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Al-Akhirab Aswad Mayid, Map (customized map from ShadowHelix)

Al-Akhirab Aswad Mayid's Criminal Network

The Al-Akhirab Aswad Mayid is an Arabic syndicate based in Spain. Which over the last four decades (since the late 2030s) has been expanding into Europe at the expense of the Mafia.

Iberian PeninsulaEdit

The Al-Akhirab Aswad Mayid established itself in Spain during the EuroWars, and has been steadily taking territory from the Don Vasquez Syndicate ever since. It's a crime syndicate which focuses on street-level crime, including theft, prostitution, organlegging, and protection rackets. The syndicate dominates the southern part of Spain and is currently lead by Ernesto Guzman (with the title off Mayid). It maintains strong relations with most pro-Arab groups, which has given it a strong powerbase in Southern Europe.

North AfricaEdit

Their influence also extends into North Africa, especially Tunisia and Morocco which they can rely on to call for reinforcements in any future mob war with Don Vasquez.[1] North African strongholds of the syndicate are the cities of Algiers, Casablanca, Tunis, and Cairo. The syndicate's main operations in North Africa consist of arms smuggling, human trafficking, and the smuggling of a wide variety of goods.[2][3][4][5] Al-Akhirab Aswad Mayid also has strong ties to the AA-rated megacorporation, Meridional Agronomics.[6]

Drug TradeEdit

The syndicate recently got into the drug trade, forming a business relationship with the Olaya Cartel to distribute Tempo.[7] From their operations in Egypt, the drug is smuggled into Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal. In the process they ended up in a war with the European Mafia in the aforementioned countries.[8][9] Their smuggling operations targeting Portugal and Spain are run out of Casablanca.[10]

Criminal NetworkEdit

  • Mediterranean: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.


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