An Arkoblock is a type of arcology built by Proteus AG. Arkoblocks are offshore self-sustaining colonies.
The measurements of the four big North Sea arkoblocks are 500m x 500m (1,640 feet x 1,640 feet) base area with a height of 1,700m (5,577 feet) and a theoretical capacity of half-a-million inhabitants each. Although the actual number of inhabitants are more like 30,000 for the big four, while the smaller once only had a quarter to a third of that.

Most of the North Sea arkoblocks were built at the sites of former cities destroyed in 2011 by the Black Tide.

Term[edit | edit source]

In German an arcology is an "Arkologie" (Architektonische Ökologie) - which gives us the "Arko" part.
The "block" part comes from the fact that the Proteus off-shore arcologies are all the same shape - giant block-shaped structures resembling massive partially submerged skyscrapers (whereas e.g. the much smaller SCIRE is shaped like a truncated pyramid).

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  • Schockwellen
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