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Alicia Connor


 Alicia Connor is the daughter of Derek Connor, an
 international mercenary, and an unknown mother.  She
 spent her childhood and young adulthood in the
 Philippines, learning the mercenary trade while
 in the care of her famous (or infamous) father, an
 irregular asset often hired by the Huk for high-profile
 insurgent actions against the Nipponese occupiers.
 Alicia had inherited her father's talents as an adept,
 and was, by her teenaged years, a deadly martial artist
 and knife-fighter, with a preference for a pairing of
 deadly wavy-bladed kris knives.  The arts she studied,
 at her own interest and with her father's support, were
 brutal and efficient, complementing her cold and
 businesslike nature.
 Her father eventually retired, after an injury that
 left him with a permanent limp and a certainty that he'd
 reached too venerable an age to continue the dangerous
 exploits of his youth.  Marrying a local woman, he began
 a small security consulting business in Manila.  Alicia,
 now a mercenary and shadowrunner with her own                                                                                       
 hard-earned reputation, continued sporadic work for the                                                                                  
 Huk insurgents.
 Recruited in the late 2040s by Slate, himself a    
 mercenary who was in the process of building a network  
 of talented operatives as part of a private    
 organization, she began working on the other side of the 
 Pacific rim, operating in Seattle and Los Angeles. She 
 rose fairly high in the ranks of Slate's shadow  
 organization, though leadership roles never suited her   
 skills or personality.
 After a brief period of inactivity as she adapted to the
 effects of SURGE, in 2059, Alicia resumed her trade with
 renewed vigor.  Approaching her third decade, she is 
 among the most lethal close-combat specialists in the 
 Her power as an adept is exceptional, though her outlook   
 toward her abilities is more practical than mystical.   
 Though her training and powers focus on edged weapons, 
 she carries and is proficient in the use of a 
 semiautomatic pistol.


 Alicia is tall and rail-thin, with dirty blond hair    
 pulled back in a ponytail.  Her slightly tan skin tone  
 and the  shape of her brown eyes are hallmarks of her
 quarter-Philippine heritage.  Alicia speaks rarely and 
 does not mince words, her voice carrying the roughness 
 of a woman with a fondness for whiskey, who has 
 chain-smoked since she was a teenager.  She does not   
 cough, though she almost always clears her thoat before 
 Not terribly attractive by anyone's standards, her stern 
 and intimidating mannerisms keep her distanced from even 
 those she works with regularly.  She dresses in dark 
 brown or black leather pants and jackets, along with 
 white or gray tank-tops. Alicia favors lower-class 
 establishments, typically ones frequented by bikers.
 Since her run-in with SURGE, she has kept much more to  
 herself. After the advent of SURGE, Alicia's appearance    
 underwent a dramatic transformation.  She developed a   
 snakelike scaly layer on her epidermis, slitted pupils, 
 and sharpend fanglike canines, complete with venom sacs.  
 She is now also permanently attuned to the astral plane, 
 and possesses the ability to secrete a neurotoxic 
 contact poison, capable of inducing paralysis, at will.
 She makes little effort to hide her changed appearance, 
 though she has taken to wearing sunglasses to conceal 
 her unusual pupil shape.  After a few incidents 
 involving impolite patrons, she is rarely troubled at 
 the bars she frequents.  Anyone calling negative 
 attention to her SURGE traits does so at their own 


 Body:               5
 Quickness:          7
 Strength:           6
 Charisma:           2
 Intelligence:       6
 Willpower:          5
 Essence:            6.0
 Bio Index:          0.0
 Essence Index:      0.0
 Magic:              14
 Reaction:           6(10)
 Initiative:         10(+3d6)

Dice Pools:

 Astral:             8
 Combat:             9
 Karma:              23

Active Skills:

 Athletics:          6(10)
 Biotech:            2
   First Aid:        4
 Bike:               5
 Car:                3
 Centering:          6
 Edged Weapons:      6(12)
   Kris Knife:       8(14)
 Edged Weapons(B/R): 4
 Etiquette:          2
 Intimidation:       5
 Pistols:            6
 Pentjak-Silat:      9(16)
 Small Unit Tactics: 4
 Stealth:            6
 Thrown Weapons:     6
   Knives:           8

Knowledge Skills:

 Martial Arts:       6
 Mercenary Groups:   4
 Katas:              6
 Rebel Groups:       3
   The Huk:          5

Language Skills:

 English:            5
 English(R/W):       2
 Japanese:           2
 Japanese(R/W):      1
 Malay:              4
 Malay(R/W):         2
 Spanish:            3
 Spanish(R/W):       1

Martial Arts:

 Pentjak-Silat(Rating 8)
   Blind Fighting
   Whirling(Edged Weapons)

Adept Powers(18 Power Points):

 Improved Ability(Athletics)(Rating 4)
 Improved Ability(Edged Weapons)(Rating 6)
 Improved Ability(Pentjak-Silat)(Rating 7)
 Improved Balance(Rating 1)
 Improved Reflexes(Rating 2)
 Improved Physical Senses
   Flare Compensation
   Low-Light Vision
 Killing Hands(M)
 Missile Mastery
 Missile Parry
 Pain Resistance(Rating 3)

Metamagic(Grade 8 Initiate):

 Centering(Melee Combat)
 Centering(Ranged Combat)
 Empowering(Improved Reflexes)*
 Empowering(Pain Resistance)*


 Ambidexterity(Rating 4)
 Aptitude(Pentjak Silat)


 Compulsion(Addiction, Nicotine)

Positive SURGE:

 Paralyzing Touch(as critter power)

Negative SURGE:

 Scaled Skin
 Strange Eyes(Slitted)


 Balanced Throwing Knives(Dikote Treated)(30)
 BMW Blitzen 2050
 Colt Mahunter
 Forearm Guards(+0/+1)
 Real Leather Clothing(0/2)
 Secure Jacket(5/3)
 (2)Weapon Foci(Kris Knives)(Force 4)


 Precognition is a divination-related metamagic 
 which provides certain benefits due to split-second 
 intuitive insight into the future, rather than a more   
 detailed but abstract insight provided by divination.
 Empowering is a metamagic that allows the adept to 
 add 1 PP worth of enhancement to an existing power,  
 raising its rating by a value commensurate with 1 
 additional PP spent towards the power in question.  
 Empowering may not be used to raise a power beyond its 
 limits as defined by
 the rules.