Alan Adams
Order: 4/50th President
Term of Office: 2049 - 2053
Predecessor: Carl Preston
Successor: Thomas Steele
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Date of Death: 21 January 2053
Place of Death: Washington FDC
First Lady:
Profession: businessman
Political Party: Democrat
Vice President: Thomas Steele

Alan Adams was the CEO of Colbert Group, a multinational headquartered in Illinois, before running as the Democratic candidate in the UCAS Presidential Election of 2048, with a Technocrat running mate, Thomas Steele. The Democrat-Technocrat alliance allowed the Democratic Party to seize the White House, as well as the Senate and House of Representative. Michigan in particular was a key state in those elections.

Adams and Steele were reelected in 2052. But Adams died of massive stroke on January 21 2053, the day after his second inauguration.

President Alan Adams
Vice-President Thomas Steele
State Gerald Humphrey
Treasury Quentin McDonamd
Defense Malcolm Dowling
Justice Douglas Freeman
Agriculture Sheila Erdeky
Commerce Harcourt Pierce
Resources Jay Stein
Human Services Alexander Dominello
Health Dr. Charles Hands-That-See
Information Randall Gartner


While Super Tuesday places the death of Adams "mere weeks after the 2052 election", the Sixth World Almanac gives the specific date of January 21 the next year. (st! -- swa)


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