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Queen Alachia, an immortal elf, was born in the fourth world Elven kingdom of Sereatha , The Kingdom of Spires. She assumed the role of Queen and sat on the Rose Throne after the death of Queen Failla and ruled for several centuries before the Scourge. Like all previous queens (except Liara, chosen through omen) she was chosen by unanimous consent of elven nobles.

In order to defend against the Horrors, who preyed on ill feelings they had to inflict, she chose for herself and her people to live in constant, self-inflicted pain, by growing thorns out of their skin, making them into twisted parodies of themselves (a portrait of her in this state may hang in her daughter's house in Tir Tairngire). This act required Blood Magic, which might have permanently tainted the kingdom. Restoring the kingom, if it was restored, seems to have involved the "ever-living flower" an item left to her by Dunkelzahn in his will.

While Alachia is still the rightful Queen of the elves, she does not seem to be directly connected to any present day elf kingdom.



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