The Armenian Maffiya is the Armenian underworld of smugglers, dealers, and fixers based in the city of Yerevan in the state of Armenia in the Transcaucasian Federation.

The Armenian Maffiya has grown in power recently at the expense of the Russian Vor, as it has seized control of the narcotic routes from Persia that go through Armenia via the old trading city of Yerevan. The riches from the heroin trade has not only resulted in opulent lifestyles for the mobsters, but it has resulted in the Maffiya being armed to the teeth with stockpiles of militech hardware and weapons. To the dismay of the Russian Vory they not only have lost considerable power in Armenia but now face an extremely well-armed foe.[1]

In the city of Baky in the neighboring state of Azerbaijani, the Russian Vory and Armenian Maffiya negotiated a peaceful division of the city's illicit markets and territories. It was done so that the underworld's activities did not disrupt the development of the region's resources.[2]


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