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Aztlan forces in Amazonian War

The Amazonian War is a conflict that raged between Aztlan and Amazonia from 2072-2074, for almost 3 years.

Declaration of War (2072)[]

In 2072, Aztlan officially declared war against Amazonia, after catching Amazonian agents infiltrating a research facility in Aztlan. In the beginning they were evenly matched. Amazonian forces were able to frustrate the conventional forces of Aztlan by using guerilla tactics, backed by the rainforest itself. Aztlaner forces in turn destroyed Amazonia's units if they were pinned down or drawn out in urban areas. Bogota was the defacto center of the war. It quickly became a stalemate.[1]

Amazonian War

The War Grinds On (2073)[]

Amazonian forces led by Sirrug attacked the city of Cali, brutally and mercilessly slaughtering the Aztlan soldiers and 1000s of civilians. Aztlan was then forced to use unconventional tactics (small units and special forces) to prevent such an occurrence again. Both Amazonia and Aztlan hired mercenaries and shadowrunners, and by war's end there were almost as many contractors fighting the war as regular troops. Using mercs to protect key sites, Aztlan's regular troops were freed to engage the Amazonians and pushed the border back 50 km.[2] Amazonia contracted Horizon which created propaganda that turned public opinion against Aztlan and resulted in sanctions on the Aztlaners by the United Nations which led to setbacks in the war.[3]

War's End (2074)[]

The Tide Begins to Turn[]

Due to intelligence coups on the Aztlan side, the tide turned again and they punched through the Amazonian lines and almost restored the border to what it was in 2073.[4] Then another breakthrough happened via a blitzkrieg-style attack, which destroyed multiple Amazonian depots and bases, killing 100s. Due to Amazonian attacks on the supply lines they were forced to pull back to the 2071 border, but held on to Bogota.[5]

Sirrurg's Counteroffensive[]

Sirrurg with an army of dragons and dracoform followers attacked multiple Aztlan cities, causing extensive damage and a high number of casualties. He then led an attack on several cities in both the PCC and CAS.[6] The PCC did not blame Aztlan, but CAS did and to prevent a war on another front and direct the attention of the CAS toward the PCC, Aztlan sold off part of Texas to the CAS. They also ordered all Aztlaner forces to pull back from the front lines as Amazonian forces were pushing further back and consolidate at Bogota.[7] Sirrurg then devastated most of Puerto Rico, including the NatVat processing facilities supplying 80& of Aztlan's food. This together with effective Aztechnology propaganda started to turn the tide of public opinion in favor of Aztlan.[8]

Battle of Dragon Beach, Amazonian War

The Fall of Sirrurg[]

Aztlan executed "Operation Marauder" to take down Sirrurg. They baited him by attacking one of his strongholds near Roswell and destroying his horde.[9] When he took the bait, several task forces (land, air, and naval) made up of their best men and women, and equipped with their most advanced weaponry engaged the dragon out at sea and then on land, when a destroyer managed to hurt him with a railgun causing him to crash land. Casualties were heavy on the Aztlan side, with 50% of aircraft destroyed. Being on land, Sirrurg was put on the defensive and was unable to leave the engagement zone.[10] When Sirrurg's army of dragons and dracoforms arrived at the battle site, the tide temporarily turned but then quickly turned into a stalemate as nearby Aztlan forces had rushed to join the battle which turned into a chaotic melee. Sirrurg was finally taken down and fell to the Earth, where he did not move. Before they could approach and confirm that he was dead, as storm appeared and two obscured giant figures (suspected to be dragons) took him away.[11]

Battle of Bogota, Amazonian War

The Final Climax[]

In the city of Bogota, Aztlaner forces systematically eliminated every known Horizon, Amazonian, and anti-Aztlan agent in the city within a few hours. They then lured the Amazonian forces to attack the city on October 3 of 2074, therefore falling into a trap set by Aztlan.[12] During the fighting, it was leaked that Horizon had altered its footage to implicate Aztlan so that the UN would place sanctions on them, which turned global support toward Aztlan.[13] The battle for Bogota was a brutal bloodbath wiping out whole units on both sides, destroying sections of the city, resulting in massive civilian casualties, and leading to atrocities. It was a siege where conditions deteriorated inside and fighting sometimes became medieval in its savagery.[14] Finally the UN decided to intervene and sent a UN peacekeeping force. Aztlan and Amazonia both agreed to a cease-fire on October 28, which became official on October 29.

The Triumph of Aztlan[]

Aztlan was the winner in the war. It got Bogota and regained Cali. A new border which was recognized by Aztlan, the UN, and Amazonia was established 60 km past the 2071 border (in Aztlan's favor) and a 3-km buffer zone was created between Aztlan and Amazonia. In the eyes of the world, Aztlan and Aztechnology came out looking like heroes.[15]


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