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The Aleph Society is a magical cult that has allied itself with powerful free spirits called Gaf.


The Aleph Society says they are an "organization dedicated to the spiritual enlightenment of all the inhabitants of all the nations" by "unlocking the magical potential of all".

The fundamental belief of the organization is that "In the past all could use magic, and that everyone can do it again."

The Society claims to have predicted SURGE and other events surrounding the Halley's Comet. There is no evidence to support those claims. 


According to the Aleph Society, Dr. Mickael Nickson founded the magic group in 2056 but there is no proof of its existence before 2060.

He created the group after finding a Grimoire titled "The Book of Gaf", which would give an almost or even completely burnout, magicians a part of their ancient magical power - or even greater power than they have ever possessed. This would be done by blood magic and a ghost pact, where Gaf shares his own power. 


The burnout mage follow a secret ritual to locate the "Throne of the Soul" and create a link with the "Black Moon"(Gaf). It is this ritual, taken from the Book of Gaf, which must allow the burnout mage to regain his powers. Many members seem to have made some kind of sacrifice.

A large percentage of the group's members have criminal records and antisocial backgrounds.


The leader of the Aleph Society is Mike Nickson but José Grout acts as his mouthpiece.

The Aleph Society is made up of about 200 active members divided into five main groups. The organization operates under different names:

  • Society of Truth (Atlanta, CAS)
  • Munma Order (Los Angeles, Pueblo)
  • White Eagle Lodge (Cheyenne, Sioux Nation)
  • Coalition for Clear Minds (Denver)


The Aleph Society serves its magically active members as a magical group whose has become addictive to use the "borrowed" magic of Gafs more and more and to a greater extent.

The organization acts as a self-help club with occasional outdoor activities. They have organized a civil disobedience activity against Ares when this corporation spread the Strain-III Beta bacteria on Chicago.