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An Arkoblock is a type of arcology built by Proteus AG. Arkoblocks are offshore self-sustaining colonies.
The measurements of the four big North Sea arkoblocks are 500m x 500m (1,640 feet x 1,640 feet) base area with a height of 1,700m (5,577 feet) and a theoretical capacity of half-a-million inhabitants each. Although the actual number of inhabitants are more like 30,000 for the big four, while the smaller once only had a quarter to a third of that.

Most of the North Sea arkoblocks were built at the sites of former cities destroyed in 2011 by the Black Tide.


In German an arcology is an "Arkologie" (Architektonische Ökologie) - which gives us the "Arko" part.
The "block" part comes from the fact that the Proteus off-shore arcologies are all the same shape - giant block-shaped structures resembling massive partially submerged skyscrapers (whereas e.g. the much smaller SCIRE is shaped like a truncated pyramid).


  • Emden
  • Wilhelmshaven
  • Cuxhaven
  • Groningen
  • Rømø
  • Osaka
  • Okinawa
  • Fidji
  • Pretoria
  • Iles du Diable
  • Isla Puna
  • Vancouver



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