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Andes Cartel (exports worldwide)

The Andes Cartel is a crime syndicate based in Ecuador and is currently the most powerful of the Ghost Cartels, having eclipsed the Olaya Cartel.

Annual Revenue: Billion (nuyen)[1]


The Andes Cartel has its headquarters in the city of Guayaquil and is currently led by a female dwarf, Maria Theresa Tamayo.[2] It's one of the most traditional criminal syndicates among the Ghost Cartels.[3] The cartel presently dominates the other Ghost Cartels, having coerced them into continuing the fight against the David Cartel under it's banner against the David Cartel. It has operations in Peru, Argentina, Caracas, and southern Amazonia.[4]


The cartel was originally based in Colombia, and among the Ghost Cartels it was the one that was most negatively impacted by the David Cartel's consolidation in the southern part of Aztlan. It was a major outspoken supporter of the Great Columbia Policlub. During the Tempo-Drug War, it was led by Manuel Tamayo, an ex-cattle rancher out for revenge against Aztechnology. [3]

The assassination of Manuel Tamayo at the Baltimore Towers in Los Angeles threw the cartel into disarray, as brutal infighting exploded for control of the cartel. His distant cousin, Maria Theresa Tamayo who managed the Amazonian business interests of the cartel for several years emerged victorious and now runs the cartel. She ruthlessly eliminated opposition within the cartel and forced the other cartels to reestablish the anti-Aztech coalition.[2]

Criminal Enterprises[]

Like the other cartels their specialty is the production of organic drugs, but on a significantly larger scale. The cartel is the biggest mover of novacoke. It is also involved in the BAD market, being heavily invested in several Awakened drugs (e.g. Trance and Overdrive). The cartel exports its drugs around the world via its distributors, affiliated gangs and various crime syndicates.[2]

It has contacts with multiple small legitimate corporations who let them hide their drugs among their other goods and agreements with a number of smugglers and pirates.[2] The cartel is the biggest supporter of the Great Columbian Policlub. They provide the Amazonian army with the majority of its armaments, and also arm the Argentinean rebels.[5]

In addition to its drug trafficking, it runs gambling and prostitution operations in the cities (e.g. Bogota and Caracas).[6][7][8][9] They also have rural protection rackets, in which they burn the farms of those who refuse to make protection payments.[10] The city of Lima is a stronghold of the cartel.[11]


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