Albanian Fares (Territories and Smuggling Network)

The Albanian Fares are the criminal clans of Albania.

Organization[edit | edit source]

The Albanian Fares are extended families which form a Mafia-like organization which has a code that is over 400 years old. The code emphasizes "bessa" (respect of the given word) and "hakmarr ie" (offenses to the family honor). To wash away the latter, the blood of the offenders must be spilled. Fares are structured with a boss (krye), an inner circle (bajrak) which he commands, and the lieutenants (kryetars). In charge of specific territories are the kryetars, each of whom command 4-10 soldiers. Blood-related members (gjati) rank higher in the Fare, than adopted members (miqsi) who are marriage-related.[1]

Activities[edit | edit source]

The Fares are the dominant force in the fragmented Balkan states (former Yugoslavia and Albania), where they play the local warlords against each other. Demashi Fare is the most powerful Albanian clan and they were the first to deal with the Sacra Corona Unita (faction of the Italian Mafia).[1] The Albanians have operations in France, Austria, and the United Netherlands.[2][3][4] Smuggling is the Fares main source of income, which includes the smuggling of BTLs, weapons, people, and diamonds.[3][4] They run a smuggling route from Sarajevo (Balkans) to Antwerp (United Netherlands). In addition they are involved in prostitution and pornography, and run protection rackets.[1]

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