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The Ancients is an elf go-gang, the largest elf gang in the world, and one of the largest gangs in North America.

Membership (2072): 15,000[1]

Membership (2058): 725-925[2]

Annual Income: in the 100s of millions (nuyen)[3]


Originally an elf go-gang based in Seattle and formed from political outcasts of Tir Tairngire, the Ancients have members in Boston, New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, and Miami. Due to the Imperial Marines, they were nearly wiped out in San Francisco and now have only a small presence in that city. They also have ties overseas to England, France, Germany, and Spain. Ironically, the Ancients also have a group operating out of Tir Tairngire. The gang has exploded in size as its membership skyrocketed, rising from 725-925 in both North America and Europe (100-200 in Seattle) in the year 2058 to approximately 15,000 members in both North America and Europe (350 in Seattle) as of 2072.[4][5][6]


The Ancients are organized along military lines. At the top is the general and after him are the colonels (regions), the captains (the cities), lieutenants (5-10 squads) and last the squad leader. The General of the Ancients is an male elf named Firethorn, a red-head mage with a serious attitude problem, but he is the only General they’ve ever had.

Firethorn's colonels are as follows: Green Lucifer is the colonel of the West Coast of North America, Lucky Liam is over the Northeast, Ironwing rules the Southwest, Spitfire is in the South, Bombshell has the Midwest, Jolly Roger is the colonel of the British Isles, Masque is in Western Europe, Sparafucile (spara-fu-CHEE-lay) keeps residence in the Mediterranean, And Schattenengel (Shatten-Engel) is the Colonel of (Eastern Europe and various other territories)

The current captain of the Seattle chapter is an elf called Belial, who challenged Sting to a "Scavenger Hunt". The co-captains for the Seattle operations before Belial got promoted were Sting and Green Lucifer, but as noted Green Lucifer became a colonel and is now working for the Ancients all over the West Coast and Sting stayed on as sole captain of the Seattle chapter until she lost that title to Belial. [7]

Currently the Ancients have nine regions spread across North America and Europe;[8][9][10]

North America

  • Northeast - Washington FDC, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Montreal, and several other sprawls.
  • Midwest - Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, and Cheyenne.
  • South - Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, and New Orleans.
  • Southwest - Phoenix, Denver, and Las Vegas.
  • West - Seattle, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Portland, and San Francisco.


  • United Kingdom - Belfast, London, Glasgow, Dublin, and Cardiff.
  • Western Europe - Paris, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Madrid, and the Rhine-Ruhr
  • Mediterranean
  • Eastern Europe (tenuous at best)

Gang Life[]

The Ancients have rigid initiatory rituals that mimic the Tir Rite of Progression. New recruits participate in events such as "Razor Biking" and "Head Hurling". The recruits that survive the initiatory rites become members. The Ancients wear black and green leather jackets with dangling chains and fingerless, studded gloves. Most also wear clothing and weapons appropriate for bike combat. Some Ancients sport green and black mohawks. The gang symbol is a modified version of the anarchy symbol (a stylized capital A with a circle around it), with the specific modification unique to each gang.

The Ancients, due to their connections, often get their hands on SOTA gear and military equipment. It's a remarkably well-trained gang which often displays military precision in combat and in their operations.[11] Members are usually augmented with such enhancements as muscle replacement, bone lacing, wired reflexes, and balance augmented earware. They are a heavily-armed gang with such weapons as sub-machine guns, portable anti-tank rocket launchers, and grenades. For protection they wear bike racing armor and may carry melee weapons such as stun batons.[12][13][14][15]


Currently they have an estimated 15,000 members in 2072 AD, of which 350 are in Seattle. They are involved in arms dealing, protection rackets, smuggling, talislegging, hijacking, and drug dealing. In the Pacific Northwest they control smuggling operations between Salem, Portland and Seattle. They also specialize in pro-elven/pro-metahuman political activities.[16] The gang is known for operating gambling rings and conducting no-holds-barred dogfights.[17]

The Ancients have developed an efficient widespread drug and BTL distribution network in the West and the MidWest.[18] Recently they have gotten neck deep into the Tempo drug trade on the West Coast. They also have a lock on the Awakened drugs coming out of Tír Tairngire. The Ancients have an alliance with both the Komun'go Ring and First Nation in the Seattle sprawl, and an alliance with their enemies the Koshari in the Los Angeles sprawl. They distribute the Tempo drug throughout the California Free State and in the Seattle sprawl.[19]

In Los Angeles, they also have a business relationship with the dominant Triad, the Sapphire Crane Society.[20] The gang is large enough that it forms its own prison gang within the penal systems of North America.[21] In New York City, it expanded its operations into the lawless lower eastside of the island, "The Pit" where it along with dozens of other gangs fought for dominance from the 2050s onward.[22] The gang wars in "The Pit" ended when the Cutters emerged victorious in the 2070s.[23] The Boston chapter so far is the only one that accepts non-elfs, though only the Awakened are taken into the gang and only elves are in the upper tiers of the gang.[24]


The Ancients have had multiple turf wars with the Emerald Dogs (who are backed by the Yakuza) and the Meat Junkies who they decimated in the early 2050s. They also frequently butt heads with the Humanis Policlub. Feuds exist between the Ancients and the Cutters - the second largest gang of Seattle - and they have an all-out war with the Spikes, an all Troll-gang of fanatical Elf-haters. The Halloweeners bear a grudge against the Ancients for being nearly exterminated in a gang war in 2069. The Ancients are in competition with the Laesa elven syndicate and many disaffected young Ancients have been leaving the gang for the syndicate.


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