Akira Kageyama is a corporate consultant and was a watcher for Dunkelzahn.

Akira is the son of a Japanese pop singer known as Benten, who claimed to have her lyrics written by a dragon, in 2010s she was for a short time Japan's most popular singer. There were also some rumors been impregnated by a dragon. Akira does possess certain unusual attributes which may lend credence to this. Magically active. Skilled in martial arts, has partial resistance to some chemical substances like Gamma-Scopolamine.

His mother's career nonetheless ended in 2020, shortly before Akira was born. She stated that Akira's real father was bass player Yoshi Kageyama, and effectively disappeared from the public eye; Yoshi died soon afterward from BTL overdose. Benten's stopped singing few years afterwards.

Has two non-invasive cyber-implants for his little fingers, which he lost at some point.

He supports public and covert agendas aiming to improve the treatment of paranormal creatures.

He had immigrated to Vancouver in 2050s and became Dunkelzahn's friend.

In Dunkelzahn's Will, Kageyama was left Dunkelzahn's Vancouver crystal condoplex and in a secret bequest, was given the fourth Coin of Luck (although the Coin might have been given to his mother, as he stated he found the amulet it was in in her possessions). The fact that he possessed the coin was unknown even to him until 2062.

Alma/Night Owl is his bodyguard and lover.

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