Amanda Lockhart, known as Euphoria was a simsense starlet best known in the very early 2050s for her roles in several hit sims: "Final Fling", was her first sim without co-star Hans Vendenburg.

Robert Carrone of Megamedia was her manager.

The name of her fan-club was the Euphoriacs.

Euphoria made her debut on the simsense scene in 2048 with "Shotgun Blues", "a bizarre tale of crazed Indian who kidnapped a native tourist and dragged her through the Native American Nations while he searched for his long-lost shotgun."

The last sim she made before the announcement of her sudden "retirement" by MegaMedia was "Against the Hive Masters", instead of the planned "Jungle Princess".

She died when an insect shaman used her as a vessel for an insect queen. She had a daughter named Leslie.


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