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Alamos 20,000 is a terrorist group that focuses on anti-metahuman agendas. Their modus operandi is bankrolling and executing large scale terrorist acts against metahumans. It appears to be an Illuminati-type organization with several “key members” and personal agendas that split into various cells. The name of the organization is apparently in reference to the Great Ghost Dance attack which caused Redondo Peak to erupt. Since Los Alamos, NM sits at the foot of Redondo Peak, the sudden and massive eruption would have wiped out virtually all of the city, which had a population of approximately 20,000.

The first broadcast from Alamos 20,000 came into public light two hours after a napalm strike on New Visions, Ohio, on June 23, 2036. The following text was dropped into various major media and news organizations:

“we are the real man—the man the ork skum luvverz wanta keep down but cant, they gonna die an burn in flamez like in hell like god sed all demunz gonnaburn. Ohyo just the begining. Its the bomb made them, the big bomb like the fraggin injunz got a bomb too and they give it to the injunz so they gotta burn like in hell. twenty thouzund soljerz all got flameing swordz like anjelz and the orkz an elfz and other mettaskum all will burn like in Ohyo. we are Alamos like the bomb come from. ALL rememeber the Alamos. twnty thouzund.”

Since then, Alamos 20,000 has claimed responsibility for hundreds of terrorist attacks. The most famous attack is probably the bombing of the Sears Tower on February 10, 2039, which destroyed several city blocks of Chicago as the Sears Tower collapsed, Bull's family was among the dead. Very few members have been apprehended, and it remains one of the most elusive and deadly terrorist groups in the Sixth World.

An upload to Shadowland in 2057 tentatively identified the Central Executive, five people who are allegedly the leaders of Alamos 20,000. The file was heavily corrupted, but some of the text was still legible.

Central Executive[]

The Nazi
The Nazi is supposedly the great-grandson of an SS officer whose racism was passed down through his family and who held to Nazi occultism mixed with traditional conspiracy theories. He believed that humans were slaves under the other races in a mythical past and that the Awakened races must be subjugated or destroyed before they can do it again. The Nazi is allegedly the moving force behind a corporate study group only identified as the "MRC." Shadowland user Shin Bet made three possible identifications of the Nazi: Gunther Hessler, Arn Kaschel, and Dieter von Kammelburg.
The Troll
The Troll is possibly a member of an old money family from New England. The Troll goblinized early, possibly even before the public was aware of the event. He was treated as a freak and subjected to every alleged "cure" for his condition, which only made him deformed, stronger, and half insane. He also has cutting-edge cybertechnology to keep him alive and make him even stronger. The rest of the Central Executive are terrified of the Troll. He firmly believes that metahumans must either be "cured" or destroyed, and he funded and networked the Humanis Policlub.
The Zealot
The Zealot is believed to come from Asia or based in eastern Asia. Is a religious zealot, or else plays the role very well. An intercepted transmission from him makes reference to the Kali Yuga (the time of Kali, the Hindu Armageddon) and the belief that "those with the Mark of the Beast ... on their souls" will be destroyed when the time comes for the final judgment. He may be connected to the Ministry of Mankind, which was exposed as sterilizing metahumans who got sick in the poorer sections of Hong Kong under cover of treating them.
The Senator
The Senator is a high-ranking politician in one of the North American governments (but not a chief executive) who sits at the center of an extensive web of political and corporate connections. He works with an organization dedicated to reunifying North America under a single government. Shadowland user North Star theorized that he was also part of the leadership of the New Revolution. The New Revolution's attempted coup of the UCAS in the wake of the Crash 2.0 essentially outed the Senator as Archconservative Senator Jonathan S. Braddock. He was killed during the counterinsurgency by forces under General Angela Colloton's command.
The Loon
The Loon is a magician, probably operating out of the NAN and possibly a former member of the Sovereign Tribal Council and current head of a magical order. The identifier of "The Loon" comes from the document's remarks about his frenzied fanaticism regarding Awakened mythic history. The document alleges that the Loon was part of Daniel Howling Coyote's inner circle during the Ghost Dance War and left over disagreements concerning the use of Ghost Dance magic that the Loon proposed. The Loon was probably an opposing voice of Howling Coyote on the STC and severely ticked off over Tir Tairngire's "betrayal" of the NAN. The poster "NAN in the News" gave a clue as to the identity of this person: "Look for the one who howls under the moonless sky."

In 2064, Shadowland poster Socio Pat posted a message that seemed to indicate that a big shakeup occurred in the ranks of the Central Executive of Alamos 20K. In a news story posted by Pat, it was revealed that one Dr. Dieter von Kammelburg was killed due to injuries sustained in a hit-and-run car crash on January 11, 2064. Another news article talked about a man named Dr. Klaus Uwe Heiden, who stepped up to the position of Director of Research at the Metagenics Research Consortium.

Shadowland poster Grima was "almost certain" that Dr. von Kammelburg was the Nazi, and Heiden is a geneticist who shares Kammelburg's anti-metahuman views.

According to Grima, Dr. Heiden approached the Troll and convinced him that he had the cure the Troll had sought for so long. In exchange, the Troll would set up the Nazi's death. Apparently, the Nazi was close with Heiden, allowing Heiden to give the Troll all the info he needed to set up the hit. Once the Nazi was dead, Heiden took over the Nazi's factions and power base, and then went ahead with his "cure" for the Troll. Unfortunately for the Troll, the "cure" either killed him or took him out of action. Once that happened, he took over the Troll's factions as well.

The information on the new Central Executive member reads as follows:

The Doktor
Given this nickname by Grima, in keeping with the naming system the original Threats poster set up. The Doktor is a 35-year-old geneticist, and a very intelligent one at that -- something of a prodigy. He also has the same anti-metahuman views that The Nazi did, which is probably why The Nazi took him under his wing. The Doktor is a sociopath, even going so far as to work with metahuman-rights groups (even winning awards from Mothers of Metahumans) to mask the horrifying research he conducts in an effort to "cure" metahumanity. According to Grima, his experiments "Make Josef Mengele look like Albert Schweitzer."

Following the New Revolution insurrections across North America, Alamos 20,000 is singled-out and explicitly linked to the violent attempt to overthrow all of the governments, and specifically the UCAS government through Senator Braddock's position as a member of the Central Executive.