots / second
Weapon Type Magicl
Price Negotiation 0-2: 10,000 Nuyen
Negotiation 3-4: 9000 Nuyen
Negotiation 5-6: 8000 Nuyen
SR Multiplier 5, 6
Base Duration 50 Battles
Max. Duration 86 Battles


Attributes Skills Equipment Spells Other
Body: 7
Magic: 20
Strength: 1
Charisma: 6
Leadership: 4
Negotiation: 3
None Powerball: 5
Heal: 4
Invisibility: 5
Armor: 2
Summon Spirit: 4
Freeze: 3


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