Antifa Direct Action (Shadowrun Sourcebook, Loose Alliances)

Antifa Direct Action (ADA) is an anti-fascist network.

Antifa Direct Action is the most radical antifa group, with branches in 15 nations. It raids fascist chapterhouses, arranges counter-demonstrations, breaks up rallies, and clashes with fascists wherever they find them. They also track down fascist Matrix nodes and shut them down.

It's a politically diverse and decentralized network, which coordinates mostly thru the Matrix. ADA chapters in many cases can be traced back to counterculture youth groups which fought fascist subversion and infiltration. It also recruits antifa street gangs as their allies.

They receive much support from anarchists, neo-communist groups, trade unions, and radical pro-metahuman groups. Some of their cells have become extreme, assassinating fascist leaders.


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