Anders is a hire-able Shadowrunner in Shadowrun (SNES).

Overview[edit | edit source]

Anders's main focus is offense, but he is the least powerful of the Wastelands' mercenaries. Given his weaponry and list of skills, Anders does not fire nearly as fast as you might like, meaning his damage potential is less than it otherwise could be. Anders is quite cheap, but he doesn't stay with you for very long. His Body rating and Defense are also average, which might make battles too close for comfort at times.

If you are going to hire him late into the game, you might benefit from upgrading his armor, which will increase his usefulness quite a bit. Like Frogtongue, Anders is not good in areas where there is heavily concentrated firepower. Try to avoid using him in those situations, and he should last for quite a while. While probably not the best choice for a single runner, Anders makes a decent supporting addition to a team of Shadowrunners if that is your hiring strategy.

Hiring[edit | edit source]

Anders in ending montage

Anders' icon

Location Wastelands Club
Attack Power 5
Accuracy 2
Defense Rate 1
Firing Rate 0.73 shots / second
Weapon Type Automatic
Price Negotiation 0-2: 1000 Nuyen
Negotiation 3-4: 900 Nuyen
Negotiation 5-6: 800 Nuyen
SR Multiplier 2
Base Duration 20 Battles
Max. Duration 32 Battles

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Attributes Skills Equipment Spells Other
Body: 5
Magic: 0
Strength: 5
Charisma: 1
Firearms: 10
Armed Combat: 6
Unarmed Combat: 6
Mesh Jacket
None None

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